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My Dying Bride - Feel the Misery

My Dying Bride has returned with their thirteenth album “Feel the Misery”,The band have been as pioneer in the genre of both death-doom and gothic -doom metal for almost 25 years.Yes for quarter of century they continue to make perfect albums.

In this album they have changed their line – up after the departure of the guitarist Hamish Hamilton and in his place come back the old guitarist Calvin Robertshaw from their classic period of 90s.The drummer in this album is Dan Mullins current member for the lives and for this album. Ok the sound don’t change because is always MY DYING BRIDE sound. All these years the band has managed to make a school of their sound and the new bands want to approach and play according the sound of my Dying Bride. Now we have an album with eight songs the half of them are more than 9 minutes but you never have the feeling that the sound is monotonous and boring.

The album “Feel the Misery’ is a melancholic portrait with doom ,atmospheric melodramatic music. Aaron Stainthorpe use any kind of singing as growls, clean vocals , whispers and spoken melodic words. His vocals is always perfect and transfer to you his deeply emotions .The lyrics are deep and depressive .the keyboards and the violin from Shaun Mac Gowan work very good and in balance with the vocals.The two guitars from Andrew Craighan and Calvin Robertshaw and the bass from Lena Abé follow the rulew of doom metal .The drums of Dan Mullins are dynamic and support the general sound!

Let’s see one by one the tracks of the album:

1. And My Father Left Forever:

The opening track of the album was written about Aaron Stainthorpe’s father recent death.Aaron sing with emotional painful voice and express his feelings for his father loss.The guitars andbass areheavy and funeral under the solid sound of drums.


RATING : 9.7/10

2. To Shiver in Empty Halls :

The song sounding more death- doom metal.The aggressive vocal of Aaron turns to clean depressive vocals.Good riffs and hard rhythm bass with sad melodic soothing keyboards.The spoken words in the end torn to desperating screams and again to whispering vocals with heartbeat piano.


RATING : 10/10

3. A Cold New Curse:

We return back to the old standards of My Dying Bride . A track which remind us songs of the 2001 album”The Dreadful Hours”. One more long song very melancholic gloomy with excellent riffs.Between the mournful clen vocals we listen the wild hateful growls.Classic sound of this perfect band.


RATING : 10/10

4. Feel the Misery :

This is the track title album.Oh yes the sound , the vocals make us to feel the misery.All the instruments work in a perfect way, the violin of Shawn Mac Gowen add mourn sound with the thumping backing drums .All the words are very poor to describe this excellent song!


RATING : 10/10

5. A Thorn of Wisdom :

The piece begins with doomiers riffs with sorrowful sound and clean vocal of Aaron Stainthorpe .In this song we have some very good bass work.


RATING : 9.5/10

6. I Celebrate Your Skin :

The misery feeling goes up! Aaron sings ,growls ,whispers under doom heavy guitar and comfortable violin.The drums have classic funeral sound.


RATING : 9.6/10

7.I Almost Loved You :

Back again to the old sound of My Dying Bride.The atmosperic piano with the melancholic violin lead the song and Aaron just make the splendid performance of his great voice.If you loved the old song “For My Fallen Angel” sure you will like a lot and this song!


RATING : 10/10

8. Within a Sleeping Forest :

The more doom song of the album with death metal riffs . It is the longer song of the album with the keyboards to hide in good way behind the emotional crash vocals of Aaron.


RATING : 10/10

Finally My Dying Bride make again one excellent album.You never feeling boring to listen their songs.Highly recommended not only for the million fans of My Dying Bride but for all who like the pure gothic/death/doom / metal

RATING : 9.85/10


1.And My Father Left Forever
I would have given more.
I tied my children to a dying horse.

Stacked up against me,
The bodies heaved and stank upon their gore.

On the earth lying still,
My father found me there, ashamed and dying bare.

I had spent many years
Destroying all around, took everything I found.

With a dying fall his voice left him.
It shouldn’t be this way.
Do not hope for any other.
And he picked up my hand.

I would have given more.
They brought me misery and they would not falter.

We poured down our ratchets
Upon them day and night with brutal force and might.

To dead men and absent,
There are no friends left to scribe the things we do.

When I wake up I want to see you.
Bring me the life that is within you.
I charge myself off your body,
But in my arms, the darkness deepens.

I’ll raise my hand to break you.
If I don’t another will.

And my father left forever.
It shouldn’t be this way.
I sang long psalms of bitter verse,
But God had turned away.
Men are free at the blood of Christ.
I wish it was this way.

Breathing is faster and breathing is deeper,
And falling no longer bothers me.
Sinking is deeper, thinking is cleaner.
Your love it flows away from me.

The pool of Bethesda beckons me closer.
Put off that closing evil hour.
The Devil, he is very old indeed.
We sit with a few stories to tell.

2.To Shiver in Empty Halls
I rose in purest winter.
The ripped canvas of the dark sky.
Fierce I go into the night.
As rain runs upon me,
My poisoned shell becomes alight.

Wickedness with beauty
Is the Devil’s hook baited.
Darkness is loneliness.
With shadows tall and grim,
And histories inked in sin.

I have eaten you.
My guilt is dust.

St. Petersburg revealed to me,
Its Winter Palace by the sea,
Saw my crippled birth.
The seduction of Plato
Offers up one more clue.

Watching proud with a smile on my face.
Your holy shiver and fall from grace.
All you offer is an empty faith.
Looking around me, that won’t keep you safe.

And I am always at your side,
Crawling black and silent.
You do not even truly believe,
Which makes me proud of what I’ve achieved.
The fortress of humanity,
Broken now, falls into the sea.

