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Hi Andrea and welcome to METAL GOTHC SYMPHONIC WEBZINE.Thanks for your time to answer in my questions.
Hello! The pleasure is mine. Thanks for your time and attention.


1.A common question ,could you introduce the band of Rainover and what part you play?


Sure! We are Arturo Hernández on keyboards, Quini Pelegrín on drums, Anthon Lo on guitars, Antonio Perea on bass and male vocals, and me, Andrea Casanova, on lead vocals.



2.How did you decide the name of the band ?


We spent a long time trying to find a name that would be fitting to our sound and personality as a band. We finally got Rainover from one of the band’s songs, Rain Over My Tears. We thought it was a nice name for the band since it sounded good, it’s easy to remember, and it has references to rain, which is a cyclic natural element that is always in constant change and always gets to a rebirth somehow, same as our history as a band, and that also makes us feel inspired.


3. I know that the band Rainover is somehow the continue of the band Remembrances could you tell me few words about the whole story?


Exactly. Well, actually, the band members are the same except for the singer. It was actually never meant to be a different band. They simply parted ways with the old singer and then they found me, but they also found out that we might have some legal trouble if we kept the old name, so we chose to change it to the new one. Somehow it’s been a great idea cause it has also allowed us to make a bit of a new start, all with the new music and image for the band; a name that completely identifies what we are as of today.


4.Its a little difficult to describe with a label the sound of Rainover, you could define it and if your music has gothic influences?


It is indeed very difficult, at least for us, because we have different emotions, themes and influences going on with it, from the most pure gothic metal to more upbeat and lively tunes, both with old-school and newer sounds and influences, and of course a powerful and modern production. Probably the words that sum it all up are intensity, emotion, evocativeness.
We do have gothic influence as, in fact, our biggest realm of influences lay in the bands of the early gothic metal and doom metal days in middle and late 90’s, although we do listen to a lot of other stuff too.


5.The band for sure has influences from other bands .Could you tell me which are the biggest?

Some of the bands that have classically influenced all of us the most are probably Theatre of Tragedy, The Gathering, old Within Temptation, Paradise Lost, old Tristania, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Therion, and many others.


6.Rainover recently released the album”Transcending The blue and Drifting Into Rebirth” the title is some kind strange and characteristic would you tell me in what if refer some theme and how you decide to give this title?

We wanted to give the album a name that could encapsulate the feelings and concepts contained by the songs. In the album, there’s some kind of central topic underlying most of its songs, which is the cyclic nature of life, with things that get to an end but then bring new beginnings, a rebirth. As we said, this is present in the history of the band after the change of name and line-up we had, and it’s something we wanted the album title to reflect.
Initially we were thinking of a simpler title, but we were adviced by Carlo Bellotti (from Wormholedeath Records, our label), who was also our producer for this album, to go with something a bit more particular because every single detail regarding the album (cover and artwork, songs, concepts, photos…) had been treated with especial care, and so we needed an album title in accordance to that. So we took our initial idea for the title and turned it into what you can see now.It also goes hand by hand with the album cover, done by the superb artist Mario S. Nevado (Aégis), which also helps depict these concepts perfectly.



7.You are face difficulties in the recording of the whole project?


The recordings weren’t too troubling by themselves, except from a day when I had a sore throat, hehe, getting the right guitar sound, and then having a small time to record it all. But we finally got to do it all on time, so it was okay.
The most difficulties came after the recordings, for the mixing, mastering, pressing of the cds… The complete process took us almost three years from the recording sessions and at times it was despairing. But we went through all of that, and now you can all check out that it’s been worth the wait and the effort in order to get the results we’d wanted.


8.What are the next plans of the band to promote the album, some next live shows maybe?


Certainly. We’re booking some shows inside our area, and have already confirmed the first two shows in foreign ground: The Quinphonic Festival in April, and The Dames of Darkness in May, both in the UK area of Birmingham. We’re very happy to be at these two fests! For the first one, we’ll have the opportunity to play a long set, so we’ll be able to play most of the album songs and a couple of surprises, and for DOD we’ll be accompanying some really great bands in the bill such as Sirenia or Leaves’ Eyes. So we can’t be happier! And we hope these are only the first steps for us to walk.
Apart from this, we’re working on a videoclip. It’s going slower than we’d want because we do not have the means big bands have, but we’re at work.


9.You believe that the band will be stable to the gothic genre or in the furure you will change your sound for commercial reasons?


We wouldn’t change our sound because of commercial reasons. The most important thing for us is making music we like and enjoy playing. This does mean, however, that it might have an evolution in the future; in fact every new song sounds a bit different. But that’s about it –evolution.
Gothic metal is for surely one of our main influences and I don’t think that’s gonna change, at least for now, nor do I think that we’re gonna make a radical change. But yes, the sound keeps evolving and it’s already probably a bit different from what we were doing four years ago or so, when the songs for Transcending the Blue were created. Anyway, it’s really too soon to tell.


10.Could you tell me few words about the music genre and how this is acceptable to Spanish music fans?


Well, Spain is not the most productive place when it comes to gothic metal. There keep on coming more and more new metal bands, and some of them are very good, but our style is not as popular here as it is in other countries. This means we’ve got quite a lot more fans in other countries than in our own place. Yet, we’re happy to see that more people are actually getting to know this style after all and getting keen on it.


11.Could you choose one album that obviously contain you and you like this?


Choosing just an album is too hard. I could name at least some of them, by some of my favourite bands… such as The Gathering, Draconian, Tristania, Within Temptation, Anathema… because they had an impact on my life. But one album is too difficult, hehe!


12.In the direct future the band has plans for a new album?


We don’t have specific plans when it comes to dates for new recordings, but we are definitely starting to build up a group of songs that shall become a new album at some point in the near-medium future. Maybe next year we might be able to start talking about more set dates and plans.


13.What are your opinion about covers and how these make good to one band?


The band has now been active for 11 years, and never until this very same year has it got down to actually playing a cover. I know the guys were rehearsing some with the previous singer, but it never really got done or played live.
For our album release show last April, we felt like we wanted to offer something a bit different, so we prepared a cover. There are many songs we’d wanted to cover even from our own style, but we preferred to choose a song that was a bit outside our comfort zone, so that it’d be more fun as we could play a little bit with it and convert it to our style. We ended up doing The Cure’s “Lovesong”, and we still play it today as it’s something fun and nice to do.
I think it’s a good way to keep things fresh and fun, to enjoy ourselves on the stage, give the audience something new and also take music from a different perspective, as normally it’s just creating and doing our thing. The most important thing is, of course, your own music. Covers are something you do for fun and experimentation.


14.How the social media and the internet helps one band to promote her work?


I think it’s no secret that nowadays internet plays an important role in the game of getting a band to be known. Most people go to the different social platforms to discover new bands, talk about them, share their music… and so it’s important to be present there and get people to interact with you and your band to promote the feedback and attention on the band.
Not everything ends here, of course, since there are many other parts to the music business, but internet is undoubtedly a necessary tool nowadays to promote your music.


15.Well,I kind cover up all the questions that I have prepared for you.It’s been a pleasure talking to you .and many thanks to talking to me, I wish you all the best!


Thanks very much to you Geo for the work you put into promoting bands! It’s been my pleasure. I’d also like to take the opportunity to greet the readers and especially those at the Metal Gothic Symphonic Music group!






For more info on Rainover visit their facebook page @


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