This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal



1.EPICA – The Holographic Principle

Σχετική εικόνα

2.EVIG NATT – Evig Natt

Evig Natt - Evig natt


3. LACUNA COIL – Delirium

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για lacuna coil - DELIRIUM

4. TREES OF ETERNITY –  Hour Of Nightingale

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για trees of eternity hour of the nightingale

5. DELAIN – Moonbathers

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για delain - moonbathers

Best Female Singer of 2016

1.Tarja Turunen (Ex-Nightwish- solo career)

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2.Simone Simons ( Epica)

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3.Marie Mac Leod (Rouyer)– (Whyzdom)

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4.Floor Jansen ( A.F. – Re-Vamp – NW)

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5.Kirsten Jørgensen -Evig Natt, Reism

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Interview with Kirsten Jørgensen singer of Evig Natt and Reism

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1.Hello Kirsten and welcome to Symphonic – Gothic -Metal webzine, thanks for taking the time to answer to my questions. The first thing that I want to do is to give you congratulations for the first place in the contest of the facebook group METAL GOTHIC SYMPHONIC MUSIC for the best female voice of the summer 2016.You were the winner! How do you feel about the members who voted for you and gave you the first place leaving behind famous names as Tarja Turunen, Simon Simons, Floor Jansen, Amy Lee and so many other great voices!

Hello Geo and thank you for having me. Phew! There were some pretty awesome singers on that list. Thank you for including me! I’m very proud and grateful for all the people who voted for me. I want to send them my biggest thanks for believing in me and what I do as a singer in Evig Natt and Reism.

2.Could you please tell me who inspired you to become a singer? And how did you first get involve with music?

I have always sung. When I was a little girl I sung in a choir or with my dad. It’s something I’ve always loved and wanted to do. I’ve grown up in a house filled with music, so I guess my inspiration comes from there. My dad is a musician too and I have always and continue to look up to him. He’s the reason for me pursuing a career in music today.

3.You are the vocalist for Evig Natt and also for Reism will it be difficult fulfilling the commitments of both bands ?

It can be busy at times, but we usually take turns releasing stuff. So, when one of the bands has new material I usually focus on that release. Like now, when Evig Natt has a new album out I’ve been busy promoting and gigging with EN. Reism are currently working on a new album too which will be ready in not too long, so then I’ll give my attention to Reism. Both projects are my babies so I do my best to find time for both.

4.You played with Evig Natt at MFVF , how did the concerts go and how were you received by fans of the band ?

We did indeed, and what a festival, kudos to the organizers for such an amazing experience! The concert was so much fun to play and it went really well. I invite you to check out one of the many Youtube videos of our performance! The boys and I were truly amazed at the reception we got from friends that have followed us for a long time and new friends and listeners too. We had people coming from all over the world to see us. They cheered us on and were incredibly supportive. I can’t express enough how proud we felt and still feel. Can I just ad that we sold all our “merch” within 10 minutes after we finished the gig. We did not believe our ears when the merchandise people told us. It was a humbling experience.


5.Evig Natt released their third self titled album ‘Evig Natt’ on March 19th 2016, how did you find the whole recording process and what the fans react third new album ?


The recording process was intense. It took such a long time to write this album, but when we finally started recording it came together quite quickly. I enjoyed it immensely as I was a lot more involved in the producing process this time around. We are so privileged to have our own studio, so we are free to work whenever and for as long as we want. I feel like that gives us much more freedom to experiment and to put the necessary work into each song. With that’s said, one has to be disciplined enough to know when to stop too though and say: “It’s done, this is it and we’re happy”

The reception of the album has been incredible. We have had a lot of great feedback from webzines, magazines and our listeners. I give away a bit of myself with every song I write and sing, the same goes for the boys, so to have people respond in the way they have I feel I can breathe again. I can sit back and be extra proud of what Evig Natt has created and shared the third time around.

6.Evig Natt will go to play in Karmøygeddon METAL Festival 2017 ? Tell us few words about this great festival.

Karmøygeddon is the greatest festival I know. The organizers do it out of love for the music. They work their asses off every year to create an amazing experience, not just for the audience, but also for the bands. All bands are treated equally and the audience is met with love and respect. I can’t begin to describe the atmosphere. It has to be experienced. Come and check it out for yourselves everyone! I can guarantee you a fantastic line up along with true Viking metallers in an intimate and relaxed environment.

7.How different is it performing live with Evig Natt in comparison to performing with Reism?

