This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


On Valentine’s Day, Enemy of Reality played for first time live in Athens.
All we expected this event after the release of their first album.
Let us mention about the bands that played with them .

First appeared Devotion one post hardcore female band.
They played four songs, with enough energy and hopeful signs for the future in the genre where they are belong.
Second appeared The Silent Wedding, what to write about them, they was for me like the first love some years ago, when they made their first steps. The band has done a lot longer front in Melodic Heavy Metal, all now are excellent musicians and do not leave you dissatisfied in any live. They were very good and even in the cover of Black Sabbath.
So let’s talk about Enemy of Reality. The band played all the tracks of their album except the ballad STEP INTO THE LIGHT , and also played a cover of Nightwish“Wish I had an Angel “ .
What to say for Iliana, she is longer than the first names worldwide in Symphonic metal with experience, talent and leadership presence .Her interpretative skills are amazing but that make me insatiable for many more in the direct future.
Stelios also gave one more time  the seal of the right guitarist who steals the show with his music and not with stage excesses .
I have to notice the very good playing on drums by Philip and also the presence of excellent Thanos on bass who also did the growls to singing The Bargaining ,a wonderful interpretation together with Iliana.
From the keybords I was expecting something more according the studio album, probably not helped by the sound of the club and the low live profile of Marianthie.We must have in our mind that the keys are important instrument in Symphonic Metal and should play a leading role.
On the cover of Nightwish “Wish I had an Angel” Iliana was in the same level with Tarja but the guest singer did not has any relation with Marco Hietala. Generaly the performance was musically very good, something infrequent for other bands that make cover.

But in my personal opinion  when bands play one cover is good to try to change something in order that our mind not make subliminal comparisons with the original performance.
Also the song “Needle Bites” that in the album participates Ailyn Giménez from Sirenia, here Iliana blanketed 100% ,even with the pre-recorded vocals  without lag in anything from the studio performances.
I would notice also that finally something should be done with the sound in the clubs of Athens because continuously I realize that they cannot support enough the difficult Symphonic Metal that has particularities in both orchestral, and in the vocals.
Also some time finally I want to see lives exclusively with bands of Symphonic Metal. Already the fans exist , why not become one this step. And the bands are lost when they play live with other bands belonging to another genre.
Eventually the live of Enemy of Reality  left me quite satisfied and eager for when I will see again them ! And I finally I saw a live of one Greek band with almost sold out!

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