This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


LEVANIA,is a Gothic-Metal band, from Ferrara (Italy), formed on 25th March 2007 and later completed in April 2009.

Members  :

Still (Keyboard and backing vocals)

Richie(Guitar )

Fade (Bass)

Moon (Drums and percussions)

Ligeia is the frontwoman and lead vocals from January 2011
















































LEVANIA’s music is placed in the time frame between the flux and the efflux of a wave. It expresses the almost painful dichotomy that passes through everybody’s life. The dark and the light, the dawn and the twilight, the eternal torment and the eternally tormented: past and present unites in a Mediterranean marriage that tells stories coming from ancient temporal spirals. Songs and lyrics are influenced by the various musical and cultural substrates of the individual members and they flow in an Epic-Gothic rather composite, the son of both the roots of Scandinavian death metal, and of the metal of the most exquisite Mediterranean atmosphere and carefully fed byt he European myths and legends. In compliance with the spirit of the band, the term “LEVANIA” (moon in Hebrew) embodies the concept of the moon, to be understood as an element derived from the most intimate sphere of the human soul and, as such, destined to become instrument of an ever changing lively artistic creativity. The poetic impulse of the Sturm und Drang, the Gothic atmosphere detectable in the work of the Damned Poet, brought by the neo-classical rationality, the philosophy of Kierkegaard and the romance of Goethe, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche’s thought and other influences still come together in a unique synergy that animates the fantastic creature called LEVANIA.



Full lenght Album- Renascentis-2013
01. Proemium
02. Arcadia
03. Needles
04. Spiral
05. Seven Times To Forget
06. My Writing Of Hope
07. An Icy Embrace
08. Metamorphosis
09. Drakarys
10. Onirica
11. Lucretia

12. Four Seasons

Band: Ligeia, Still, Richie, Fade, Moon
Label: Warner Chappel Music-Wormholedeath-Aural Music



Full lenght Album- Parasynthesis-2012

1.  Midnight of Silence- 05:22
2.  Eroica -04:08
3.  Natural Motion- 03:45
4.  The Narrow Way of Juliet- 05:37
5.  Basteth’s Kiss- 05:32
6.  Agharti 1- 01:13
7.  Agharti 2- 03:38
8.  Agharti 3- 06:21
9.  Carthago Nova- 05:20
10.  Sibyl of the Dark-04:47

Band: Still, Fade, Ligeia, Gianz, Raven.
Label: Aural Music-Wormholedeath-Dreamcell



Track List:
Agharti III
Carthago Nova
Natural Motion
Seven Times to Forget
band:  Still, Silvia, Giovanni, Fade, Raven, Gianz


Demo-Mindless Rose Oblivion

Mindless Rose Oblivio
Grave of my Blood
My Writings of Hope
Midnight of Silence

Band:Silvia, Giovanni, Fade, Raven, Gianz, Still


Demo-From the Dust

Immagine Demo
From the Dust
track list:
Agharti  I
Agharti  II
Basthet’s Kiss
Narrow way of Juliette
Band: Silvia, Giovanni, Raven, Fade, Still, Gianz,Mark


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