First of all the style is totally different. We are both dark and heavy, but Evig Natt is a lot heavier on the melancholy while Reism is industrial and slightly more up-tempo. I have different personas I take on in each band. The Reism gal is the mischievous gothic girl and the Evig Natt gal is the dark and melancholy girl. A little more jumping involved with Reism, but I have just as much fun performing in both. When I perform my main goal is to always give the audience what I’d want to see at a gig myself.

8.Which vocalists would you say are your biggest influences ?

Tough question as I love so many different vocalists and they all give me such different experiences. If I’m to mention a few, and they have all given me chills, I’d have to say my biggest influences vocally have been Skin (Skunk Anansie), James Maynard Keenan (Tool, A perfect Circle), Peter Steele (Type O Negative), Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes), Layne Stayle (Alice In Chains), Maria Brink ( In this Moment), Kari Rueslåtten (Third and the Mortal) and Gunnhild Sundli (Gåte) I could go on and on and on but this gives you an idea 😉

9.At what age did you decide you wanted to become a vocalist and who convinced you to do so ?

I’ve known all my life that I wanted to become a musician. No convincing needed! Music has always been part of my life and I know I’m going to continue to perform and write music for as long as I live…unless something prohibits from doing so.

 10.In your first EP with Evig Natt you had a cover of Nightwish “Walking In The Air”. I like very much this cover with your voice. And of course we know even the Nightwish song is a cover of Howard Blake . Tell me something about this.

Indeed I did. Honestly I’ve never liked doing covers much because I’m not very good at singing other peoples songs. Or at least I feel I don’t do them justice. The reason why I did this one was to try and secure a place at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, which in the end I did. This cover is also part of the reason why Evig Natt saw the light of day. I needed help to create the music for the track and I knew Stein Roger was an active musician who wrote and recorded music. I contacted him to ask this favor and so it was to be that I recorded my version of  “Walking in the air”. After that was done, Stein Roger asked me if I wanted to record a couple of songs he’d written with a female voice in mind and so Evig Natt came to life.

11.Recently Evig Natt published the video clip “Wildfire” In my opinion this was a piece of diamond art. The band worked hard for this video clip?

 Thank you! I appreciate you saying that so much. I started out contacting a very talented video producer by the name of Thomas Mortveit. I’d been made aware of some of his previous work and liked very much what I saw. In our first meeting we found that we shared a lot of the same vision for the “Wildfire” video. We worked very hard because we wanted to give the audience something different and for the video to enhance the listening experience. At the same time we used “simple” methods to create the imagery we needed. We didn’t want to over complicate things with actors and story lines. Instead we set a goal to create something that would challenge the audience to create their own story and hopefully stir something in their hearts.

12.To what kind of music do you listen in your private life? And who are your favorite bands and musicians?

 Again, a very tough question Geo 😉 My favorite band of all time is Type O Negative. I never grow tired of their music and Peter Steele holds a special place in my heart. Other bands I love love love are Alice In Chains, A Perfect Circle, Swallow The Sun, Anathema, HIM, Stone Temple Pilots, Katatonia, Soundgarden, Pixies, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, In this Moment, Ane Brun, Kari Rueslåtten, Incubus…

13.Have you got an ‘all time’ favorite Metal/Rock album ?

I would have to say “October Rust” by Type O Negative. It stands out like a beacon in the night to me.

 14.I don’t know if you have got a play list but could you tell me your moment top?

I don’t have a play list but CD’s I’m spinning a lot at the moment are

Draconian –  “Sovran”

Trees of Eternity – “Hour of the nightingale”

Hieroglyph – “Ouroboros”

Garbage “Strange little birds”

The Tea Party “Interzone Mantras”

 15.Would you tell me some of the best and memorable moments of your career, some of your big hits?

 I would have to say Metal Female Voices Fest is one of our greatest moments right now. That was such and amazing experience for us. All the wonderful people we met, the organizers and the gig itself. It was just a whole lot of fun and we were met with so much love. Of course I also have to mention making the video for “Wildfire”. It was a very exciting process and I hope to be able to do that again soon.

16.Is your daily life a source of creative inspiration for you?

 Yes, it is. I let all kinds of things inspire me to write music. Certain life experiences, people I meet and sometimes my work too. Mostly I’m inspired by how I feel emotionally and that’s what I try and capture on paper and in my melodies.

 17.Is there anything the readers should know that I have not asked?

 I think you have covered most things, however, I can mention that Evig Natt have started writing new material for the fourth album and it is very likely to be a double album this time around. I’m really excited about the new songs and can’t wait for it to be finished. Reism will hopefully release a third album soon and also be gigging that.

Last, but not least I want to thank you Geo for having me and also huge thanks goes out to everyone who has supported me and both my projects. I am eternally grateful.

