This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal



1. Hello guys and welcome to Symphonic -Gothic -Metal Music webzine .Thanks for taking the time to answer to mine questions
• (Symeon, George): It is us we must thank you, It’s a pleasure talking about our band and our plans to people who enjoy our music.
2. Could you introduce yourselves and tell me what part you play in the band?


• (Symeon): My name is Symeon Sanidas, I play the drums and I write most of the lyrics for our songs. George Larentzakis plays the guitars, has the male vocals and is the composer or our songs. Manos Nikolainas (ex-Korrigan) is the Keyboardist. Rindra Rado is our bass player and Kathrin K is our amazing soprano singer.



3. When were Subfire formed and how did all get together as band?
• (Symeon): The band formed in 2004 in Levadia (our hometown) when I was in high school. I am the only remaining member since then. At that time we were four friends and we all were playing in different bands. We decided to create a heavy metal band together and we mostly played cover songs from Metallica. After a while and a lot of gigs we started to write our own songs, the result was our great first demo (Freedom of Heaven) in 2007. We played in several concerts to promote our demo but it was hard to stay focused to the band. We all have been studying in university to other cities away from Levadia and the outcome was to take a break. In 2008 I met Kathrin, her voice was something that I had never heard before so I asked her to join the band and she accepted. I just couldn’t leave the band on its fate. We decided to change our style to symphonic-operatic metal. Of course, I had to find other musicians to support this effort. We faced many difficulties but we managed to release our promo (Immortality) in 2009 and it was a success. After a lot of changes in the line-up George Larentzakis came into the band in 2012 and the bond between us was amazing, George fitted immediately and many gigs followed. In 2013 our EP “Vanished Hopes” was released and it is the perfect example of our unique sound. After the release of our EP we have made many appearances in festivals and the promotion went well. In 2014 we have been introduced to Manos Nikolainas and Rindra Rado, they were perfect musicians with a lot of experience and we just wanted them to join us. So, here we are.


4. How did you decide on the name Subfire?
• (Symeon): When the band was formed in 2004 we started to play in gigs with different names, we didn’t have a solid, stable name. We believed that we had to find a strong name that it would be easy to remember and that it would reflect our music style. So, one year later in high school I was sitting in the classroom during the class and I was thinking of candidate names. I wanted the name to have the word ‘fire’ so some of my friends helped me. After a few days I ended up to Subfire. Everyone liked it.
5. How would you describe the sound of
your band?

• (George): Greetings! I have to say that the sound is a big issue and it is constantly evolving because of the fact that we are in our first steps! Because the sound of our EP “Vanished Hopes” is no longer the representative sound of the band, allow me to describe how we’d like our sound.. So the sound must be rich, satisfying and multilayered, something that will come across to the next production with the full length album we currently recording and also in our upcoming live shows! Our sound is certainly heavy with many drives(rhythm guitar part), has high tension, power and volume (drums and bass part), but also we pay attention to the smallest details in orchestrating and by using unique sounds (keyboards part) and of course has melody (lead guitar and solos part). Last but not least we can’t skip our strong voice that has all the above elements! So as i mentioned before our sound is evolving for the better and we’ll eventually gather the equipment we need to achieve the best for us result !!!


6. Tell me which bands are your biggest influences?
• (Symeon, George): We think that our biggest influence is Nightwish, Dream Theater, Genesis, Metallica, Iced Earth and Deep Purple.


7. The band have in 2013 released the EP ”Vanished Hopes” tell me some words about this.


• (Symeon): Our EP was released in November 2013 and contains 5 tracks. Three of these were in our first demo (Freedom of Heaven) and we just wanted to record these tracks with operatic voice. The recording had started in 2011 and had finished in September 2013. “Freedom of Heaven” is the song in which Kathrin shows her true skills and of course there are beautiful guitar solos that travel you to another atmospheric level, it is one of the best we‘ve got. “Help me” and “Darkest Vision” are special because of the quality riffs and the melody. “Don’t Stop Hoping” and “Why Did You?” have a strong tempo and you want to hear these from the beginning to the end. These are magnificent compositions. The songs of this EP are easy to be performed live and we wanted to be very careful about that, we believe that it is important a song must be performed live exactly the way it is recorded. It is our effort to come close with the audience.


8. What are Subfire’s plans for 2015 in terms of writing new materials or one full length album?


• (George): Actually we are in the middle of the new full length double album recordings which is going to be released in the summer of 2015. Of course we have a lot of material and new ideas and we are thinking to do something more impressive for our next project, something more symphonic which will take a lot of time and efforts to complete it! However we don’t want to spoil it, it will be a surprise ! For now, we are focused on releasing and promoting the new album, which in fact is our first full length album and we wanted to make it special so we split it to 8 more strong songs and 5 ballads, that explains the term double !


9. What are your plans to support your music and if the band planning on doing some lives?


• (George): We’ve currently got some scheduled live shows on February 8th (An Club) and on March 22nd (Mike’s Irish Pub) in Athens which are more like Festivals but we also planning on doing some lives in order to promote our new album before its release and of course a mini tour in Greece after its release in summer 2015. Finally we are thinking on doing some opening acts in other internationally famous Greek bands but it’s not official yet so we’ll let you know when the things are going to be settled!



10. If Subfire were to do a cover version which song would you choose and why?


• (George): There are so many answers for that but one thought we always had is to do a tribute cover to Manowar and particularly to their song “Battle Hymns” ! We would choose Manowar because they are the forefathers of power metal and consequently of our kind of music! We like especially “Battle Hymns” because that song has powerful riffs, epic elements such as their lyrics and recitation and of course these theatrical vocals! I believe we could do a nice orchestral cover close to our music style!
11. Have you got an all the time favourite Metal/ Rock album?


• (Symeon, George): It is difficult to choose a favourite album amongst the best artists. We think that “Machine Head” from Deep Purple is the most representative album that defines us all and our music also. We love it !


12. Finally ,have you got a few words for the readers of this webzine?
• (Symeon, George): We want to thank this webzine for the opportunity because through this interview the readers are going to learn about Subfire. Of course, our first album is approaching, our promotion tour is next and there are also many things we are planning to do this year. Stay tuned, listen to our music and wait for the rest because the best is on its way.


13. Thanks again for the interview and I’d like to wish Subfire all the best in your next steps.


• (Symeon, George): On behalf of the band, thank you. The Symphonic – Gothic – Metal Music webzine will hear a taste of our new work very soon, we also wish you all the best.



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