This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal

FUROR GALLICO -Furor Gallico [re-release]

  • Intro
  • Venti Di Imbolc
  • Ancient Rites
  • Cathubodva
  • The Gods Have Returned
  • Golden Spiral
  • Curmisagios
  • Miracolous Child
  • Medhelan
  • Bright Eyes
  • La Caccia Morta
  • Banshee
  • The Glorious DawnShortly following the release of Furor Gallico’s new album ‘Songs From The Earth, Scarlet Records is re-releasing Folk Metal masters’ acclaimed self-titled debut album. Here is how reviewed the album:
    “Right away, it’s fairly evident that Furor Gallico are playing with a full stylistic deck, giving listener plentiful bouts of folk metal fury that comes more as a barbarian horde than a group of drunks lost in the woods. Odes to sword-swinging victory are the order of the day, wherein the fine Italian countryside is set ablaze in the name of all things heathenish and wild, albeit at a nice, almost leisurely pace. Things move from one extreme to the next, thankfully coming off naturally rather than just slapping some guitars and strings together and hoping for the best, and thus ensuring varying degrees of enjoyment on that end from start to finish. Taking a rather North-born approach, the Gallico gang takes to the metallic spectrum with powerful riffs, snazzy leads, raging growls/screams and pounding drum work while soft strings, glittery harp and flute work underscore the madness with a liltiness more befitting a nice evening beside the fire. Still, like other groups of their musical primordial soup, it fits, and it works.”


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