This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Set –  List

( Intro) Originem

1.The Second Stone (The Quantum Enigma 2014)

2.The Essence of Silence ( The Quantum Enigma 2014)

3.Unileashed (Design Your Universe 2009)

4.Storm the Sorrow ( Requiem For The Indifferent 2012)

5.Fools of Dannation (The Divine Conspiracy 2007)

6.Natural Corruption  (The Quantum Enigma 2014)

7.Sensorium ( Chosen over The Last Crusade) (The Phantom Agony 2003)

8.The Obsessive Devotion (The Divine Conspiracy 2007)

9.Victims Of Contingency (The Quantum Enigma 2014)

10. Cry for the Moon (The Phantom Agony 2003)

Drum Solo

11.Design Your Universe (Design Your Universe 2009)


12.Sancta Terra (The Divine Conspiracy 2007)

13.Unchain Utopia (The Quantum Enigma 2014)

14.Consign to Oblivion (Consign to Oblivion 2005)

The most great feeling is to see one the famous bands when they are in full action and int he pic of their glory.Epica is one from the few bands in the world who have 6 perfect albums.

The live show starts with the band Jaded Star one new form with the most known member the singer Maxi Nil ( ex- Vision of Atlantis and a lot of local collaborations). They played for 45 minutes songs  from their debut album.Nothing important when you wait with agony to hear  and see Epica.

The worst for us of the live was the 40 minutes dead time to wait for the appearance of Epica.

Finally Epica start  their live show with the intro (classic) “Originem”. Like all the time first came in the stage Ariën van Weesenbeek the drummer,after the  keyboardist Coen Janssen , next Isaac Delahaye the lead guitarist and Rob van der Loo the bassist and after them the great Mark Jansen and finally when started the first song “The Second Stone” appear on stage the goddess  Simone Simons.

Epica played songs from all their albums and of course from the last masterpiece  “The Quantum Enigma”  .

I will notice that Epica always respect  100% their fans .They asked from the fans to choose between hearing  “Sensorium”   or The Last Crusade , and the fans decided to hear “Sensorium” .

Epica rocks on and played under the stage near to the fans.I will notice and the excellent solo of the drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek ( over 10 minutes!!).

The headbanging of the band was  explosive Issac and Rob were amazing  and Simone magic with her perfect voice,with her beautiful appearance and her energy in the stage,also it was great surprise when she spoke in greek language .

The song Design Your Universe was the last but the fans were in ecstasy  and  screamed ” we want more”

Coen Janssen with his portable keyboard  came again on the stage and played his solo until all the band  came again for the encore.

Sancta Terra ,Unchain Utopia ,  and finished with the song  Consign to Oblivion , and Mark scream loud ” are you ready for the last rumble ? “.

Finally the live show of Epica  was a life -time show! I wonder how to be able to see another live show of other band after this GREAT SHOW!

RATING 10 PLUS!!!!!!!!

 photo 075_zpsyswmo3fb.jpg

 photo 077_zpszwrmmzac.jpg

 photo 081_zpstqf1u8yv.jpg  photo 092_zpswgpczrcw.jpg  photo 097_zpslnydfjbj.jpg  photo 098_zpsi42z5dfp.jpg  photo 099_zpsez4zvez9.jpg  photo 100_zpsthndhc3l.jpg  photo 103_zpsyc0xddrz.jpg  photo 105_zps0ddrs4pn.jpg  photo 106_zpsns42p8mi.jpg photo 108_zpslfq7ekxy.jpg  photo 110_zpsxlcrs8yd.jpg  photo 113_zpsbjruc9sb.jpg  photo 114_zpsxxymy8v2.jpg  photo 116_zpsmfcdtbhh.jpg


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