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INTERVIEW with Marianthie G-key Keyboardist at Enemy Of Reality

Mariantthie G- key is Ketbordist at the Greek band Enemy Of Reality


Hi Marianthie firstly thank you for accepting to talk to me and welcome to the blog of Symphonic- Gothic Metal. It’s really nice to be able to have this interview with you.
Before I begin,I would like to get to know you a bit better .

1. Tell me how did your term your relationship with music started?


  • Ι actually started taking classical piano lessons when I was five, and I must admit that it wasn’t my cup of tea at the beginning. As I grew older, though, I started to understand what this was all about, and explored different styles, so I could find what I really liked to play.


2. Before dealing with keyboards did you follow classical education in piano and if so how did you decide to deal with the keys?


  • As I mentioned above, I started with classical piano, but some progressive metal influences of mine intrigued me to start playing the keys because of their modern sound. It practically introduced me to a whole different yet fascinating world. I continue my classical studies, though, and I am close to my degree.


3.When you were a kid , there must have been some rock stars that you wanted to look like.
What are your influences and your standards than others keyboardists?


  • Haha, truth is I never wanted to look like a rock star or something! I always liked to watch musicians performing and enjoying what they are doing, passing their excitement to the audience, thinking that I’ d like to achieve that someday.My influences don’t come from other keyboard players. I might like Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater very much, but I don’t think our style is alike. There are many different kinds of music that could influence me, though, from heavy guitar shredding, to classical orchestral stuff or jazz.


4.Was there a piece of music you had to learn along the way that you challenged the hell out of you?


  • The most challenging piece I ever played was F. Chopin’s Etude op.10 no 2. It was really difficult to learn and perform.


5.I love the idea of having a passion for the music and translating it to technology. What inspired your passion for technology and app development?


  • I’m not really into app development at the moment. Music technology is to me the mean to an end, which is music composition. Modern technology really helps the musician to try many different things, write down and producing his own music very easily. Music making programs helped us a lot during the songwriting of ‘Rejected Gods’ album.


6.Many keyboard players tend toward bringing numerous keyboards on stage, creating large racks sample sounds from other keyboards to a single keyboard, tell me your opinion about this?


  • I believe that wanting to have a good result to your music, taking care of every single detail indicates one’s passion and dedication to music. It is definitely a good thing as long as they are the same amount of a perfectionist to every aspect of their music “product”.


7.What are your thoughts on stage, when you are performing ?


  • When I play alone, what I play makes me feel a certain way. When I perform, even if it is in front of one person, I try to make them feel what the music makes me feel.


8. We live in the age of internet information. At the beginning there was “My Space”, now is “Facebook”
Do you believe that social networking sites with “Likes”, “Share” and their “Posts” help the career of
an artist;


  • I believe the internet and the whole networking thing is crucial for the promotion of an artist. It helps people being informed about things that they wouldn’t know about otherwise. It makes music accessible to the audience, and that helps the artist to become widely known.


9.Before the Enemy Of Reality have you participated in other music groups?


  • Yes, I have, but due to my young age and my many obligations, I couldn’t be dedicated to that.


10.So far, which is the most memorable moment in your career ?



  • I couldn’t say I have some career! I hope I’ll make it to a career someday and especially to a lot of memorable moments to talk to you about!


11. You should have plenty of time to listen to music .what kind of music to you listen to?



  • I listen to music practically all the time, hehe! I like progressive metal, some old progressive rock bands and classical, both modern and old.

12. If you were to choose one song which one would that be?


  • I really can’t choose one, sorry!


13. Now one complex question.
The noted players of keyboards have been passed from classic piano, the Electric Piano, some to Pipe Organ, to Hammond, the analogue electronic musical instruments as Mellotron that uses a bank of pre- recording magnetic tape strips, each of which is activated by separate key on its keyboard . All these are romantic instruments but they offer to us special sounds in past. Do you think those days the modern instruments such as the Roland, special all the type of Korg promote a better sound to symphonic rock metal?



  • All those organs were very popular in the past decades especially if you were in a rock band. I actually haven’t tried all those analog organs to tell you, but I know they sound “warmer” due to the harmonics they produce, that digital instruments can’t, at least not at the same level.As for the symphonic effect, nowadays one can find very good samples, and it’s really amazing that one can write music for an orchestra and end up with very realistic result.


14. What do you expect from the near future? Your plans are always playing in a band or something else?


  • I like playing with Enemy of Reality, and constantly making progress. I also like performing and composing classical music very much, so I’d like to do both!


15. How about to send a message to our subscribers then and also the people who are going read this


  • Keep listening to the music that makes you feel good, and explore different kinds without being prejudiced.


16. Well, I kind of covered up all the questions that I have prepared for you. It’s been a pleasure talking to
you ,and many thanks for talking to me. I wish you all the best!


  • Thank you very much for your interest in our band, it was my pleasure!


17. Once more I want to thank your the interview and wish you “Good Luck” and “Success” both in the
band and in your future plans.


  • Thank you again, I really hope you like our album! 🙂







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