This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Seyminhol is a four pieces band from France, active from 1992 with four full- length albums and three EP’s. The band plays Symphonic – Progressive Metal. The last album of them ” The Wayward Son” based on the Shakespear’s Masterpiece “Hamlet”.

So they make a concept album with the dramatic story of Danish prince Hamlet. Th.e whole album consists of scenes- acts and six interludes.

In the meantime that the most of the bands make albums with songs, Seyminhol manage to make something very important and difficult.The sound is like Kamelot and is very pity that  the fans of Symphonic Metal didn’t know this excellent band. The orchestration is magnificent, the guitar riffs are heavy ant the drums pounding.

A Night at Elseneur ” opens the album, a pure symphonic intro with some spoken words to follow “Marcellus’s Ascertaining” a song with excellent vocals, strong heavy guitars and dynamic  drums. The keyboards are epic.It is a piece with epic heavy metal influences.In the end of this song the guitar solo is very good.
The “Mantel of Madness” guide to the song “Theatre of the dream” a fast epic song in the same music style of kamelot, after 2.50 minutes the guitar solo gives more power to the track. ” To Die, To Sleep…” calm the sound for 40 seconds to starts ” Into the Black Chamber” inone fast and heavy rhythm  to change in melodic vocals and turns again in power sound with perfect riffs and superb orchestrations.

“The Death of Polonius” (1 min) and ” Shadows of Death”(1 min)  guide to ACT IV, scene 5″ The Conspiracy” in the same music dtyle.The male vocalist is awesome and the keyboard epic!!!

“A Disguised Corpse” guide to “The Duellist” a piece with melodic piano in a dramatic way is an epilogue of this epic concept before the album ends with some female vocals to the last Interlude “The Last March of a Prince”. A perfect  composition with marvelous arrangement and power guitars.

Finally this concept album is one great production and one of the best albums in 2015.If you are fans of the Symphonic Metal genre it is necessary to have this masterpiece in your disc collection. Excellent work, my congratulation to Nico Pélissier and his band. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!

RATING 9,8/10

Track list:

01. Act I, Scene 1: A Night at Elseneur
02. Act I, Scene 4: Marcellus’s Ascertaining
03. Act I, Scene 5: The Spectre’s Confidence
04. First Interlude: The Oath Of The Sword
05. Act II, Scene 1: Mantle Of Madness
06. Second Interlude: The Comedian’s Parade
07. Act II, Scene 2: Theater Of Dream
08. Third Interlude: The Agony Of A King
09. Act III, Scene 1: To Die, To Sleep
10 Act III, Scene .4: Into The Black Chamber
11. Act IV, Scene 1: The Death Of Polonius
12. Act IV, Scene: 4 Shadows Of Death
13. Fourth Interlude: Poem For A Maid
14. Act IV, Scene 5-6-7: The Conspiracy
15. Fifth Interlude: Into the Cemetery
16. Act V, Scene 1: A Disguised Corpse
17. Sixth Interlude: The Great Hall Of The Castle
18. Act V, Scene 2: The Duellist
19. Last Interlude: The Last March Of A Prince



Kevin Kazek – Vocals
Chris Billon-Laroute -Bass
Nicolas Pélissier – Guitars, Keys & Orchestrations
Thomas Das Neves – Drums





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