Now my sins are washed away.

For those of you, who exist,
I lay for you, three numbers six
Over the hill and under the ground,
Sing as you like, there is no sound.

3. A Cold New Curse

By beauty and by fear,
Along with hunger’s tears.
By the last of the day’s heat,
The broken women weep.

So take my dying soul.
It never felt so old.
I thank my enemy
For having thought of me.

Desires on the shadow of God.
Who becomes the last to fall?
Hate, in the soul of them all.

Do we live, awakened, hoping?
Raise your eyes to him, for him.

Here it comes, closer, closer.
At every hour death seems closer.

Long shadows surround me, call me.
I feel its hand upon me.
I smell its death upon me.
And its midnight conquers me.
And now – it is me!

Carry the old words home
And lay them into stone.
As hard as the earth,
We leave a cold new curse.

Unknown words lying
Under my speech dying.
Where the altar should have been,
Can no longer be seen.

I’d seen bastions fall,
And I pity your war.
I seize your thorn
And I am known to all whores.

I danced in a dream.
I did not make a sound.
I have seen what
I cannot receive.

Whispering my given name.
Unfurls the fingers of flame.
Nameless sons and daughters of sin.
Step forward when you hear the bells ring.

4. Feel the Misery

The music of neglect.
The words always reject.
Feel the misery

Some claim it’s tragedy.
Some claim calamity.
Feel the misery.

Do not waste happiness
Or sing for loneliness.
Feel the misery.

Follow the falling path
And take every single lash.
Feel the misery.

A riot of beauty,
Lacking in dignity.
Feel the misery

Is it worth the wait?
Is there hope for me?
Can it really wait?
Let us watch and see.

The fairest flowers fade,
Stolen away by shade.
Feel the misery.

Love is full of fear.
Loved ones soon disappear.
Feel the misery.

These are the words not of,
Of one who kneels to God.
Feel the misery

The music of neglect.
The words always reject.
Feel the misery.

Some claim it’s tragedy.
Some claim calamity.
Feel the misery.

Some blame the moon above.
Some blame a missing dove.
Feel the misery.

5. A Thorn of Wisdom

There’s dark here, dark enough and just the pain you love.
Your reflection is a dying me. Use it well and flee from me.
You hide your hair from victims and stoop to drink straight from them.
I know my heart flows away from thee.
And wounded tears come crashing down.

I sometimes enjoy solitude.
Inspecting her shame keeps me amused.
Leave the world and pain to me.
And keep your soul far from sleep.
And ghost turned against ghost.
I lay for you and I was choked.
The cost to me being more than I had to bestow.
I sometimes enjoy solitude.

6. I Celebrate Your Skin

Her secrecy is charming to me.
The sexual wisdom of a thousand years.
With silver eyes she tore through me.
It is you I bring to ruin.
Please, a silent hour, it’s you that turned old,
My love was never a blessing, My gifts are cold.

So I celebrate your blood. It is the music of the sea.
I was simply running for the flesh. Your wound falls away from me.
Your summer breathes aloud, it is a kiss that awakens me.

My secrecy is charming to her.
The two of us, we understood.
With fragile limbs you claimed the distance,
While holding hands with a dying God.
It was my pride you gifted to me,
While holding hands with a dying God.

So I celebrate your skin, it is the curves of the earth.
Roaring skies endlessly left, on the great day of your birth.
As you lay before my storm, a bird sits at your noble feet.

I am a word apart, I am the coldest heart, I am a serpent of the sea.
You are a golden sun, you are the silver moon, you are a fever killing me.
I am a thoughtless dream, I am never seen, I am what you all will be.
You are the glowing pain, you are the one to blame, you are my tragedy.

7. I Almost Loved You

Across her body I fled. “You never knew” she said.
All me listened, and listen still. “All things betray you – and I will”.

And in her hand sat my hand. Cold the sun and waters ran.
As the deep called me up I named her as my love.

I wandered half the night to cast a secret ring in fire.
We’d been lovers only a short time. Yet I stand, pretty in your mouth.
You and the night slip by. You are incomplete without me.
You were made great. How men left you. A dying star. I almost loved you.

8. Within a Sleeping Forest

Once taken by the river, Orpheus died in my arms.
His heart, ancient and equal to this fallen empty world,
Fades away in the golden truth of all his earthly joy.

He is dull dead. He was drowned there.
In my hands his fate. He coldly died.
Voyage well across the sky my friend.

My pain floats down your river to a waterfall.
And in this light, hearing cries I look up at you.
Your beauty and form appear as great wonders.

Awful and yet beautiful to my hopeless weary eyes.
His face, still now, it rests in cold hands and colder heart.
As I sat and shivered comfortless in this lonely barren land.

In a sullen wood, some years ago, he played a song I didn’t know.
The trees knew me and knew him more. Whispered our names into their lore.
Sing a song of joy with effortless breath. I wrote the words to his death.
So on that day, near the glen, my ink drew up his secret end.

A kiss, your gift to give away so freely.
A gentle suffering thing you were.
So steep they fell, my tears to your lips.

And that night will be forever. And at night we live forever.
And I drew her near to me and away from him.

Sin is the root of all sorrow, so look upon, my well is dry.
Don’t run my lady. Now please be mine.
Come on my lover, you didn’t even try!

Current members
Aaron Stainthorpe – lead vocals (1990–present)
Andrew Craighan – guitar (1990–present)
Calvin Robertshaw – guitar (1990–1999, 2014–present)
Lena Abé – bass (2007–present)
Shaun MacGowan – violin, keyboards (2009–present)

Current live members

Dan Mullins – drums (2007–2012, 2013–present)


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