This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


So what do we have here?  A band from Tehran – Iran, they play atmospheric dark doom Metal and in May 31st, 2016 they released their first full length album with one only 40 minutes song by the label Club Inferno Ent. The title of the album is: “In Search Of The Unknown”.Aria Moghaddam mastermind of the project and Kevin Pribulsky from US band IN SEARCH OF have created this album. Special guest Thomas Helm from EMPYRIUM.

The sound of the album has many influences from the glorious band My Dying Bride , Empyrium, early Anathema and Katatonia. It is a concept album. Behind the dark and atmospheric music hide deep lyrics. What is the feeling when you listen this music? You feel ecstasy , you want to fly or to jump in an empty space.

I found in the sound elements from post rock and avant garde  music, the spoken words fill the album pretty much good and the chorus in the end is great.

The instruments work very well with the piano, synth, guitar, violin and drums to sounding together perfect.

The whole album is a good surprise for me, I really didn’t expect to hear such an excellent music result.

My congratulation to this band and I must to write that I highly recommend to all for buy and support them.

RATING  9,5/10


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