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Certainly a live show on Thursday  is by definition problematic for large number of the people. This of course is unfair for two great bands which they decided to play for  first time Greece .The two bands represent two completely different types of music, which somehow divided the fans . We saw that many fans stayed to the show only for their one fav band .The live started at 8.30 and the first band on stage was TYR.  TYR coming from t Faroe Islands and they are a folk viking metal band with many progressive and heavy elements. The songs mentioned in Norse mythology and paganism. They took their name  from the god of creation according to Scandinavian mythology but the vocalist Heri Joensen did not fail to refer to Greece and in the microphone said that it is an honor to the band to play in the land of the ancient gods.
 TYR  are four member band and their line -up  is : Heri Joensen Guitars -Vocals, Gunnar Thomsen Bass-Vocals (backing), Terji Skibenæs Guitars-Vocals (backing) and Amon Djurhuus Drums. They played very strongly and jauntily with full setlist from almost all their albums and more from “By the Light of the Northern Star” and “Valkyrja”.
Overall they played 17 songs for half an hour giving great satisfaction to their fans.

1.Gandkvæði Tróndar
2.Sinklars vísa
3.Blood of Heroes
4.Hold the Heathen Hammer High
5.By the Light of the Northern Star
6.The Lay of Thrym
7.Tróndur í gøtu
8.Flames of the Free
9.Mare of My Night
10.By the Sword in My Hand
12.Wings of Time
13.Turið Torkilsdóttir
14.Hail to the Hammer
15.Shadow of the Swastika
16.Lady of the Slain
17. Anthem
Analytically the 1,2,14 it was from Land 2008, the 3,9,11,16 from Valkyrja 2013, the 4,5,7,10,13,17 from By the Light of the Northern Star 2009, the 6,8,15 from The Lay of Thrym and the 12 from Ragnarok 2006.
After one and half  hour break, at 10.30 came the turn of Swallow the Sun. Swallow the Sun are one of the most famous bands in the genre of ​​the melodic death / doom metal. Their sound is melodic, depressed and very atmospheric based in the footsteps beings My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and Anathema (before 1995).
Swallow the Sun are a six-member band with stable line – up except the drummer  who has changed 3 times (you must notice that the previous drummer was Kai Hahto who now playing with Nightwish). The big surprise here was that the founder and great guitarist Juha Raivio not finally appeared and his  place took  a session guitarist  Juho Räihä (Gloria Morti). Someone would expect that the sound would have problems but Juho Räihä did look amazing and I can say that stole with his appearance  the whole show.  Mikko Kotamäki, the singer seemed very annoyed because the club not filled with many people  t and his mood transferred and to  other players .
Finally played 1 hours and 40 minutes, quite well according their standards .The songs  that they  played were from their entire discography, giving physically based in their last triple album.
Around 11.30 left the scene to returned directly with the  two guitarists  to use classical guitars, and played  three songs from the second part of their triple disc as acoustic. Finally  as encore they  closed the show with two older “classic” songs. At 12.10 the journey in the seas of sadness ,in restless dark and tranquility  the pain waves finished leaving us quite satisfied with the hope that we will see them again soon in Greece with or not  Juha Raivio !!!
The line -up was: Markus Jämsen – guitar, Juho Räihä – guitar,Mikko Kotamäki – vocals,Aleksi Munter – keyboards,Matti Honkonen – bass guitar,Juuso Raatikainen – drums.
setlist :
1.10 Silver Bullets
2.Rooms and Shadows
3.Hate, Lead the Way!
4.Cathedral Walls
6.New Moon
7.Lost & Catatonic
8.Abandoned by the Light
9.Pray for the Winds to Come
10.The Heart of a Cold White Land
11.Songs from the North
12.Descending Winters
Analytically the 1,2,7,8,9,10,11 was from Songs from the North I, II and III (2015) the 3, 4 was from Emerald Forest and the Blackbird (2012), the 5 was from Hope (2007), the 6 was from New Moon (2009), the 12 was from Ghosts of Loss (2005) and the 13 was from The Morning Never Came (2003).

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