This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Hello guys and welcome to Symphonic – Gothic Metal webzine

Hello and thank you for the invitation.

First of all, can you introduce to me the members of the band?


Kevin Kazek is the singer of the band, he works on the concept of each album. Nicolas Pelissier is the composer and the guitarist and he conducts the orchestration. Thomas Das Neves is the drummer. The founder member Chrostophe Billon-Laroute was the bassist but he just left the band. He’s replace by the bassist Vianney Habert that plays with Thomas in the melodic thrash metal band Deficiency.


What was the idea behind the name of the band?


Seyminhol is the name of an Indian tribute from north America. The name was chosen because the former member loved the Indian culture and the relation that Indians have with the nature. We made the choice to keep the name, and not losing our soul !! 😉



How do you describe the music of Seyminhol?

Seyminhol is a mix of different style, we can find influences from heavy and symphonic metal, progressive rock, opera and classical music. So we can define Seyminhol as a Symphonic and progressive metal band.

 In your music which are the biggest influences?

I think that each member reach his influences in the music. Kevin is a tenor lyric singer that gives and opera and classical touch. Nicolas is an adept of progressive rock music, and the rhythmic section reach a power that we can find in thrash, death or black metal bands.

 The band is active since 1992 and you have released 3 EP and 4 full-length albums .Tell me few things for each one of them.

The inspiration of the first E.P was the 80th Heavy Rock scène (and words about indian’s culture). Next, the music became harder, joined Heavy Metal scène with “Nordic Tales” (2000) and added Keyboards with Nico to propose an epic music  based on the Viking civilisation ( “Northern Recital”, 2002 and “ Septentrion’s Walk”, 2005). “Ov Asylum” (2009) was created to imagine dark human soul, to bring some new influence of the band. So, we can hear some new trash riffs and vocals.

 Let’s talk about your magnificent concept album ”The Wayward Son”.

The Wayward Son is a concept album about the masterpiece “Hamlet” of W. Shakespeare. It’s a really great piece that approach all the feelings that we can find on the life like betrayal, love, murder, manipulation, death.

We made a mix between all of our album to propose a varied retranscription, like a theatral play with interludes, acts. The album is structured to allow a larger understanding of the piece, to popularize Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

 I want to ask you about the guest singer Andrey Adornato and the two girls who appearance on the album.

We knew Audrey and her voice with her great band “Fourth Circle” and proposed to her to make the choirs of the album with Amandine Kazmierczak. The character of Ophélia was played by Sandra Galvano, a great Soprano.

How easy is one album like this to replay on one live show?

It’s not really easy to replay this album on live cause we had a lot of guest, but we use some samples for the choir, orchestration etc. We’ve played some shows with choristers, and it was good. The ideal was to play the entire album in an opera (normally in September) with all the guest of the album and a theater company.

Your previews album based in 100% different theme . How did you decide to make this step with the last album?

The idea of “Hamlet”’s adaptation raises to 2009, before the recording of “Ov Asylum”. We decided to abort because we missed time to compose and record it.

If you could collaborate with any musician in the world , who it will be?

Maybe Russel Allen from Symphony X and Ron Thal !

What should your fans expect from you in the next months?

 We’re working on a huge videoclip (a short movie) and on a new full-length album. The released is normally schedule for the end of the year.

 Thank you again for this interview , is anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

 Thank you for this interview. We want to thanks all the people that support the band since 24 years. We’re really impatient to meet you again on the road and on stage!



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