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Hello Melody and welcome to Symphonic-Gothic – Metal webzine thanks for taking the time to answer in my questions.
1.Can you introduce to me the members of the band?
A: The current formal members: Vocal “Len”Before Len starts Frost Tears with Taku, she majored in Classical music in college
and also only listen to Classical music. Len joins Chinese Orchestra when she’s inelementary school so she’s also good at Beijing Opera performance.Len started to learn Opera when she studied in her master degree. That’s the first time she listen to rock because the musicial “Rent”and”CAT”. After that, by the inviting of Taku, she started Frost Tears with him. Keyboard & Synphesizer “Yu” .Yu was born in a musical family and influenced by Classical music. He stopped learning music when he studied in junior high school due to his rebellious personality until the first synphesizer’s appearance while he’s in college. He began to play electric music.
The personality of rebel also changed the favor of music, he listen to anything, from classical to creepy, all kinds of music. but what really influence the most to him in rock is “Lacrimosa”. Guitar “Taku”.Taku is the eldest in Frost Tears. He listen to music from 80’s to now and he learned guitar all by himself. All the rock and 80’s metal music that time, Europe, Bon Jov i, Guns’ and Roses, X Japan, Nirvana, Helloween, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Stratovarius…, gave himbig influences in the earlier 5 years. After knowing Len, he studied Classical, Jazz, Blues, Chinese traditional music and any others togain these music knowledge.Taku is now a music teacher. Improving skills for playing instruments and gaining the latest music knowledge is necessary for him. And also, that’s one of the reasons for the various elements in Frost Tears’s music. Guitar “Dio”.Dio is a younger musician compared to the other members in Frost Tears. He learned music while he’s in senior high school but that didn’t mean anything about his skills in playing guitar.
What influence him the most is Versailles, a Visual Rock band from Japan. Due tothe love for them, he’s good at Speed Metal. Bass
“Ren”. Ren is the Visual Desiger for Frost Tears and he’s good at various kind of music like Britpop, Punk, Blues, Metal, Dance Music and Funk.His technique is influences by Japanese music either because he studied there forseveral years. Drums “Ibara”.Ibara, a skiil major drummer, started Marching band’s training while he’s in Senior  high school and started playing drums in college. He ask anything about music perfect and precise. That can be the reason why he chose a drums teacher as his job.
2.What is the idea behind the name of the band?
A:Our band’s name was decided by our leader, Taku. Initially, it is a name of a sword name in a PC game.Taku think this name totally symbolize our style. Our songs composition describe emotion, and hope to touch people’s heart.There exists contradiction in our music. Tears in extreme sadness, happy, and angry, will shed, it represent the deep emotion. Frost Tears represent these strong emotions have cooled, you can calmly observe the causal relationship of these emotion.
3.How you would you describe Frost Tears music?
 A:Our genre is difficult to define, many of our friends directly name it “Frost-style” metal. Our opinioin is that genre definition is judged by audiences instead of ourselve. We only define the primary genre is Gothic/Symphony/Progressive-based.
4. Did you follow any singing lessons?
A:Due to the Music major in college, I studied many kinds of classical music such as Aria, Antologia dei Cantid Italiani and Chinese Art Song . I then studied musical in my master degree so I learned and sang : Rent, Phantom of the opera, Les Miserables… And I practiced Jazz when I had more time. There’s many things to learn and I won’t limit myself to learned.
 5.What kind of music do you listen yourself?
A: I like to listen to all the music including beautiful melody such as bel canto , gothicmetal, power metal, jazz basically. And I also like Chinese Chamber Orchestra because I joined Beijing Opera and played while I was still young.
6.Can you tell me something about the songs of the album?
A:“Nine Chapters” contains nine  chapters, that’s for sure. Each of them represents a main theme and all the themes are discussing   about living and humanity. These nine themes are “Live”, “Death”, “Happiness”, “Rage”, “Sorrow”, “Fear”, “Love”, “Evil” and “Desire”. The same thing between all these themes is they are all the necessary paths for us to been through. The reason why we choose “Nine” as the total amount of all the themes is because of the special meaning for “Nine”.“Nine” is the maximum in all the numeral, so it represents the concept “without limited” in Chinese’s tradition thought which contains both “endless time” and“endless space”. We believe that this concept makes this album more human just like the issue we wish to discuss! —————————————
“Through the Edge” for the theme “Live”.
-Bad things happened all the time. By making any hard decisions, we gain new lives. That’s the way we believe “Live” is.
“Reborn – Yang Ming“ for the theme“Death”.
-In Chinese traditional thought, men will reborn while they’re truly death.
Ps: Yang-Ming Wang, a late Chinese philosopher, fits this songs prospect due to what he been through while he still lives.
“Drinking“ for the theme “Happiness”.
– Tries to find pleasure amidst suffering. Drinking we think!
“Flames of War“ for the theme “Rage”.
-We don’t like war at all, but violence can’t happen without rage. “
The Rouge“ for the theme “Sorrow”.
-This song represents the image of sad beauty. It shows the sadness in the love between human.
“Barren Land“ for the theme “Fear”.
-The lyrics shows the struggles from men to live make us fear.
“Mother Earth“ for the theme “Love”.
– “Mother Earth” means the god who manage the land and all the species. We pray for everyone in this planet can be protected and loved by the “Mother Earth“.
Ps: Lyrics of this song was finished in 2011, when the 311 earthquake happened in Taiwan.
“Silent Trial“ for the theme “Evil”.
-Evils are everywhere. Anyone can’t escape from the invasion of evil. Once we become evil, we’ll have to face the trial from our
conscience forever.
“Rule theLand“ for the theme “Desire”.
-This song represents the necessary evil for ruling a country. Lyrics of the song shows
a same story with two different directions.
The sequence above is not the sequence in this album due to the emotion changes of songs are wished to be smoothly.We wish each theme can be represented appropriately.
 7.What are you favourite songs on the album?
A:I like each of them in this album because of their unique and the most different song will be Silent Trial. It’s a song without my usual melodical singing. And this song is also a cooperation song with our friends : Lala (Eye of violence), Raku (Minstrel).
8. The album was released on 2014.How did the media and more important the fans react to this release?
A:We began to be caught attention by critics when we released our first EP in the music platform in Taiwan. Our subsequent composition is improved, and began to be caught attention by fans, but not music critics instead. Therefore we don’t know how the audience think about our composition in Taiwan.We just hope we have better and better composition.We got relatively more positive evaluation from international instead.Hope we could have more support from everyone!
9.What else can we expect from the band in the future?
A:The first EP will be sold out soon, there will never be second-edition. Currently we have a plan, we will release the next  EP which contains our cumulative growth, when fifth anniversary of Frost Tears. We will re-arrange and re-record the songs in the first EP with our current feel and skill.Additionally some new songs are in-process. The next EP will include all of them, please New songs, and the songs in the first EP contains with existing and feel part of the renumbering re-recorded the first EP contains songs and new songs  will be included, coming soon!
10.Can you please tell me about your main music influences?

