This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Levania, is a Gothic-Metal band, from Ferrara (Italy).

The members are: :
STILL (Vocals and keyboards)
FADE (Bass)
LIGEIA (Lead vocals)
RICHIE (Guitar)
MOON (Drums


1.Hello Guys and welcome to the SYMPHONIC- GOTHIC-METAL MUSIC, Iam glad to have you here in my blog!!!


  • FADE: Hi, it’s our pleasure.
  • Richie: Hi Metal gothic! We are pleased to be your hosts!
  • Ligeia: Hei to everyone!!!!! WE’re very pleased to be here!!!!


2) Where is your hometown, do the people back at home support you?


  • FADE: our hometown is in Ferrara (Italy), but really our supporters are abroad.
  • Ligeia: we’re a huge support abroad, and a small, but very hard support here, in our country.
    Is a very common situation in Italy, ‘cause here the musical scene is occupied for most by classical pop singer, like Pausini, and other.


3) How does it feel to be in a professionally signed band?



  • FADE: It’s exiting. I think when you do something with a lot of passion (as we do), you want always getting more. The have a contract was one of our target but, now, it gives us the desire to continue.
  • Ligeia: It’s a big dream comes true. I’m a metal head since I was a little child. I grow up with Kiss and Led Zeppelin, so ‘til 10 years old, Started to ear Iron Maiden and Nightwish. So, for me, it’s sometimes strange and terrifing see me here 😀


4) How did you choose the band name?



  • FADE: We found an international name which meaning something important (Levania means Moon) but not the usual English name as all.
  • Ligeia: yes, means Moon, in Hebrew. Why Moon instead? ‘coz moon is mercurial and inconstant.So, we are like the Moon, sometimes we make that kind of music, and that kind of tonality, other times we change completely while maintaining a base unchanged.


5) Already you have released 2 albums. Tell us a few things each one of them “Parasynthesis “and “Renascentis”!




  • Richie: I think “Parasynthesis” is more dark. It’s like enter in a cave where there are engravings of ancient tales, “Renascentis” is aggressive and introspective at the same time, it’s like listen the tales of life a innocent baby possessed by an anti hero dead in war.
  • Ligeia: I’me the possessed child ! eheheheh!!!

6) “Renascentis” I think it is a concept album, share with us the whole idea?



  • Richie: Renascentis is not properly a concept album but every different song is linked by a single meaning, the rebirth.
  • Ligeia: Yes, it can be. But there is a little story between lirycs: A girls that,”nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita/mi ritrovai per una selva oscura/ ché la diritta via era smarrita”[ in the middle of the journey of our life /I found myself within a forest dark /the straight way was lost”] quoting Dante, and she found herself, or a big part of herself, in a library. And every book she takes, every book she reads in this library was about rebirth. Rebirth of a lost soul, or rebirth for a lost love, or rebirth after a fall. So she find into the book a story, and save herself to her personal havoc.

7) What are your musical influences that inspire your band?



  • FADE: We all five have different influences. The final sound is the crossing of the different ones. In my case, for.example, I’m influenced by the dark music.
  • Ligeia: yes , it’s true!!! I’m the metalhead of the situation, with megadeath-iron maiden- motorhead on my back, Richie is the Nu Metaller, focused everyday in heard sperimental strange new band, and Still…. He has a lot of influence, but He isn’t addicted to no one. He listen everykind of music, without preconceptions.


8) What made you to choose this music genre?



  • FADE: I like it a lot. It was the common idea.
  • Richie: we listen different music but gothic metal is the matrix.
  • Ligeia: ‘coz I can’t sing like Ozzy. Ahaha Ok, I’ll stop joking. By the way, I’me seriously addicted for some years by Sharon Den Adel’s voice, especially in the acustic version. So I’ve got a lot of enthusiasm when I started sing in Levania.


9) How long have you known each other, how did you meet?



  • FADE: Me and Still are the oldest, the band was found eight years ago. In 2010 entered Ligeia and two years ago before “Renascentis” Moon and Richie.
  • Ligeia, : yes but: I know Richie ten years ago, month over or month less. Instead I came in Levania I’ve found a little family, not only a group. We’ve a good friendship, not only a music band. We’ll meet each other more often to make dinners together instead make rehearsal!


10) If you guys were to describe yourself in simple word choice.. what would you say?



  • FADE: determinate and perfectionist.
  • Richie: I think like Fade!
  • Ligeia, they’ve the gift of synthesis! I’m the sensible part of the band 😛


11) Do you guys have any other work or hobbies besides, obviously, making music?



  • FADE: Yes, I have my own job as salesman and two children engaging me all the rest of my time…
  • Richie: Hobbies? I don’t have more time for hobbies, I prefer focus me on music!
  • Ligeia: Yes, I’m a teacher, and I teach Homer at University. And I’ve got a lot of interested, like make jewellwry on my own hand, or writings books about classical, or being addicted with political and social problem of my country. I’ve a very busy life, but I found the time for friends( a lot of friends) and for my sweetie Valentine, infact I’ve got a strong relationship with Still.


12) What is your message you wish to send out through your music?




  • Richie: the message of “renascentis “is that every experience of life and every tales listened are help to rebirth
  • Ligeia: NEVER, I SAID NEVER GIVE UP! no challenge is intractable! So rises up from the ground and fight for you own brave dream!


13) Which is your biggest challenge yet as a band?




  • FADE: Make nice songs
  • Richie: Play in a great international metal fest!
  • Ligeia: Make good music, of course, but convey something with that music. if anyone gets excited listening to you, why do it? Just one fan, one person tell you that you are excited listening to you and then I know I’ve done my job well.


14) What are your hopes for the near future? I would like to thank you for joining us




  • FADE: I hope to make a movie and another project…..Thanks a lot to you, it was a pleasure for me.
  • Richie: Thank you for this nice interview!
  • Ligeia: thank you for the support, thank you for asking us a interview, thank you to tell us every question. My hope for my near future is make some concerts. I wanna sing for people 😀



For more info on Levania  visit their website or their facebook page


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