This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


PYRAH are a 4 piece Female Fronted band from Strasbourg in France .

Stéphany: Sweet & Sour Vocalist
Lucie: Death Drummer Girl
Jean-Loup: Mad Progressive Guitarist
Olivier: Funky Bass Player

1.Hello and welcome to the zine of Symphonic Gothic Metal,it is a great pleasure to have the chance to interview you!

It’s a pleasure for us! Thanks you for your interest in our music!


2.Could you tell about the band and how you all come together?

We started the band at the end of 2012. Lucie and Stephanie were in the same band before, and had the dream to start their own band. They met Olivier by pure chance. At the basis he was playing more funk or reggae, but when we explained what kind of music we planned to play, he accepted to join the band. Jean-Loup was also wanted to create a band where he could express his particular way of composition.


3.How did you choose the band name?

Lucie suggested Pyrah, and all the band loved it.
It’s short, ear catching and it evokes fire in a female way.


4.In your music which are the biggest influences?

We don’t think that one influence is highlighted, our music is a mix of each member’s influences. We have a lot of progressive sides, with dark atmospheres, and touches of death, heavy, symphonic and sometimes funk, post, or anything we would think sounds good at this precise moment in a track.
If we had to cite bands: Tool, The Mars Volta, Revamp, Nevermore, Nina Hagen, Level 42…


5.There is a long story in metal music of combining a female voice alongside growled male vocals. Pyrah stand out from the crowd and you introduced the female voice into the mix of lyrical singing and as well as growl. You think that is an advantage for your band?

We think it’s a huge advantage; it’s a chance to have a singer which is able to do both in the same show. For the audience it’s really impressive and break the “soft touch” associated with the lyrical female voice. In a manner our singer is like “an iron fist in a velvet glove”.


6.Let’s talk about your first EP “Where Am I ?”.The album was released recently,could you tell me something about ?

The composing part of “Where am I?” was one-year of work and a few more months to practice the last couple of songs. This is a great achievement for us that necessitated hard work, sweat and tears. Nevertheless, we can hear the changes we have made as a band by comparing the songs. Not in a good nor bad way. We can just hear the cohesion that we gained with the time and by learning to work together.


7.In your album the lyrics are about a strange little girl, could you tell me about the story which running through it?

It’s not a real concept album, but we thought giving Pyrah a concrete personality could be interesting. Pyrah is actually the strange little girl, lost in her world, and she tries to find her way just to exist. We thought of her when writing all lyrics in the album so it can somehow be seen as her adventures. We follow her doubts and thoughts. She invents an imaginary world, finds a hippo friend… Her story can be dark, oppressive and puzzling like her, but she remains a little girl. It is mostly an album on understanding.

8.Where do you get inspiration from?

The inspiration comes from life in general. The subjects covered are inspired from real life experience, human feeling, imagination, psychology, fairy tales…


9.What are you plans to support the album and you think the social networking sites help the career of the band?

At first we created a facebook page, a bandcamp and a youtube account. These are 3 essential networking sites for a band. One to keep your fans in touch, the second to sell your album and the third to upload videos of your live, studio report, clip…
After that you can launch a website, which give a professional touch.
Internet is a huge help for the band promotion, but besides that you have to play lots of shows, meet musicians, fans, work your music and try to give all you had in every moments.


10.What motivate you to make music?

Sharing the pleasure we had to play our music with people. Travel and meet people from different backgrounds, which plays different music style… it’s really fulfilling.


11.What do you enjoy most about playing live and which Pyrah song do you most enjoy?

The overexcited crowd when we ended a song…. It’s a powerful feeling, and the more the public will support us, the more we’ll give all our best. When we’re on stage, we’re in a daze and we like this. Our favorite song is maybe “Who I Am”, ethnical intro in 7/8 times, followed by fast paced parts with death growl and heavy clear voice, ended by loud rhythms…


12.How important are the concerts for your band?

It’s essential! We create music, and spend lot of hours to play our songs perfectly. It’s an achievement to play them live!
Some bands are better in studio, than on stage. For us it’s the opposite. We’re more generous, craziest, energetic, passionate… and it’s really contagious!


13.If you could collaborate which any band or musician in the world, who it will be?

Maybe for a duet on our new album of one of our song with Floor Jansen (Nightwish/ReVamp), or Warrel Dane (Nevermore/Sactuary)?


14.How you got all the time favourite Metal- Rock album?

If we really have to choose.
Stéphanie – ReVamp – “Wild Card”
Lucie – Nevermore – “The Obsidian Conspiracy”
Jean-Loup – The Mars Volta – “De-Loused in the Comatorium”
Olivier – Black Sabbath – “Never Say Die”


15.How about to sent a message to our readers or subscribers then and also to the people who are going read this interview?

Thank you for giving us this opportunity and for your support. It was a pleasure to do this interview! Listen to “Where Am I?”, spread the name if you like it, and see you next year on tour for the second album \m/


16.Thank you to answer in my questions I would like to wish to Pyrah all the best with the album!

Thank you!


For more info on Pyrah check out the following pages …


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