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Blackdahlia is a gothic dark metal band from Foggia, Italy.More in

1.Hello guys. Welcome to my blog SYMPHONIC- GOTHIC-METAL,first of all congratulation on your first album “Fragments“ we enjoyed very much!


Thank you very much, we are so glad to hear that!:)


2. You are pretty new to the metal scene and there is not much information about you in the internet, so I will ask how did you all meet?


Ruggero and I began in 2008 as an acoustic duo, but with the precise intent to make up a full band. We started writing our songs and performing in local clubs, meanwhile new elements joined us along the way: Luca (guitar), Antonio (bass guitar) and a few drummers followed one another in the first months, until Ludovico finally joined the band. Our line-up hasn’t changed since then.


3. For any reader of my blog tell me about the members of the band and what part each one of you play in the band?



The band is made up of 5 members: me (Samuela, vocals and piano), Ruggero (guitar and effects), Luca (guitar), Antonio (bass guitar) and Ludovico (drums). Ruggero and I are the main songwriters, although the entire band contributes to the instrumental arrangements and the general mood of the songs.


4. How did you decide the name of the band?


When we started performing and needed to choose a name for the band, the name “Black Dahlia” was very popular because of James Ellroy’s book and the related novel-based movie. Putting the plot aside, we thought that this name fitted perfectly our music, which is delicate like a flower but dark and strong at the same time: so Blackdahlia sounded like a perfect choice.


5. How would you describe the sound of the band ?


As I said, it is delicate and strong at the same time. I would describe it as a blend of ethereal melodies and powerful guitar riffs on a chasing rhythmic base.



6. Lets talk about the new album released this year. In your opinion which was the main achievement you had accomplished with this release?



We grew up a lot as artists. The making of an album, from the songwriting to the final mastering process, is an experience that hugely enriches your background and allows you to get to the next step. We are very happy with the final result of this album, but we are already looking forward to the next release!



7. Why did you select this title?


Because each song represents a different “fragment” of life, a single piece of experience in the complex mosaic of human life.



8. Who inspire your music?


The members of the band have quite different musical tastes and come from quite different music backgrounds and experiences. Ludovico and Antonio come from the local stoner scene, Luca is mostly a folk/acoustic rock lover and also a big Pink Floyd fan, Ruggero and I are very eclectical, ranging from Nu and Alternative Metal to mainstream rock, going through almost all rock and metal sub genres (except the most extreme ones). Personally, I love the whole gothic-symphonic scene, especially in its “modern” variations with electronic and industrial influences: Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Stream of Passion and Delain are just some of my favourite bands. But I also love completely different bands like Muse, Seether, Placebo, Skunk Anansie and so many others. Furthermore, as a classical-trained pianist I will always be in love with classical music.



9. Tell me about Italy and its metals scene, how does your band continue to the growth of it?


I would say that in Southern Italy we don’t have a real metal scene, intended as a large community of metal fans: there are lots of great, talented bands, but they’re just not supported as they deserve. Local metal bands are more appreciated outside of their town (or even outside of Italy in general!) than in their own, where people barely know that they exist. It is very hard to promote your music when the local clubs, radios and TVs are not interested in it because it’s not mainstream. Only a very few of them support metal, and that’s the only way we have to promote our music in our country.



10. Can you tell me your biggest dreams from this moment and on?


Living in a Country where metal is not much appreciated, we would like our music to make it out of Italy 🙂 As short-term goal, we are considering some options for a small tour, possibly in Northern Europe or UK. Meanwhile we are also working on new songs, and hope to release a new album very soon!



11. What should your fans expect from you in the next months?


We have a nice surprise in store for our fans in the next weeks… But I don’t want to spoil it Just follow us on our pages and keep yourselves up to date with our news!



12. Thank you again for this interview, is there anything else you ‘d like to say to our readers?


First of all, thank you Geo for the time and effort you put into your blog and facebook page! The support of communities like yours is fundamental for us underground bands because it keeps our music alive and allows other people to get to know us. You don’t know how much we are grateful to you and all the communities who promote underground music! And a special “thank you” to our friends, fans and supporters all over the world! It is worth it to make music just to see you guys enjoy it… You rock!!!:)


For more info on Blackdahlia  visit their website or their facebook page



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