This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Whyzdom project started in early 2007. Vynce Leff,more known in the progressive area, for producing several albums signed on the british label CYCLOPS RECORDS (bands : Saens, Sensitive To Light), decided to start a new metal band with symphonic elements. Soon joined to the band the singer Telya Melane.In 2008 the group will present to the public  their EP Daughter Of The Night, distributed by Nightwish France.   The group won several awards, including the title of “Best French Group 2008” by and the “Best EP” by The same year, they won the support of the Metal Female Voices Fest. In 2009  they released  their debut album, From The Brink Of Infinity, . This album is released by their new label, the British Ascendance Records . At the time of this release, the band Delain calls on them to the first part of their tour in France and Spain , for a total of seven dates . They also participate in the Metal Female Voices Fest on 17 October 2009 . The year 2010 is marked by the departure in June, the singer Telya Melane. A few weeks later, the band announced that Lisa Middelhauve , former singer of the German band Xandria , Whyzdom join as guest singer for Raismes Fest , then in Paris Bataclan for the opening concert of Tarja Turunen October 10, 2010 . December 2, 2010, the band announced the name of his new full-time singer Clémentine Delauney. After a series of concerts in France and in Europe in 2011, the singer Clémentine Delauney announced her departure in January 2012 to devote herself to other projects. (Later, she will prove that in fact become a permanent member of the Austrian band Serenity .) Whyzdom announced that the group does not want to release their second album with vocal tracks recorded by Clémentine Delauney as she left the group and chose to delay the release of Blind? to rerecord the song. The group announced in February 2012 the arrival of the singer who give her  voice to the album: Elvyne Lorient . On 22 August 2012, a signature with the European label Scarlet Records is announced. The album was released October 30, 2012. So Elvyne Lorient has not participated in a single concert with Whyzdom on 1 February 2013, the band announced a new lead singer Marie Rouyer. Current Members Marie Rouyer – vocals (since 2013) Vynce Leff – guitar and orchestration (since 2007) Regis Morin – guitar (since 2007) Xavier Corrientes – bass (since 2009) Marc Ruhlmann – keyboards (since 2007) Chaumeaux Nico – drums (since 2007) Former members Telya Melane – vocals (2007 to 2010) Tristan Demurger – bass (2007 to 2009) Clémentine Delauney – vocals (2010 to 2011) Elvyne Lorient – vocals (2012)


EP 2008 : Daughter Of The Night

Albums 2009 : From The Brink Of Infinity

2012 : Blind?

 17/2/2015 “Symphony For A Hopeless God”
Marie Rouyer vocals (since 2013)
Clémentine Delauney vocals (2010 to 2011

Elvyne Lorient vocals (2012)

Telya Melane – vocals (2007 to 2010) 

Lisa Schaphaus – Middelhauve singer 2010
Vynce Leff guitar and orchestration (since 2007)

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