This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal



1. Hello Ida Elena and welcome to the webzine Symphonic – Gothic -Metal Music. Thank you for taking the time to answer to my questions.


Hi Geo! Kalimera!Thank you for interviewing me! It’s a pleasure.


2. Has your childhood an influence on your music career?


Of course! My childhood, which has not ended yet, has been very important to me! I started singing the songs of the cartoons, like the Disney Movies (it’s still my dream singing in one of them). Plus, following my mom in the theater during her shows, backstage and in the dressing room, all of this gave is still part of me and I bring it with me, above all when I am on stage.


3. Did you always want to become a singer and did you follow any singing lessons?



My dream was being an actress like my mom! Everybody in my family is an actor (but my father who’s a songwriter also, like me!) so I started studying theater (8 year academy). I never studied singing techniques (but I studied Musical and Broadway ones) because more than 10 years ago I met a singing teacher who told me “you’re a mess, you should not sing for one year at least and make only excercises”. I thought “screw you” and after less than one year I was singing at the National Italian tv 😉


4. What do you do to keep your voice in top condition?


I always wear a scarf, you never know, I take erysimum spray when I feel down and most of all I enjoy life: voice is a matter of being happy and free, there is no other way! And of course, I know my limits and I dont push too hard: you have to live with your voice for all your life!



5. As you singer/songwriter you are involved for Cantus Lunaris a medival folk band,in the project Anhiderma music New Age,for the symphonic – power metal band Bare Infinity and as solo singer .I want to ask you to tell me about your solo career.




Writing song is the part I love the most about music: you can use your problems, everything that hurts you and make something good out of it. A lot of people can relate themselves to what you sing in your songs and maybe, you can help them somehow. I am working on an album in Italian but I am not on a hurry, I will take my time to do it: I want it to be the result of something mature and deeply thought. Plus, a lot of collaborations are coming, including my new French project “Trinakria”: all Sicilian musicians, including me (Elisa Nicotra, harp and Luca Paparatti, flute). We sing traditional Sicilian Music and some music we wrote. I love this project and last, but absolutely not the least, a new duo I formed with my dearest friend Albert Dannenmann: you will see us as “Fairydream” at Festival Fantasia, a fantasy festival based in Germany, the 25 and 26 of July… wait and see;)





6. Second I want to ask you to tell me about the Anhiderma Music New Age project.



Anhidema is a worldwide new age music project by my friend Michael Vermey, a lot of great musicians are involved in it. With Anhidema I worked on a song quite peculiar which is called “Underwater love”: I wrote my vocal part and the lyrics of the spoken part. Soon we will work on a videoclip!




7. And Finally I want to ask you about the band Bare Infinity,how you joined with them and how you feel as third singer of them?




I joined Bare Infinity after applying to a Web Audition. After tons of emails I went to Athens and I met Tomas (founder, composer and guitarist of Bare Infinity): we had a really good time since the beginning, then he told me “do you consider yourself more as a singer or a songwriter?” I said:” dont worry, you’ll be covered in songs” (lol). Then we went in studio and I fell in love with the tracks already done, I showed him mines and… the rest is history;)



8. Recently Bare Infinity published the first video clip “Race of Destiny”. I listened carefully the lyrics of the song and the passion you have in this performance. I have the impression that the lyrics have something relative with your personal life.




You are absolutely right! These lyrics absolutely talk about me: I always fought against my dark part and I always tried to let my good part shine. It’s not so easy, especially when you are a singer, it’s so easy to give up because you have to keep on fighting every time. But I am not the type of person who surrenders to the demons that whispers “you wont make it” to you. Life is a race of destiny. You have to keep on fighting: music is my battlefield, bravery is my sword and my will is my shield! Remember you guys, your fate is in your hands!





9. Would you describe your heavenly voice and what is your vocal range?




 Thanks for the “heavenly voice” < 3  I am a mezzo soprano but I dont pay too much attention to it, my fault!




10. According your musical activities is difficult to guess what is your biggest influence?



Everything is my influence because I listen to everything: I listen to world music, classical, celtic, metal, rock, everything that is pop! I guess the secret of a good song is having something particular and that can be related only to you and also something that can stick to the ear of the people from the very first minute. Did you know that the true meaning of the word “pop” is popular? I dont know why people started thinking pop is synonimous of “shit” (lol). Being popular is not bad because it means a lot of people like what you do.




11. How difficult is to you to be with bands far from your country? I think you must travel all the year, and maybe this is a problem for lives shows.




I always loved traveling so it’s not a problem for me. All you have to care about is the damn air conditioning and the cold in the plane: a good hat and scarf, better if woolen ones, is the way 😉 Anyway, thanks God we have Facebook, Skype, etc. Every time I need to talk to some of my collegues, I can contact them on the internet (and for free) and they can do the same with me. It’s a piece of cake;)





12. Until now you made a great cover of Evanescence and the Hijo de la Luna, different styles and make me wonder what is your favourite kind of music?




I dont have a favourite kind of music because I only mind about the songs: in my opinion there are only good songs and bad songs, and you can see it by the fact that if a song is really good, you can cover it a thousand times and in 4253525 different styles. It will always be a good song (unless the musician suck, but that’s a different story).



13. About your inspiration as songwriter I think the influences rather are: sky, sun, air, rain, thoughts and experiences. Correct me if I have wrong idea.




You are right! I also take the inspiration from talking with the people, you can learn a lot of interesting stuff! My father says that he takes the inspirations from the “heaven”, that a song comes already done in your mind from another time and another place… maybe he’s right too! I love this point of view!




14. From one talent singer as you really I wanted to see you to sing a song with a male growls .Are you have in your mind this possibility in the future?



You can already listen to my version of “Awakening moonlight”, a Bare Infinity’s song (it’s on youtube). In the future, who knows 😉 Maybe you’ll have a surprise soon!




15. When Bare Infinity will be ready to release the new album?




This year, probably towards the second half of it, an album will be ready. I cannot say too much: stay in touch for more news 🙂 It will  be a great year for me and my mates Tomas, Orlok, Nick and Simos.




16. To what kind of music do you listen in your private life? And who are your favourite bands and musicians?




As I already said, I listen to everything, but I have to admit that I like listening to Mozart at breakfast, in front of the woods (my house is in front of the woods, I am a sort of wicked Snow white ahahaha). My favourite band ever is “Queen”. Freddy Mercury is an absolute inspiration for me! I adore him so much I still didnt cover a song of his! I dont know if will ever feel like!



17. And the question , is there anything the readers should know that I have not asked?




You made all interesting questions! I talked too much, maybe 😉  I will only add a small sentence “live your life the best you can, take care of the weakest ones love, and go veg!!” \m/




18. Well thank you for the interview and I want to wish you all the best in your career and with the guys of Bare Infinity.



Thank you!!! Rock on, stay metal and be happy 😉



For more information about Ida Elena visit her facebook page

And about the band Bare Infinity or




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