Well thank you for the interview and I want to wish you all the best in your career with Evig Natt, Reism and of course in your personal life.




“Arakhne ” is a concept album based in greek mythology  according  to this Arakhne was a mortal weaver who challenged the goddess of wisdom and crafts Athena. Into the weaving contest the foolish over pride resulted in her being transformed into spider. Ok let’s talk about the music side now.In 2014 Enemy Of reality released their debut album in symphonic metal scene with a very good semi – concept album ” Rejected Gods”. Now with new keyboardist in their line up decide to release their second album.

Let’s see song by song what offer to us the album:

1. Martyr:

An orchestral – cinematic intro with some female vocals and spoken greek words leads up into the album.



2. Reflected:

The track covered with thunderous maniac drums too much for one that Iliana  sing in duet  with Fabio Lione from Rhapsody Of Fire . One minute before the end the electric guitar solo sounds very power and heavy. The song is without identity because the female voice try hard to give symphonic influence and she fight against the power metal sound and also to the male vocals.



3. Weakness lies within :

In the song reign on the melodic voice of Iliana, the sound remind us something from Delain, so we have a pop symphonic song  with power guitar solo after the 2.45 until 3.15 min.



4. Time immemorial :

The track opens with some keyboard work for 15 seconds and suddenly  theatrical female vocals combine with harsh male vocals.  think the band try to brink in the album some of Cradle of Filth influences but the male growls are far from the vocals of Dani.



5. Nouthetisis :

The track starts with Iliana to perform very nice some ancient greeks  , she reminds to me the voice of the great Diamanda Galas  ( why not Iliana is excellent in every way). In this song takes pert Jeff Waters from Annihilator . Oh yes this song is a diamond piece more symphonic metal with many Epica influences .In this track all the instruments work well even the guitar 30 seconds solo (again!) .



6. Afraid no more:

The piece starts with heavy percussion and guitars which drop away into rising chorus bringing Iliana’s soulful operatic vocals into play  before join the power electric solo again in the same time as all the songs before.



7. Showdown :

So in this song we listen a super duet of sopranos.Iliana sings together with Chiara Malvestiti ( Chrysalys) . The song follows the rules of symphonic metal very well with some good keyboards  and finally the drums and guitars in the second role until the 3.55



8. Taste of defeat :

In this song the band try to play something of Xandria nowadays sound , some progressive metal with some symphonic elements but without nice combination.



9. In hiding :

A fast paced and heavy track  with some driving bass lines and riffing guitars whilst the female vocals rise above the music.



10. I spare you :

A musically lighter track that begins with good operatic vocals lacked by soft keys before the guitar cut in leading into the chorus section.



11. Gift of curse :

The last song works well only if was a bonus track of the album!



Finally  the album is not bad but I demand more from Enemy Of Reality, they have  as singer Iliana  ( one of the best soprano) and they must play  symphonic metal , not power or progressive metal !!! I hope for them to get more confident in the future and make one album alone without guests, they don’t need the help of any big name because they are all very good musicians.

