This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal

REVIEW OF THE DEBUT EP”Find the Answer” BY ElisaDay

ElisaDay is a Symphonic Power Metal from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The band was formed in 2013 but the members of the band have  a glorious back up from the band Lanewin. The leader of this band was Anna Beliva who decide to change music genre and follow solo career.The line up of Lanewin Dmitriy Popov – guitar ,Alexander Fedorov – drums, Denis Geit – bass guitar  and IVan Der Kaiser – keyboards made a new band with singer Lubov Antropova.In 2014 they released their debut  EP with the title “Find the Answer” .This EP has 4 songs and length about 15 minutes.

ElisaDay are….

Lyubov Antropova – vocals
Ivan Kaiser – keyboards
Denis Geit – bass
Dmitriy Popov – guitars
Igor Borodin – drums

Let’s see track by track what offer to us this EP;


The first track starts with high power symphonic arrangements and comes in the melodic female voice with backing chorus.It is apiece with fast epic tempo in the rules of symphonic metal.


RATING : 8.8/10

2.Find The Answer :

Pounding drums and driving bass hitting the number providing the back-  up for the female voice.Catchy keyboards with nice guitar riffs and divine  female vocals commanding the song.A very good piece!


RATING : 9/10

3.Merry song:

The track running with symphonic orchestration and pounding drums .Here you can almost taste the folkish sound witch the band try to add.


RATING : 8.5/10

4.Sacrificed :

Beginning with strong powerful drums and the female voice enters with an operatic style vocal as the track settles into steady rhythm with some backing male growls. There is some good keyboard  that  work well against the guitars.


RATING : 9/10

So , what more can be said for one about 15 minutes EP? If you are fan of Symphonic Metal you can have a little taste of this new band >I believe soon we will expect  something bigger because the band is very good ,with great musicians and their singer is great.Lets support them, our genre need new “blood” with good music!

RATING : 8.83/10


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