This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Lacuna Coil, Delirium


1.The House of Shame
2.Broken Things
4.Blood, Tears, Dust
6.Take Me Home
7.You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You
8. Ghost in the Mist
9.My Demons
11.Ultima Ratio
12.Live to Tell
14.Bleed the Pain

I wonder why I must write a review for the new album of Lacuna Coil? To have a thousand views and visitors? No thanks! I will write few words because I miss the dark gothic band Lacuna Coil of the past times of “Karmacode”and  “Comalies “and because record label sent the promotion stuff.

Lacuna Coil now play commercial music  , a mix of Korn and Within Temptation in a bad way.They had several lineup changes , the singer Cristina Scabbia a nd Adrea Ferro remain but what remain in our ears? Bad weak scrams and growls of Andrea and  unfortunately melodic vocals of Cristina in a second role. Cristina is now the ghost in the mist ( like the 8th song of this album). The sound of “Delirium” is a a delirium mix of alternative rock  with some Nu metal elements.

Finally the newest and younger fans who don’t know well the old Lacuna Coil will buy the album and will be happy for the professional production. But for me the album is bad and I can’t stand it. Very pity because in the past I loved this bad and now I feel disappointed .

The album is out of any recommendation !

RATING : 4/10


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