This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal

REVIEW OF THE EP “Daphne” – Ruins of Elysium

Track list:

1. Daphne

2. The Greatest Jubilee

3. No You’re Not

4. Lavender (Daphne Version)

5. Largo Al Factotum

6. Crusader

7. Epilogue Meadows of Elysium

8. Prince (bonus track 2016 remix )

Three things make me to give attention to this release:

First  the name of the band, Elysium is a conception of the afterlife that developed over time and was maintained  by Ancient Greek religions and philosophical  sects and cults ( Elysium Fields or Elysion Pedion ). 

Second because this band has as singer a tenor, something very rare in Symphonic Metal.

And third because the tenor and singer Drake Chrisdensen  is one very good friend of me.

Anyway ” Daphne” is the first EP of the band Ruins of Elysium. The band belongs to Epic Symphonic Metal with many influences from classical music, progressive,power, extreme, gothic metal . The difference from the other symphonic metal  bands as i wrote before is in  the operatic voice of the classical trained tenor Drake Chrisdensen.

The band wrote in their official page  that their EP  is dedicate to all of these oppressed  around the world.Women ,LGBT, racial minorities and all those who have to fight everyday against such a cruel system.

Ruins of Elysium are:

Drake Chrisdensen – Tenor
Vincenzo Avallone – Guitars
Filipe Câmara – Bass
Tamar Van Der List – Guitars
Marcelo França – Drums

Let’s see track by track what offering to us this EP :

1.Daphne :

The first and title track opens with  a melodic piano, sound of a harp and symphonic arrangement . The tenor Drake enters with his perfect voice and joins with great choir.The piece is long in time song but is a masterpiece mixed with many elements of many kind of metal music. An epic indeed song!


RATING: 10/10

2. The Greatest Jubilee :

The track starts with slow symphonic orchestration with the tenor  voice range of the singer but soon turns in a fast tempo, with all the instruments to play in an excellent harmony. A  power symphonic metal piece.


RATING: 8/10

3. No You’ re Not :

Fast paced drums with violin and heavy guitars open the song. The male voice is in heavy metal paths and he is sing very well in this way. The song has plenty of rage and screams against all those who are against the LGBT people. Powerful lyrics.


RATING: 7,5/10

4. Lavender :

Glorious chorus opens the track under the sound of great symphonic arrangement.Excellent vocals and power guitar solo in the middle of the piece.


RATING: 8,5/10

5. Largo Al Factotum:

And what you have here? A track from Rossini’s Figaro Aria. Classic music mixed well with metal sound.Drake is a superb tenor nd we are lucky to have him in metal scene.


RATING: 10/10

6. Crusader :

One very good track of this EP, Symphonic metal with operatic elements and aggressive guitar solos , thunder drums and Fantastic synths.After four minutes the soprano Annelise Diaz leading the song!!! The piece ends with the voice of tenor Drake who sing in an epic way!


RATING: 9,5/10

7. Epilogue : Meadows of Elysium :

Melodic piano starts the track under the sound of birds voice and chorus. Catchy melody  guides us to an epilogue of this very good EP.


RATING: 9/10

8.Prince ( Bonus Track 2016 remix) :

The EP ends with this bonus track remix .Classical symphonic metal piece  with powerful vocals , thumping drums  and heavy guitas. A great choice for a glorious  end of this excellent EP.


RATING: 8,5/10

Finally the EP “Daphne” is a diamond piece gives to us  many hopes to wait  for one big step of this band with one upcoming full length album. As one specialist in Symphonic Metal I like to listen as singer a tenor who gives so much potential in our music genre. Symphonic metal is not only with female soprano voice and why not in the future I want to hear tenor voice with female growls according the rules of ” Beauty and the Beast” . I hope the guitar player Tamar Van Der List will be able in the future to get this “job”.The EP highly recommended  to all the fans of Symphonic Metal.

RATING: 8,88/10


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