This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal

REVIEW OF THE EP “Vanished Hopes ” by Subfire

Vanished Hopes cover art

Subfire are a five piece female fronted Metal Opera band hailing from Livadeia,Voiotia  in Greece who released their debut EP ‘VANISHED HOPES” in 2013.

Subfire are….

George Larentzakis (guitars,vocals)

Symeon Sanidas (drums)

Manos Nikolenas (keyboards)

Rindra Rado (bass)

Kathrin K (vocals)

Lets see what this bands offering is like with a track by track review.

1.Freedom of Heaven:

A symphonic arrangement lead us into a great guitar work and the female voice with operatic style come into play with backing thumping drums and good guitar riffs.The keyboards support gently the song.A trck witha classical taste.


RATING: 10/10

2.Help Me :

The song opens with driving guitar backed by symphonic style keys to take us into the number.The female voice as soprano have the quality to guide the song in the electric lead guitar solo.


RATING: 10/10

3.Don’t Stop Hoping :

Opening in slow tempo with melodic deep female voice,deep drums,heavy bass and again great guitar solo.


RATING: 8,8/10

4.Darkest Vision :

Powerful opening with speedy guitar riffs, backing orchestration and enter the female voice with soprano range.The keyboards builds up the song.In the end the guitar solos rocks along with strong drums.


RATING: 9/10

5.Why Did You? :

Heavy guitar intro and epic voice make the track one strong power metal number.A very well constructed piece of work.


RATING: 8.6/10

Finally the EP is very good and one first platform on which the band build on for their next release of one full length album and prove to us that we will have one quality band in this genre of Metal music.I will say that the first step of Subfire is perfect and the EP recommended highly.

RATING: 9.28/10

For more info on Subfire visit their facebook page


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