RATING 6.6/10


1.Kirsten Jørgensen (Evig Natt, Reism) 123
2.Marie Mac Leod (Whyzdom) 116
3.Simone Simons ( Epica) 92
4.Floor Jansen ( A.F. – Re-Vamp – NW) 80
5.Diane Camenzuli (Weeping Silence) 76
6.Tarja Turunen (Ex-Nightwish- solo career) 68
7.Charlotte Wessels (Delain) 66
8.Sharon del Adel -Within Temptation 62
9.Alissa White-Gluz – Arch Enemy 54
10.Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) 53
11.Anneke van Giersbergen 51
12.Jamie-Lee Smit (Azylya) 48
13.Marcela Bovio -Stream of Passion 48
14.Cristina Rhenium (Rhenium) 46
15.Dianne van Griesbergen- (Xadria) 45
16.Liv Kristine – ex-Leaves’ Eyes 44
17.Elize Ryd – (Amaranthe) 41
18.Nicoletta Rosellini (Kalidia) 40
19.Heike Langhans – Draconian 38
20.Oxy Hart (Seadem, Nimrød) 38
21.Phyllis Rutter (Eynomia) 37
22.Rachel Grech (Blind Saviour) 35
23.Karolina Pacan (Skeptical Minds) 34
24.Manuela Kraller – ex- Xandria 32
25.Heidi Parviainen – ex Amberian Dawn 31
26.Lisa Rieger (Hydra) 31
27.Amanda Somerville – Trillium 30
28.Ailyn Pilar Giménez García (ex-Sirenia) 29
29.Constance Amelane (ex-Whyzdom) 29
30.Christa Calamatta (Rising Sunset) 27
31.Amy Lynn Hartzler-Evanescence 27
32..Zuberoa Aznarez – Diabolus in Musica 27
33.Angel Chatzitheodorou (Seduce The Heaven) 25
34.Anna Murphy – ex-Eluveitie 25
35.Anna Alexandridou (Mute Tale) 24
36.Marion-Lamita Peubey 24
37.Helena Iren Michaelsen – Imperia 23
38.Aleah – Trees Of Eternity 22
39.Sara Squadrani -(Ancient Bards) 22
40.Vamptessa Debbie (Lacrymosa Aeterna) 22
41.Ida Elena DeRazza (Bare Infinity) 22
42.Vicky Psarakis – The Agonist 21
43.Karen Hau (Octavus Lupus) 21
44.Dimitra Panariti (Meden Agan) 21
45.Kari Rueslåtten – The 3rd and the Mortal – solo career 21
46.Sam Asphodelia (Asphodelia) 20
47.Kassy Thor Novellainen – Mercy Isle 20
48.Milady Rizzi Franklin (Rizzi) 19
49.Julie Colin Spreutels (Ethernity) 19
50.Mariangela Demurtas – (Tristania) 19
51.Ji-In Krypteria ex-Krypteria,And Then She Came 19
52.Anna Király (Sorronia) 17
53.Lisa Lee (Aghast Afterglow) 16
54.Mara Cek Cecconato (Oniricide) 16
55.Maya Kampaki (ex-Meden Agan) 16
56.Lidia Guglieri (Suddenlash) 15
57.Sarah Jezebel Deva 15
58.Anette Olzon – ex-NW – solo carrer 15
59.Simon Papa (Materdea) 15
60.Lindstat Christel (Opus Doria) 14
61.Markéta Morávková – Alia Tempora 14
62.Christiana -Elysion 14
63.Destini Beard 13
64.Melody Dylem (Elferya) 13
65.Lill’y Seth – Aeranea 12
66.Jessica Thierjung (Lyriel) 12
67.Dragica Maletic-Demist 12
68.Eadha Ered Luin (Moreor) 11
69.Patricia Pons – SynlakrosS 11
70.Claudia Layline -Serenade 10
71.Ilaria Falchi-Lightless Moor 10
72.Milica Jovanov (Aurium) 9
73.Marika Ophelia Vanni-Eternal Silence 9
74.Daria Zhukova-Sanctorium 9
75.Mariana Brunel (Abrasantia) 8
76.Ksenia Glonty (Sensorium) 8
77.Elena LaTabacchina Liverani (Levania) 8
78.Nina Jiers (Neopera) 8
79.Valentina Pucci -False Memories 8
80.Mariana Paré Vallejos -Synfonyca 8
81.Anna Holtz (Desdæmona) 7
82.Raylyn Shayde (Anthology) 7
83.Elena Erokhina (Wolf Clan, Mirabelle) 7
84.Jennifer Gervais (Dust In Mind) 7
85.Vickie Harley-A Clockwork Opera 7
86.Melody Wang– Frost Tears 7
87.Clare Yggdrasil Webster – Edenfall 7
88.Nitza Oremort Nostra Morte (Nostra Morte) 6
89.Grazia Riccardo (COBRA) 6
90.Natty Lopez -Forget My Pain 6
91.Denise “Ainwen” Manzi -Misteyes 6
92.Roslen Bondì (Tothem) 5
93.Caro Guedes (Beto Vazquez Infinity) 5
94.Thuany Schnaider (Ergus) 5
95.Hess Melani 5
96.Alexandra Misailidou (Quadrus) 5
97.Isis Georgieva-Sélema 5
98.Plam Chelavrova (Lake Of Flames) 4
99.Jasmine Griffiths (Hunters Grace) 4
100.Luna Mordant

LIVE REPORT – MOONSPELL LIVE SHOW 9/10/2016 (in english)

So finally  Sunday 10/09/2016 is here and all roads lead to Kyttaro club for the live show  of one of the biggest bands in the genre of Dark Gothic Metal,  Moonspell. The support bands were  Eleine and The Foreshadowing.The sold out was pretty much sure.  Fernando Ribeiro and his band is a guarantee of quality for 23 years, almost a quarter century.

The concert opened at 20.20 with Eleine from Sweden the band of Madeleine Liljestam who is known as well as alternative model. Eleine belongs in the genre of Symphonic Metal with many oriental influences. They played six songs and the song ” Death Incarnate” was the best, guitarist Ricard Ekberg manage the fans to sing with them and raise high the mood. Pretty good were the songs “Untold Story” and “Break Take Live”. I must write  here about the wonderful stage appearance  of Madeleine with her oriental outfit and her magnificent  tattoo. Very good was and Sebastian Bergund key on keyboards.

