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Voices of the Mist Fest Vol.2 LIVE REPORT

Saturday, March 26  and the second female fronted metal festival in Greece is a fact! On the stages this year were the bands Enemy Of Reality, Jaded Star, Mute Tale, Dakrya and Upon Revival.



First appeared Upon Revival, one five-member band that plays hard rock / alternative metal. Vocals by Anastasia Papadopoulou, lead guitar Kostas Ikonomopoulos, rhythm guitar Babis Papadopoulos Alexander Chelmis bass and drums Theo Mottaki. They played seven songs and two covers. The songs “ Erase the fear ” and “Never Enough” and  the two covers ” What have you done” (Within Temptation) and ” Oceans (Evanescence) “was quite good. The singer showed enough talent with her voice and her stage appearance . The band, although new, has every reason to hope in a bright future.

Set list:
1.Blindfold | 2.Erase my scars | 3.Oceans | 4.Erase the fear | 5.Stricken | 6.What have you done | 7.Never enough


Second Mute Tale appeared the band Mute Tale  , the great surprise of the evening, and won the impressions with the very correct playing and the excellent voice of the soprano Annou. The seven-member band has a full length album released last year and they played Symphonic / Gothic Metal with many mythological and philosophical elements in the lyrics. The pieces “Realm Of Serenity”, “The Dale” and the homonymous with the name of the band song “Mute Tale” were amazing . Extra credits also the the guest singer Theodore George. I have to add that the band has the stuff of the headliner , their performance was so good and maybe  according my opinion  the half hour  on stage was very little time.

Set list:
1. Animae (intro) | 2. Realm of Serenity | 3. The Dale | 4. Ravensky | 5. Chain of fear | 6. Good Intentions | 7. Curse of Time (Eclipse) | 8. Sear | 9. Mute Tale

 And while we waiting for the appearance of Dakrya, at 8:45, the organizers announced that the area should be evacuated because there was a phone call to the police for a  bomb.  So we spend one hour out of the club.The alarm of the bomb was a fake and we came back to the show. Of course in my opinion ” bomb” was the  appearance of Mute Tale , I saw them for  first time and they impressed me very positively.


At 10:00  appeared one stay  Dakrya, a seven-member band based Theatrical Avantgarde Metal, with  the singer Thina  to coming from Holland with one rehearsal and trying to coordinate with the rest members of the band. Their sound had problems and the setlist was absent.Also the problem with the guitar spoiled the overall impression. From the appearance  of Dakrya I will keep song “The Charlatans”, basically thanks to the special theatrical talent of Thina.

Voices Of The Mist Vol.II | by AlexandrosSanto

Voices Of The Mist Vol.II | by AlexandrosSanto



Voices Of The Mist Vol.II | by AlexandrosSanto

Voices Of The Mist Vol.II | by AlexandrosSanto



Voices Of The Mist Vol.II | by AlexandrosSanto

Voices Of The Mist Vol.II | by AlexandrosSanto

Voices Of The Mist Vol.II | by AlexandrosSanto

So we got the first big name of the evening, Enemy of Reality, the band with the number  voice in Greece (and not only) in the Symphonic Metal Miss Iliana Tsakirakis. They played 11 songs, 9 of their own and two covers, ” Over the Hills” (cover of the cover) and  “It’s a Sin”. The band appeared without keyboards, since their last change in the line-up in the place of the keys. This fact makes the band to play with more heavy sound although the guitar was so loud that maybe harmed the crystal voice of Iliana. All, however, played excellent, with the excellent guitarist  Stelios . Enemy of Reality in general have reached a great musical level and already they write their own history in the musical scene.

Set list:
1.My own Master | 2.Lifeless Eyes | 3.Needle Bites | 4.Over the hills | 5.One Last try | 6.Her Descending Ghost | 7.The Bargaining | 8.Torn Apart | 9. It’s a Sin | 10.Twist of Time | 11.Grief Divine


Last band of this Fest was  Jaded Star the forth member band of Maxi Nil, with Raphael Saini on drums, Kostas Vretto on guitar and Babis Nikou on bass. No one can doubt about the international experience of Maxi as a singer (ex-Visions Of Atlantis, On Thorns I Lay, Elysion) but the band  Jaded Star moves in Rock Metal commercial sound. All four band members are very good musicians and played pretty much good but the little number of the people who had come to the concert became even less the time of their appearance (perhaps wanted to catch the last buss  to return in their home).

Set list:
1.Intro – The Mask | 2.Stars | 3.You ‘ll See | 4.Raining in Sao Paolo | 5.Healing The Inner Child | 6.Innocence | 7.Keep On Fighting | 8.Wake Up | 9.Keep On Rocking In The Free World

As a final impression, the musical evening  was good, maybe the  Voices of the Mist Vol.II lagged slightly from Vol.I, more in the terms of organization rather than musically, we hope the Vol.III will be the next year the best and why not we hope to see new names or even better  a good mix of vol.I with vol.II .

Thanks to the photographer Alexandros Kivrikoseos and the page for the photos of Enemy Of Reality.


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