This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Semblant is a gothic Metal band from Brazil formed since 2005


Behold the Real Semblant Demo 2008

Track list:

1. Behold the Real Semblant
2. Black Babylon
3. Legacy of Blood

Semblant - Behold the Real Semblant

Last Night of Mortality Full-length 2010

Track list:

1. Last Night of Mortality
2. Nightmare World
3. Black Babylon
4. Evilbringer
5. Forever Failure
6. Sleepless
7. Legacy of Blood
8. The Neptune Effect
9. Deep in Dark Waters
10. End of Dusk

Semblant - Last Night of Mortality

Behind the Mask EP 2011

Track list:

1. Behind the Mask
2. Beautil Carnage
3. The Undead
4. 11:11 – The Door Is Open

Semblant - Behind the Mask

Lunar Manifesto Full-length 2014

Track list:

1. Incinerate
2. Dark of the Day
3. What Lies Ahead
4. The Shrine
5. Bursting Open
6. Mists over the Future
7. The Hand That Bleeds
8. Selfish Liar
9. Ode to Rejection
10. The Blind Eye
11. Scarlet Heritage (Legacy of Blood, Pt. 3)

Semblant - Lunar Manifesto


Mizuho Lin (fem. vocal) (2010-present)

Sergio Mazul (male vocal) (2005-present)

João Vitor (bass) (2014-present)

Sol Perez Guitars (2011-present)

J. Augusto Keyboards (2005-present)

Juliano Ribeiro Guitars (2011-present)

Thor Drums (2013-present)

Past members:
Candido Oliveira Drums
Phell Voltollini Drums (?-2011)
Everson Choma Guitars (?-2011)
Roberto Hendrigo Guitars
Katia Shakath Vocals
Mario J B Gugisch Bass (2005-2007)
Marcio Lucca Drums (2005-2006)
Vinicius Marcel Guitars (2005-2006)
Alison “Djesus” de Gaivos Drums (2006-2008)
Rafael Bacciotti Guitars (2006-2007)
Leonardo Rivabem Bass (2007-2012)
Rhandu Lopez Drums (2011-2012)
Rodrigo Garcia Bass (2012-2014)
Sol Perez (guitar) (2011-present)
Juliano Ribeiro (guitar) (2011-present)
Thor Sikora (drums) (2013-present)
J. Augusto (keyboards) (2005-present)

Mizuho Lin – singer

          Sergio Mazul

Sergio Mazul – vocals

Juliano Ribeiro

Juliano Ribeiro Guitars (2011-present)


Thor -Drums (2013-present)

João Vitor

João Vitor-Bass (2014-present)

Semblant - Logo


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