This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Tearless is a gothic metal band from Ivanec, Croatia.They formed on 2003 and until now they released 4 demos.

In 2005 they released their first demo by the name ” Reverie” with 4 songs (Room of Broken Mirrors ,Heart of December,Salve in Aeternum and Masquerade).

Tearless - Reverie

 In 2007 they released their second demo by the name ” World of Shadows” with 2 songs (World of Shadows and  Dreams of You ).

Tearless - World of Shadows

In 2009 they released their third  demo by the name

” The Path of Sorrow” with 3 songs (Room of Broken Mirrors ,World of Shadows and Dreams of You ).

Tearless - The Path of Sorrow

In 2012 they released their fourth  demo by the name “Deathwish” with 3 songs ( Deathwish ,Fallen We Are and Step into Darkness ).

Tearless - Deathwish

In 2015 they signet  with the label WormHoleDeath Records for the release of the debut album “Step Into Darkness”

The tracklist for “Step Into Darkness” is as follows: 1. Deathwish 2. Room Of Broken Mirrors 3. Fallen We Are 4. Step Into Darkness 5. Dreams Of You 6. Inside Your Raveneyes 7. Masquerade 8. As She Leaves Me Alone 9. World Of Shadows 10. Heart Of December

Current members:

Zlatko Kušterlead guitar ,clean and unclean vocals

Ivana Novakfemale vocals

Filip Babić – bass

Siniša Godinić – guitar

Miran Špičko – drums Rudolf Lovrenčić – keyboards

Past members: Josip Cujzek – Bass Davor Kušen – Guitars Zoran “Zoc” Druško – Keyboards Lucija “Fure” Geček -Vocals


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