Set List:
1. Land Beyond
2.Gathering Storm
3. A Sin ( Intro )
4. Death Incarnate
5. Story Untold
6. Break Take Live
At 21.10  The Foreshadowing from Italy  on stage. They belong to the genre of Gothic Doom Metal and they already have released 4 full length albums. With the sound clearly influenced by  Katatonia they played very professionally and with clean vocals of Marco Benevento , heavy riffs on guitars in great balance with very good atmospheric  lyrics. It was a very good show with melancholic sound and definitely the fans were  completely satisfied. The best song was “17” which is a musical masterpiece.
Set List:
1.Fall of Heroes
2.Two Horizones
3.New Babylon
4.The Forsaken Son
5. Oionos
6. 17
At 22.20 came the big time to appear on stage Moonspell. O Fernando Ribeiro is one man show and in every song makes reference to Athens and Greece showing how comfortable he  feels to play in our country that he truly loves .First song ” Breath (Until We Are No More)”excellent choice  to open the show , and the next was the hymn “Extinct” from their new album .They continued with “Night Eternal” from album Night Eternal  and after they played  the epic songs “Opium” and “Awake!” from Irreligious. The next piece was the ballad ” The Last Of Us”. The thermometer rise up with ” Medusalem “and ” Ruin & Misery”, so came the next song “Luna” with  the female vocals of Maxi Nil . Next songs  “Malignia” and the amazing “Vampiria”in which  Fernando  wear the vampire outfit. They continued with the song “An Erotic Alchemy” of their first epic album Wolfheart .And what next? “ Ataergina “the mystic folk song . They finished   with ” Alma Mater” and the fans were already crazy that boosted . In the encore Moonspell played 3 songs, “Everything Invaded” and “Future Is Dark” to finish with ” Full Moon Madness” and create the ultimate musical orgasm. However  was one of the rare times that Moonspell didn’t play the hit song ” Scorpion Flower “perhaps because in the previous live shows the female female vocals were not enough good.
Set List:
 1.Breath (Until We Are No More )
3.Night Eternal
6.Last Of Us
8.Ruin & Misery



12.An Erotic Alchemy
14.Alma Mater

15.Everything Invaded

16.Future Is Dark
17.Full Moon Madness
Finally  maybe we saw the best Live Show for this year and at this point we should thank  ODIN’s Battlefield and EVOLUTION TV SHOW for the organization and of course KYTTARO CLUB which once again gave us the satisfaction to see a very good concert.

RATING 10/10


Έφτασε λοιπόν η Κυριακή 9/10/2016 και όλοι οι δρόμοι οδηγούν στο Κύτταρο που φιλοξενεί ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα συγκροτήματα στο χώρο του Dark Gothic Metal , τους Πορτογάλους  Moonspell. Μαζί τους support bands ήταν οι Σουηδοί Eleine  και οι Ιταλοί The Foreshadowing . Ήταν εκ των προτέρων σίγουρο ότι θα επικρατήσει πανικός  και το αδιαχώρητο όσον αναφορά την προσέλευση  του κοινού. Ο Fernando Ribeiro και η παρέα του είναι εγγύηση ποιότητας εδώ και 23 χρόνια , σχεδόν ένα τέταρτο του αιώνα.

Η συναυλία άνοιξε στις 20.20 με τους Eleine από την Σουηδία το συγκρότημα της Madeleine Liljestam γνωστού alternative model. Οι Eleine ανήκουν στο χώρο του Symphonic Metal με πολλές oriental επιρροές. Έπαιξαν 6 τραγούδια με το Death Incarnate να ξεχωρίζει και ο κιθαρίστας Ricard Ekberg να παρασύρει το κοινό  να τραγουδίσει μαζί τους  και ανεβάσει  αρκέτα το κλίμα και την διάθεση. Αρκετά καλά ήταν και τα κομμάτια Story Untold και Break Take Live. Πρέπει εδώ να αναφέρω την υπέροχη σκηνική παρουσία της Madeleine με το ανατολίτικο outfit που αναδείκνυε τα εντυπωσιακά της tattoo . Σημειώνω και το πολύ καλό παίξιμο στα πλήκτρα του Sebastian Bergund.


