This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


This interview is with Milica Jovanov singer of the Serbian band Auriym .

Hello Milica and welcome to Gothic – Symphonic Metal webzine , thanks for taking the tome to answer in my questions.
So for the beginning of this interview some common questions.
1. First could you introduce yourselves and tell me what part you play in the band?

Siniša Mladenović- keyboards, Slavoljub Pupić- guitar, Pavle Savić- drums, Milica Jovanov- vocals

2. Second how did you decide on the name of the band?

Well, it was mostly Siniša’s idea. The name was inspired by a medical term (Tinnitus Aurium) describing sounds of physiological or pathological origin, which may or may not always be perceived in consciousness.

3. And third would you describe me the Aurium sound?

I’d describe our music as a boundless space and time. I do not know with which famous band I could compare our sound .

4. Recently you released the album “ Still Life”;how have found the response to your album by the fans and the music media?

Honestly, we were really surprised by the people reactions. They really accepted us like we are playing much longer than we actually do! And the music media sees us as a new band with great potentials.

5. What themes can be found lyrically in the songs of your album?

Our lyrics are about human emotions, the world around us (how we see it) etc. But also, there’s one song about one person from Serbian history, but I will let you to research that one . There’s also one instrumental “Following the rain” which describes our beginning. We always had that situation (luck?) when we perform or when we have normal rehearsal, it was always raining! (true story). So, while we were doing “Still life” album, we decided to dedicate one song to the rain which was following us (or we were following her).

6. Are you planning on doing some concerts in support of the new album?

We already did some gigs across the Serbia, but, speaking about a concert, we have in plan few big festivals here in Serbia. Also we are planning some shows in Europe, but all in good time.

7. You make a very good cover song of Nightwish song “Elane”. You think one band is capable to play any cover song or that witch are similar to the sound of the band?

Exactly! We did that video in our style: honestly and with Aurium outfit. Also, we did few arrangement changes (back vocals including operatic vocal). When the people see the video, they can recognize Aurium’s signature.

8. Tell please me about Serbia and its metal scene , how your band does contribute to the growth of it?

Unfortunately, the metal scene in Serbia is in a very difficult position. I know and I’ve heard many other bands with great potential, but there are no people who would be interested in going to the gig. Serbia is overbooked with turbo-folk music from which no other genre can come to the fore. We can only hope, and work hard to change that. As for our contribution, we hope that the audience realizes that we are offering a new sound in music. Just need to look deeper under the surface.

9. What your fans should expect from you in the next months?

Well, now we are planning few more shows. In the moment, we are about to record some new back vocals for those shows. In the meanwhile, we are already doing on our new songs for the next album for which we hope that we’ll record next year.

10. What are the best and worst things about being in a band?

The best thing is that you’re not alone (all for one and one for all!) and you feel much stronger when you need to stand some hard times. Also, you get a lot of fun times during a tour! The only bad thing is if you are the only girl in the band surrounded by three guys! Hahahaha… I’m joking, I love my boys, and I feel safe with them and they all do have understanding for me as a female and they are always looking after me.

11. Tell me your opinion about the internet; you think facebook or YouTube is some kind of help or problem for one band to sell albums?

Every kind of marketing is a good thing. Every good band can sell its album no matter if their songs are available on YouTube or FB.

12. So now some personal questions… what album got you into metal scene?

Hmm… I remember that my older brother used to listen to metal. And the first album that I “stole” from him was from Guano Apes (some kind of compilation of their greatest hits). When I heard that album, I started to recognize myself in the metal music.

13. What is your vocal inspirations? What was is about those vocalists that just struck you?

My first vocal inspiration was Anastacia. I love her voice because it sounds so huge!!! Year after year, someone told me that with operatic voice you are able to sing anything. So, at the age of 16, my operatic classes have started .

14. At what age did you decide you wanted to become a singer and who convinced you to do so?

That’s the funny one. I started to sing at the age of 8. At the beginning, I was a child without a shred of sense for the music! I always sang off-key! Even my mother was like “Quit it!”, but I didn’t. For me, it has created a counter effect. Out of spite, I was practicing every single day in next two years. At the age of 10, I started to sound polite. And now, after 18 year of hard work, I feel proud of myself for not quitting the music.

15. How about to sent a message to the readers who are going to read this interview?

The only message that I have is to never give up on their dreams! Work, faith and perseverance are the key to success!

16. Thank you very much again for this interview and I ‘ d like to wish Aurium all the best with the album and for the rest 2015.

Thank you very much. Aurium is sending greeting and best wishes to you and to all your readers!


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