This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


2/14/2016 Valentine’s Day and what is better than to see one beloved band  Draconian in their back up in Greece after 6 years.With them  played other three bands from Greece,  Immensity,  Caelestia and Elysion .

The live  show opens with Immensity a very good Doom – Death Atmospheric Metal band with many Progressive and Funeral influences. They played songs from their upcoming   album  in  25/2 “Splendid Isolation”. The singer Leonidas Hatzimihalis  sang very well both brutal and clean vocals. All their songs are  great with a perfect balance between music and vocals resulting in a dramatic doom sound. Leonidas Hatzimihalis ex – member of the band Fatal Morgana has the experience to stand comfortably in any stage.

Second appeared Caelestia playing Symphonic Extreme Metal with several Death and Progressive elements. The six-member band has female vocals from Dimitra Vintsou and growls from Nikos Palivos . The songs were from their recent debut album “Beneath Abyss” (2015) but the sound of the club was bad and hardly heard the vocals which covered from the sound of very strong guitars.

Then came the turn of Elysion one of the best female fronted band of Greece  with the singer Christianna perfect in appearance and in the executive faculty with a comfortable interpretation  of songs from their two albums “Silent Scream” and “Someplace Better” . And of course again they played a cover of Rammstein, “Mein Herz Brennt” stressing that now can not be regarded as a cover because Elysion have played more often live this than Rammstein  themselves !! The sound of the band was perfect binding and  I wonder why  such a good band has released only two album  until now. Their songs “Made Of Lies”, “Killing My Dreams”, “Never Forever”, “Someplace Better”, “Dreamer” and “Fairytale” managed to rouse the world and win the applause.


Finally came the time for Draconian, the club was filled with impatient fans. Draconian appeared with 50% different line up from their last live show here, Lisa Johansson is unfortunately past and in her place as singer is  Heike Langhans (ex-Inferium, ex-The Great Sleep,: LOR3L3I:, ISON), also with  different drummer, in place of Jerry Torstensson played Tarald Lie from  Tristania and also in the place of the bassist Fredrik Johansson was the bf  of the Heike, Daniel Änghede (Crippled Black Phoenix, Hearts of Black Science, ISON). These changes forced the band to play only eight songs for an hour .The  five songs was from their new album “Sovran” , two from “Arcane Rain Fell” (2005) and one of the “Turning Season Within” (2008). Many favorite songs not heard because it is almost impossible to hear vocals (according to the female part) the same as the old performances. Although last August they  played in London with guest singer  Lisa Cuthbert  in place of Heike and they managed to catch the standards of Lisa vocals. In  sixth song “Rivers Between Us” the male vocals did Daniel Änghede something that is not the best for the original sound of Draconian.  Anders Jacobsson was unique in growls as always. The last song”Death , Come Near Me” was played as an encore, a song that has marked our music heart  !! The Draconian may have played little, but was very friendly  on stage and after they stayed  for one and half hour  to speak, to be photographed and to sign autographs with all the fans!
Set list:
1. “Stellar Tombs”
2. “A Scenery of Loss”
3. “Heavy Lies the Crown”
4. “Pale Tortured Blue”
5. “Dishearten”
6. “Rivers Between Us”
7. “Bloodflower”
8. “Death, Come Near Me”

“Stellar Tombs”, “Heavy Lies the Crown”, “Pale Tortured Blue”, “Dishearten”, “Rivers Between Us” is from “Sovran” (2015),  “Bloodflower”  from “Turning Season Within” (2008) ,  “A Scenery of Loss” and “Death, Come Near Me” from “Arcane Rain Fell” (2005).


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