This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal

REVIEW OF THE EP “Therion of Wawel” BY Kreigen

Therion of Wawel
1. Apollonius of Tyana journey
2. Seven stones
3. Once at Wawel hill
4. Smocza Jama
5. Therion of Wawel

Composed by Andrew Femiak

Line up
Performers of vocal parts:
Elena Volska – mezzo-soprano
Kateryna Grytsyk – alto
Miroslav Dubinetskiy – tenor
Mykola Piddubnyk – bajo, baritone

mixing – Alexi G. Richter
cover – Magdalena Korzeniewska

 Kreigen is the new promising band in Operatic/Symphonic metal genre. The EP based on Polish myths and  is the second of them. The sound is atmospheric with very good orchestration in a classic way with many metal riffs . Five songs with epic lyrics with male vocals as tenor and baritone with female soprano. Andrew is very talent composer and he made a very marvelous and difficult opus here. Kriegen want you to experience this wholesome symphonic  voyage and risk to published one elegant and full of quality EP. Highly recommended to all. RATING 9/10



І Act 

1st century C.E.

  1. Apollonius of Tyana journey
    Apollonius – tenor
    Iarchus /Delphi priest – bajo

Place : Cave at the foot of Hill

Arioso : Apollonius

Et ego hic
Alea jacta est                         
Per aspera ad astra –
Ducunt volentem fata

Aria : Iarchus

This was that he told to himself,
Approaching to the foot of hill,
Where was entrance to deep damp cave,
And shelter for the Talisman.

With knowledge gained from Shamballa,
Will you deliver seven stones,
To places marked on this map?
By your own will, not by debt.

I will…


From first steps I was encountered by breeze.

Some more walk, and last of stones will be placed,
On stalactites crown, where he never be seized.
But my thoughts, is now about cooper sheets
Which were brought by Delphi priest.
Diagrams cast me into mist.

Iarchus (as Delphi priest)
Deciphered, you’ll reach abode, of men who knows Truth.
I saw before my eyes, long way I need to pass thru

Iarchus (as Delphi priest)

sands and mountains,


up to river with elephants and fruits of hyacinth.

After years, spent in journey to Shamballa,
He finally climbed on the mount where the temple is,
And stood up in front of one,
who handle same copper sheets that led him.


Here you face, those who knows everything.

Esoteric things, come to show you another side of truth.


Who was that crazy priest?
Was he ever exist?
It does not matter now, ‘cause I’m between some stalactites,
brought hope inside the night.
 IІ Act 

6th century C.E.

  1. Once at Wawel hill

Agnieszka – alto (A)
Dariusz – bajo (D)
Chakram – mezzo

Agnieszka’s nightmare (no vocals)

Place : Wawel hill


  1. You can’t see all the scars, cause they inside my heart
    D. But I don’t
    A. I don’t want to hear a word.
    Because of you I’m here. See?
    D. What can I?
    I don’t want anything.
  2. I never wanted to hurt you, and I think I did not.
  3. So it’s my fault, and I’m to blame,
    What else to expect from you…
  4. At least tell me, Oh why we are here?
  5. Something that I,
    D. Say it, O finally say it, I’m begging you!
    A. had in dream,
  6. Tell me what it was? and was I’m a part of it?
    A. Took possession,
    D. What do you mean? you had a bad dream?
    A. on my feel.
    D. So this is a scandal from silliest dream?
    A. How can you blame me for this?!
    D. Why are we on Wawel hill?!
    A. I know this is a dangerous place, but in dream I (fell)
    D. Watch your step! Beneath is hole, and you can simply fall.

Chakram + Choir
Now she’s in cave and lying unconscious,
Fell thru the hole on the top of Wawel

It was me in your dream, but your nightmare is only begins


  1. Smocza Jama
    Smok – baritone
    Chakram – mezzo

Place : Smocza Jama

Arioso : Smok
What was that?
Was it in a dream? or it was she again.
I often see those times, when…

Aria : Smok
In the dark of the night,
I was called by the light.
She not asked but told,
To keep in awe, this white world.

Feeding of the beast take place once a week,
One sheep is small price for a life.
But sometimes he need more than just a sheep –
Girl, who does not know, what is to weep.
Arioso : Chakram

And tears of this one, may be the last.  

Aria : Agnieszka
That voice from dream,
the one who has steal
my conscious, and now
I’m here…
It can’t be real!
Why do I have no fear.

I know what waits me in this cave,

Here will be my final play.

Oh, why have I came,
By myself, In arms of beast?


One more victim of her will, is now stand embraced by fear.
This young girl, she has no chance.

But for me, it’s always new one, to escape.
Mighty beast in front of me show his teeth, with fire breath.
By your jaws my life will ends, hope someone avenge me.
By my jaws your life will ends, hope someone avenge me.

Girl, say goodbye to this world


  1. Therion of Wawel

    Krak – tenor (K)
    Chakram – mezzo
    Smok – baritone (S)
    Place :At the foot of Wawel Hill

    Arioso : Krak
    Tragedy news spreading the land,
    Young beauty woman have faced the end.

Aria : Krak
Beloved of her, who was on the hill,
Can swear his life, it was against her will.
It’s time to break up with this useless peace!

Aria : Chakram
Oh, young warrior,

Oh, I see, it will be you,

The One, whose glory will be so great, that only grief will exceed.

I know you can’t hear me, but your name will live for ages.


Spread wings of your fate –
Bring this land, cup she awaits.

In a heat of battlefield,

Better hide behind your shield.

Make your destiny up there

I’m a Therion of Wawel

Show me why I called you here

Make their lives full of Hell’.
Previous warriors, you have sent,
Can do nothing, but stuck in my teeth.


Awful sights you will discover inside of my stomach,

’cause I will swallow you whole, alive.

Huge beast come out by his thirst, now you will face my wrath,

and pay all your debts.


  1. Look in my eyes!
  2. I have seen more the ton of them.
  3. Face all my wrath!
  4. You’re no more then next sheep for me.
  5. I will slice you!
    S. Yes you will, Yes You will, Yes you will,

Same as previous, who come here by all the time.

  1. Give me your sword!
  2. He so strong, I can’t hold it.
  3. Give me your shield!
  4. Without it I’m in fire breath.
  5. Say goodbye!
  6. Yes I will, Yes I will, Yes I will,

But first I’ll show, what I have in a bag for you.                         

Then Krak throw his leather bag in throat of beast,

Whom started smoke, and ran to river.

Found his sword, he crept up to the Smok,

Who choked from sulphur, and pierced him.


Now I am free

  1.                          Seven stones

    Seven stones hidden under the canopy,
    Seven places with hidden supremacy,
    Not allowed to shine simultaneously,
    Each await for his time of the legacy.

    Related with bodies of celestial,
    Located at places perennial,
    Called to be shields from enemy,
    In time to wake up, from vanity.

    Delhi – Moon

Mecca – Mercury

Jerusalem – Sun

Delphi – Venus

Rome – Mars

Velehrad – Saturn

Wawel – Jupiter

For more info on Kriegen visit their facebook page


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