This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Blackdahlia is a gothic metal band from Foggia, Italy.

in 2008  Samuela Fuiani (vocals and
piano) and Ruggero Doronzo (guitar ) started as an acoustic duo, but after a few
months new elements joined them to complete the band: Gianluca Raio (guitar and back vocals),
Antonio Petito (bass) and Ludovico Massariello (drums).

In September 2011, Blackdahlia recorded their first demo, entitled “Black Dahlia”, including the
songs “When a Tear Falls” and “Shards of Glass”. The song “When a Tear Falls” was included in
the compilation “Kill City” vol. 21, distributed by 272 Records.

In november 2013 Blackdahlia signed up with Areasonica Records and their debut album “Fragments”

was released in December 2013.


Samuela Fuiani: voce, piano, tastiere
Gianluca Raio: chitarre, voce
Ruggero Doronzo: chitarre, effetti
Antonio Petito: basso
Ludovico Massariello: batteria


2013 “Fragments”

Samuela Fuiani: voce, piano




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