Set List:
1. Land Beyond
2.Gathering Storm
3. A Sin ( Intro )
4. Death Incarnate
5. Story Untold
6. Break Take Live
Στις 21.10 ανέβηκαν στη σκηνή οι The Foreshadowing  από την Ιταλία. Αυτοί ανήκουν στο χώρο της Gothic Doom Metal  και έχουν ήδη κυκλοφορήσει 4 full length albums. Με το ήχο τους επηρεασμένο σαφώς απο τους Katatonia έπαιξαν καθαρά επαγγελματικά με clean φωνητικά απο τον Marco Benevento και με heavy riffs στις κιθάρες που έδεναν με τον πολύ καλό στίχο. Ήταν μιά πολύ καλή εμφάνιση με μελαγχολικό ήχο σίγουρα το κοινό έμεινε απόλυτα ικανοποιημένο. Ξεχώρησε το κομμάτι “17” που είναι ένα μουσικό αριστούργημα.
 Set List:
1.Fall of Heroes
2.Two Horizones
3.New Babylon
4.The Forsaken Son
5. Oionos
6. 17
Στις 22.20 έφτασε η μεγάλη ώρα να εμφανιστούν στη σκηνή οι Moonspell . O Fernando Ribeiro είναι one man show και σε κάθε τραγούδι έκανε αναφορά στην Αθήνα και στην Ελλάδα δείχνοντας πόσο άνετα αισθάνεται να παίξει στη χώρα μας που αγαπά αληθινά.Ξεκίνησαν με το Breath (Until We Are No More ) όπως συνηθίζουν να ξεκινούν σε όλα τους τα live φέτος, ακολούθησε ο ύμνος Extinct από το καινούργιο τους ομώνυμο αλμπουμ.Το πλήθος ήταν ήδη φτιαγμένο και ιδιαίτερα εκδηλωτικό. Συνέχισαν με το Night Eternal απο το αλμπουμ Night Eternal για να συνεχίσουν με τα επικά τραγούδια Opium και Awake! από το Irreligious. Ακολούθησε  η μπαλαντα  The Last Of Us . Το θερμόμετρο ανέβηκε στα ύψη με το Medusalem και το Ruin & Misery για να έρθει η στιγμή να ερμηνεύσουν το Luna  με την συμμετοχή στα γυναικεία φωνητικά της Maxi Nil .Επόμενα κομμάτια το Malignia και το εκπληκτικό Vampiria το οποίο αναδεικνύει ξεχωριστά με την κατάλληλη ενδυμασία ο Fernando . Επόμενο τραγούδι το An Erotic Alchemy από το πρώτο τους επικό άλμπουμ Wolfheart ..και τι .εχουμε μετά ; Το Ataergina τις folk επιρροές και το κλείσιμο με το Alma Mater που απογείωσε τους πάντες. Οι Moonspell συνέχισαν με encore τα Everything Invaded  και  Future Is Dark για να τελειώσουν με το Full Moon Madness και να δημιουργήσουν τον απόλυτο μουσικό οργασμό. Πάντος ήταν από τις σπάνιες φορές που δεν είπαν το Scorpion Flower  ίσως επειδή στα προήγουμε Lives δεν υποστηρίχτηκε αρκετά απο τα γυναικεία φωνητικά.
Set List:
1.Breath (Until We Are No More )
3.Night Eternal
6.Last Of Us
8.Ruin & Misery


12.An Erotic Alchemy
14.Alma Mater

15.Everything Invaded

16.Future Is Dark
17.Full Moon Madness

Τελικά είδαμε ίσως το καλύτερο Live Show για φέτος και σε αυτό το σημείο πρέπει να ευχαριστήσουμε τους ODIN’s Battlefield  και EVOLUTION TV SHOW για την διοργάνωση και το Κυτταρο φυσικά που γιά μιά ακόμη φορά μας έδωσε την ικανοποίηση να δούμε μια πολυ καλή συναυλία.

RATING 10/10

REVIEW OF THE EP “Therion of Wawel” BY Kreigen

Therion of Wawel
1. Apollonius of Tyana journey
2. Seven stones
3. Once at Wawel hill
4. Smocza Jama
5. Therion of Wawel

Composed by Andrew Femiak

Line up
Performers of vocal parts:
Elena Volska – mezzo-soprano
Kateryna Grytsyk – alto
Miroslav Dubinetskiy – tenor
Mykola Piddubnyk – bajo, baritone

mixing – Alexi G. Richter
cover – Magdalena Korzeniewska

 Kreigen is the new promising band in Operatic/Symphonic metal genre. The EP based on Polish myths and  is the second of them. The sound is atmospheric with very good orchestration in a classic way with many metal riffs . Five songs with epic lyrics with male vocals as tenor and baritone with female soprano. Andrew is very talent composer and he made a very marvelous and difficult opus here. Kriegen want you to experience this wholesome symphonic  voyage and risk to published one elegant and full of quality EP. Highly recommended to all. RATING 9/10



І Act 

1st century C.E.

