This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Marie Rouyer

Hello Marie, welcome to the blog of SYMPHONIC- GOTHIC- METAL MUSIC and thank you very much for the interview. It’s a real honor to talk with you.

1.The first thing that I want to do is to give you congratulations for the first place in the contest of the facebook group Metal Gothic Symphonic Music for the best female voice of the summer 2014.
You were the winner of the female voice contest. How do you feel about the members who voted for you and gave you the first place leaving behind famous names as Amy Lee , Tarja Turunen, Simone Simons ,Ailyn and so many other great voices?


Hello Geo and all the group Metal Gothic Symphonic Music. Thank you Geo for all your work and that contest.  To be true, I feel very surprised and impressed. Thanks to all friends and fans of Whyzdom who voted for that contest. You know, I like the way you are in that group, passionate by our genre of music, open minded and well documented. And well, I’m not totally sure I deserve that first place, because I’m a fan of all the singers you just cited. I take it as an encouragement to go further and give the best of myself fo Whyzdom fans.

2.Could you please tell me who inspired you to become a singer? And how did you first get involve with music?


Why I started to sing… I met a symphonic metal band in Lyon in 1998. I sang with them because they were nice at first, not because of the music! Then, they made me discover the genre with Rhapsody of Fire and Symphony X. After that, I moved for my studies. I went in Moulins, right in the middle of France. It is quite strange because generally, students leave Moulins to go to Lyon which is a much bigger city. I did the opposite for my studies to work in the social domain. In Moulins, I met the band that would become Entropia. I began to learn how to sing when I was 23 years old with a classical school of music. Immediately, that was as if I had found my way : my voice fitted perfectly classical and operatic arias. So, at first, my inspiration came from bands like Symphony X, and I remember I was totally in love with Anneke van Giersenberg voice too. And then I discovered classical singers : la Callas, Cecilia Bartoli, Pavarotti, Régine Crespin.


3.Previously you were with Entropia, a very different style group with male growls; tell me something about this period of your career.


You are well documented Geo! My first record was with Entropia. I had been singing with them for many years, more than 10 years actually. At the beginning, the other bands and all the people who listen to this kind of metal, were a little disoriented because I was a woman. Being a woman in metal is not something very easy : I had to prove I could handle the job, as well as a man would do it, but I am not a man! I had to work a lot and search a lot into myself to prove I can really be myself. Not a copy of a man, not a copy of someone else. Who am I, a philosophical question! In 2008, I began to growl, all alone, in my car with Septic Flesh. And when my band heard it, they asked me to do it on their songs. Screaming as a man or as a woman is a little bit different, so I had to work hard to do something with differents shades. In 2012, I leaved Entropia but I felt completely lost and sad without them during a few months after. That was as if I had left my family. They had to record a new album and I didn’t want to take part in it because I knew I couldn’t do the shows after that, to promote the album. I had to go my way. And now I know it was the good decision.


4.These styles bound you to have a different kind of voice, how do you train your voice in all these aspects?


To sing different ways, I work with a classical teacher Suren Shahi Djanyan, a great bass singer, and with Asphodel in Lyon. She sang with Penumbra and Pin up Went Down. She does a lot of different voices and she is a lovely person.


5.Talking about music style, how would you compare your Entropia career to Whyzdom?


Comparison is not reason. I’ve tried to do my best with all the musicians and bands I’ve worked, as a chorist or as a lead singer : Aconit Napel, Bel o Kan, Adrana, Quanta, and many others. Working with all of them, that was like if I were preparing myself for Whyzdom.


6.How would you describe your time with Whyzdom?


A rebirth. I am so thankful to the band because they have chosen my voice. I didn’t know I could sing this kind of metal but they trusted me. Because of their trust I tried and in a sort of magical way, I worked as if it was done for me!


7.You probably had to adopt some old Whyzdom songs to your own voice, how did you do that?


I am a mezzo soprano. It means that I can sing low and high voices. I don’t have problems singing the albums except it means I had to work hard to learn and get into the songs so that I feel them like they would have been composed for me.


8.How do the fans react?


The fans and friends are often disappointed with singer changes. So it was a bit frightening, having to become the front woman, after such talented singers preceding me (I mean, even Lisa Middelhauve sung with Whyzdom !). But I was very warmly welcomed. Everyone has been incredibly kind with me. Many fans have sent me very nice comments about my voice and how it fitted well Whyzdom songs, so I was really reassured and I want to thank them all from the bottom of my heart. Now we can further write the future of Whyzdom, altogether.


9.Tell me something about the new album of Whyzdom , “Blind”.


The album “Blind?” is the second album of Whyzdom. It is an impressive piece of work with great orchestral elements of symphonic metal. It is a great pleasure to sing it live. Recntly, at the Mennecy Fest, the song “Cathedral of the Damned” captivated the audience and introduced them to a gothic and imaginary world.
We will soon announce the title of our 3rd album. I hope it will be released early 2015. It is even more powerful than « Blind? » and even more symphonic. Some orchestral arrangements make me feel sometimes like when I listen to Septic Flesh. And of course it will be a very special album for me, since it will be my first with Whyzdom, and I participated in composing melody lines. So it feels like my baby, and I’m so excited about it !


10.In all your live shows you are amazing and your collaboration with other musician is excellent. Can we name it chemistry’ between you and the other members of the band?


It is a long way we do together. Singing with the band a lot of shows around Europe and being there while Whyzdom composed his third album contributed to integrate me in the band. I have now a place and I feel very well with them. They are now friends, especially Vynce who worked a lot with me and trusted in my abilities. So yes, I think you can talk about chemistry.


11.Some personal questions now….which album got you into the metal music?


I listen to different kinds of metal : symphonic of course, After Forever, Nightwish, Epica but other kind of metal as well : from Machine Head to Cradle of Filth, From Theater of Tragedy to Dimmu Borgir, from Septic Flesh to Dream Theater. But If I had to name one album, maybe it could be How to measure a planet by The Gathering.


12.Vocal inspiration? What was it about these vocalists that just struck you down?


Live experience inspires me more than CDs. I remember shows I saw which gave me the flame to continue to sing. Andre Matos with his band Shaman at Lyon in 2008 gave such love to his audience. That is something I will never forget and something I try to do myself.


13.Just imagine yourself listening to the music in your iPod on shuffle and a song comes up that you lose control totally, you start head banging wherever you are? Which song would that be?


Killing in the Name, Rage Against the Machine! The bass player is amazing.


14.Anyway would you prefer to say something that you want to have happened, or a dream that you haven’t achieved yet?


I don’t think there’s much that I want to have happened and hadn’t. I’m quite happy now, so… But dreams, of course I have dreams. For the moment, having the opportunity to play a big tour with a reknown band is a nice dream. And also playing in America and even in Japan. That would be a good occasion to take an airplane for the first time in my life… Since, funnily, I have never taken airplanes. Even more funny, I had never travelled outside of France before joining Whyzdom.


15.What would you like to say or share with the readers and subscribers of my blog ?


I would like to thank them again for the contest. You belong to a group which is open to all the bands of our genre and I am happy to belong to it. Please continue to support our favorite genre by always discovering new music. Just don’t get stuck with only reknown bands. New talents need you everyday.


Thank you so much for your time and I repeat myself again it was a pleasure talking with you, I wish you all the best for you and the band of Whyzdom.


Thank you Geo. I hope your group will grow up again and again. You deserve it.



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