This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Born Of The Phoenix cover art

Burn The Void are a female fronted Rock/Metal from UK with  some symphonic metal influences. Their line – up is Steve Peril on lead/ rhythm guitar,Nicky  Rogerson  on bass guitar and backing vocals , Doogle Hill on lead / rhythm guitar and Londa Ntotila on lead vocals .  On drums they have as session member Andy Hunter .

The album opens with a short symphonic into (Born Of The Phoenix ) and the second track is “Something Wicked This Way Comes” a song with beautiful operatic vocals and great guitar work. The next piece is the song “My Symphony”with strong female vocals  and melodic guitar leaf riffs which turn into more heavy.”Pandora’s Box” a softer, slower piece with soaring vocals of Londa and many guitar riffs with progressive elements. The next track is “Alive” a dark song the superb  female vocals of Londa guide the melody and her vocal range is impressive . The sixth song “The Damned” has symphonic influences and beautiful  arrangement. “Phoenix Dreams” a sad ballad, another song where the lead singer makes a strong, yet beautiful performance.”Wrong Side Of My Mind” the vocal melody once again takes centre stage in operatic style with many heavy guitar riffs.The track “Glass Knight” follows the power melodic sound with good guitar riffs and great bass work . And finally the last song  “Rise” a slow piece with a melodic acoustic  guitar and soothing vocals.

Usually I don’t make reviews over the Bandcamp  because I can;t analyze very good the sound of the album .Anyway my priority is to support and  to  promote the new bands.So the album “Born Of The Phoenix” generally is a good one and the band are very talented .It is easy to see that they will be stronger and stronger over next years.The album recommended !


Born Of The Phoenix
Track list :
1.Born Of The Phoenix 01:19
2.Something Wicked This Way Comes 04:58
3.My Symphony 04:01
4.Pandora’s Box 04:39
5.Alive 04:39
6.The Damned 04:09
7.Phoenix Dreams 04:18
8.Wrong Side Of My Mind 03:16
9.Glass Knight 06:14
10.Rise 04:40

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