  1. Apollonius of Tyana journey
    Apollonius – tenor
    Iarchus /Delphi priest – bajo

Place : Cave at the foot of Hill

Arioso : Apollonius

Et ego hic
Alea jacta est                         
Per aspera ad astra –
Ducunt volentem fata

Aria : Iarchus

This was that he told to himself,
Approaching to the foot of hill,
Where was entrance to deep damp cave,
And shelter for the Talisman.

With knowledge gained from Shamballa,
Will you deliver seven stones,
To places marked on this map?
By your own will, not by debt.

I will…


From first steps I was encountered by breeze.

Some more walk, and last of stones will be placed,
On stalactites crown, where he never be seized.
But my thoughts, is now about cooper sheets
Which were brought by Delphi priest.
Diagrams cast me into mist.

Iarchus (as Delphi priest)
Deciphered, you’ll reach abode, of men who knows Truth.
I saw before my eyes, long way I need to pass thru

Iarchus (as Delphi priest)

sands and mountains,


up to river with elephants and fruits of hyacinth.

After years, spent in journey to Shamballa,
He finally climbed on the mount where the temple is,
And stood up in front of one,
who handle same copper sheets that led him.


Here you face, those who knows everything.

Esoteric things, come to show you another side of truth.


Who was that crazy priest?
Was he ever exist?
It does not matter now, ‘cause I’m between some stalactites,
brought hope inside the night.
 IІ Act 

6th century C.E.

  1. Once at Wawel hill

Agnieszka – alto (A)
Dariusz – bajo (D)
Chakram – mezzo

Agnieszka’s nightmare (no vocals)

Place : Wawel hill


  1. You can’t see all the scars, cause they inside my heart
    D. But I don’t
    A. I don’t want to hear a word.
    Because of you I’m here. See?
    D. What can I?
    I don’t want anything.
  2. I never wanted to hurt you, and I think I did not.
  3. So it’s my fault, and I’m to blame,
    What else to expect from you…
  4. At least tell me, Oh why we are here?
  5. Something that I,
    D. Say it, O finally say it, I’m begging you!
    A. had in dream,
  6. Tell me what it was? and was I’m a part of it?
    A. Took possession,
    D. What do you mean? you had a bad dream?
    A. on my feel.
    D. So this is a scandal from silliest dream?
    A. How can you blame me for this?!
    D. Why are we on Wawel hill?!
    A. I know this is a dangerous place, but in dream I (fell)
    D. Watch your step! Beneath is hole, and you can simply fall.

Chakram + Choir
Now she’s in cave and lying unconscious,
Fell thru the hole on the top of Wawel

It was me in your dream, but your nightmare is only begins


  1. Smocza Jama
    Smok – baritone
    Chakram – mezzo

Place : Smocza Jama

Arioso : Smok
What was that?
Was it in a dream? or it was she again.
I often see those times, when…

Aria : Smok
In the dark of the night,
I was called by the light.
She not asked but told,
To keep in awe, this white world.

Feeding of the beast take place once a week,
One sheep is small price for a life.
But sometimes he need more than just a sheep –
Girl, who does not know, what is to weep.
Arioso : Chakram

And tears of this one, may be the last.  

Aria : Agnieszka
That voice from dream,
the one who has steal
my conscious, and now
I’m here…
It can’t be real!
Why do I have no fear.

I know what waits me in this cave,

Here will be my final play.

Oh, why have I came,
By myself, In arms of beast?


One more victim of her will, is now stand embraced by fear.
This young girl, she has no chance.

But for me, it’s always new one, to escape.
Mighty beast in front of me show his teeth, with fire breath.
By your jaws my life will ends, hope someone avenge me.
By my jaws your life will ends, hope someone avenge me.

Girl, say goodbye to this world


  1. Therion of Wawel

    Krak – tenor (K)
    Chakram – mezzo
    Smok – baritone (S)
    Place :At the foot of Wawel Hill

    Arioso : Krak
    Tragedy news spreading the land,
    Young beauty woman have faced the end.

Aria : Krak
Beloved of her, who was on the hill,
Can swear his life, it was against her will.
It’s time to break up with this useless peace!

Aria : Chakram
Oh, young warrior,

Oh, I see, it will be you,

The One, whose glory will be so great, that only grief will exceed.

I know you can’t hear me, but your name will live for ages.


Spread wings of your fate –
Bring this land, cup she awaits.

In a heat of battlefield,

Better hide behind your shield.