A: Frost tears starts as Gothic band, but we just take the Gothic elements of dramatic music and visual aesthetics, and our ly

rics unlike Gothic dark streak and pessimism. Religious and Ethnic are very diverse in Taiwan, our members’s
religious are diverse as well. For example, Yu was born in Catholic family, was baptized in childhood. Taku and Len’s families’ rel
igion is mix of Buddhism and Confuianism, and TAKU also often involved in Christian gatherings. In addition, there is a very complicated political factors affecting the Taiwan society. In fact, for us, the impact of the creation contains religious,our attitude of real life, and history of philosophy. Our consistent directions are dramatic,true feelings, and positive attitude.
However, as regards politically sensitive Taiwan, it’s very different due to our uses of Guqin, Chinese opera, and Chinese historical themes. We hope these are used to increase the richness only because these are elements we meets in childhood. And there are so much bands influenced us. Such like Nightwish, Within Temptation,Epica, Lacrimosa, Apocalyptica, Angra, Andre Matos,
Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Rhapsody of Fire, Dream Theater, Helloween, Stratovarius, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Symphony X, Seraphim, Amberian Dawn.
11.What about your dreams? Have you got any plan for live show?
A: We dream for live tours in Europe & USA or huge international music festivals. We wish to be famous and make more people love
our music. We now live in live houses and music festivals in Taiwan. We try to combine more elements such as unplug and music opera or join any other instruments with our songs to our next lives.
12.Tell me about your country Taiwan and its metalscene ,how does your band contribute to the growth of it?
A: Like most nations in the world, metal music is not popular in Taiwan. But recently with the great success of Chthonic and the culture connection between Taiwan and the world, audience of  metal music in Taiwan had increased widely and more musicians tried to play metal. Although there are less people listen to Gothic and Power metal in Taiwan, but we try to combine symphonic music, traditional opera,historical stories ,and we believe that let more people to listen metal music from different angles.
13.The last question ,is there anything the reader should know that I have not asked? 
 A: Your questions were very well. Thank you very much!
Well its been a pleasure talking to you m and many thanks to talking to me, I wish you all the best!

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