Make your destiny up there

I’m a Therion of Wawel

Show me why I called you here

Make their lives full of Hell’.
Previous warriors, you have sent,
Can do nothing, but stuck in my teeth.


Awful sights you will discover inside of my stomach,

’cause I will swallow you whole, alive.

Huge beast come out by his thirst, now you will face my wrath,

and pay all your debts.


  1. Look in my eyes!
  2. I have seen more the ton of them.
  3. Face all my wrath!
  4. You’re no more then next sheep for me.
  5. I will slice you!
    S. Yes you will, Yes You will, Yes you will,

Same as previous, who come here by all the time.

  1. Give me your sword!
  2. He so strong, I can’t hold it.
  3. Give me your shield!
  4. Without it I’m in fire breath.
  5. Say goodbye!
  6. Yes I will, Yes I will, Yes I will,

But first I’ll show, what I have in a bag for you.                         

Then Krak throw his leather bag in throat of beast,

Whom started smoke, and ran to river.

Found his sword, he crept up to the Smok,

Who choked from sulphur, and pierced him.


Now I am free

  1.                          Seven stones

    Seven stones hidden under the canopy,
    Seven places with hidden supremacy,
    Not allowed to shine simultaneously,
    Each await for his time of the legacy.

    Related with bodies of celestial,
    Located at places perennial,
    Called to be shields from enemy,
    In time to wake up, from vanity.

    Delhi – Moon

Mecca – Mercury

Jerusalem – Sun

Delphi – Venus

Rome – Mars

Velehrad – Saturn

Wawel – Jupiter

For more info on Kriegen visit their facebook page


Lunar Prelude (2016) EP.jpg

Tracklist :

1. “Suckerpunch” 4:10
2. “Turn the Lights Out” 4:15
3. “Don’t Let Go” (New Version) 3:57
4. “Lullaby” (Live 2015) 5:15
5. “Stardust” (Live 2015) 4:13
6. “Here Come the Vultures” (Live 2015) 5:40
7. “Army of Dolls” (Live 2015) 5:27
8. “Suckerpunch Orchestra” 2:31
So what offer to us the new EP of Delain? Only 2 new songs the pop sounding song “Suckerpunch ” and the balad “Turn The Lights Out”.They added also the orchestral version of the song “Suckerpunch ” (wow and blah). This is the first album with Ruben Israel on drums and Merel Bechtold on guitar. Merel is very weak on guitars .One more time the bass is just non – existent (Rob van der Loo the ex-bassist is Epicarian now!).
The EP also contains  a new version of the song “Don`t Let Go” (taken from 2014`s The Human Contradiction)  and four incredible  cuts ( what for?).
Let us forget this release and ignore the EP ,is only for commercial reasons and they try to promote the new upcoming album .
RATING : 2/10

REVIEW FROM THE EP ” Fimbulwinter Tale” by Kreigen

 photo 1_zpsvonlm2gs.jpg

Kreigen – Fimbulwinter Tale

I. Winter of Winds
II. Winter of the Sword
III. Winter of the Wolf

Kreigen is a project of the musician Andrew Femiak .This Ep composed by Andrew and he write both the lyrics and the music. Also he invited professional musicians from local Philharmonic, Art Institute and a few rock bands.The performers of vocal parts are :

Oxana Skorohod – soprano
Myroslava Romaniuk – mezzo-soprano
Elena Volska – alto
Makar Kapitaniuk – tenor altino
Myroslav Dubynetskii – tenor
Timofy Mularchuk – baritone

The Ep has 3 songs with lyrics and the same songs with instrumental version.

Fimbulwinter Tale is a trilogy based on Scandinavian myth.
As in the myth there is three winters which forms Fimbulwinter.
In mythology, this event is a prelude to Ragnarok, and as a rule it is described by a few words, the same as life of human beings in that period. Fimbulwinter Tale shows how people faced those horrible events, and what was their life, thoughts, prays and losses.

I. Winter of Winds

Epic music with great orchestration and excellent operatic male and female vocals.Andrew is a very talent composer and the song is a masterpiece!!


RATING 10/10

II. Winter of the Sword

The sound of this song remind pretty much the sound of Xandria. The guitar riffs work very well with the keyboards. Again this song is a marvelous piece of symphonic metal. The soprano and the tenor combine in one very good way . Excellent!


RATING 10/10


III. Winter of the Wolf :

The tenor starts the track under the sound of keys, the chorus is great and the soprano sing enters with her marvelous vocal range. The guitar riffs sound very good and with the piano make the song a very special piece.


RATING 10/10

Finally this EP highly recommended to all the fans of symphonic metal. Andrew Femiak  gains my respect with his great music.

RATING 10/10


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