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LIVE REPORT – MOONSPELL LIVE SHOW 9/10/2016 (in english)

So finally  Sunday 10/09/2016 is here and all roads lead to Kyttaro club for the live show  of one of the biggest bands in the genre of Dark Gothic Metal,  Moonspell. The support bands were  Eleine and The Foreshadowing.The sold out was pretty much sure.  Fernando Ribeiro and his band is a guarantee of quality for 23 years, almost a quarter century.

The concert opened at 20.20 with Eleine from Sweden the band of Madeleine Liljestam who is known as well as alternative model. Eleine belongs in the genre of Symphonic Metal with many oriental influences. They played six songs and the song ” Death Incarnate” was the best, guitarist Ricard Ekberg manage the fans to sing with them and raise high the mood. Pretty good were the songs “Untold Story” and “Break Take Live”. I must write  here about the wonderful stage appearance  of Madeleine with her oriental outfit and her magnificent  tattoo. Very good was and Sebastian Bergund key on keyboards.

Set List:
1. Land Beyond
2.Gathering Storm
3. A Sin ( Intro )
4. Death Incarnate
5. Story Untold
6. Break Take Live
At 21.10  The Foreshadowing from Italy  on stage. They belong to the genre of Gothic Doom Metal and they already have released 4 full length albums. With the sound clearly influenced by  Katatonia they played very professionally and with clean vocals of Marco Benevento , heavy riffs on guitars in great balance with very good atmospheric  lyrics. It was a very good show with melancholic sound and definitely the fans were  completely satisfied. The best song was “17” which is a musical masterpiece.
Set List:
1.Fall of Heroes
2.Two Horizones
3.New Babylon
4.The Forsaken Son
5. Oionos
6. 17
At 22.20 came the big time to appear on stage Moonspell. O Fernando Ribeiro is one man show and in every song makes reference to Athens and Greece showing how comfortable he  feels to play in our country that he truly loves .First song ” Breath (Until We Are No More)”excellent choice  to open the show , and the next was the hymn “Extinct” from their new album .They continued with “Night Eternal” from album Night Eternal  and after they played  the epic songs “Opium” and “Awake!” from Irreligious. The next piece was the ballad ” The Last Of Us”. The thermometer rise up with ” Medusalem “and ” Ruin & Misery”, so came the next song “Luna” with  the female vocals of Maxi Nil . Next songs  “Malignia” and the amazing “Vampiria”in which  Fernando  wear the vampire outfit. They continued with the song “An Erotic Alchemy” of their first epic album Wolfheart .And what next? “ Ataergina “the mystic folk song . They finished   with ” Alma Mater” and the fans were already crazy that boosted . In the encore Moonspell played 3 songs, “Everything Invaded” and “Future Is Dark” to finish with ” Full Moon Madness” and create the ultimate musical orgasm. However  was one of the rare times that Moonspell didn’t play the hit song ” Scorpion Flower “perhaps because in the previous live shows the female female vocals were not enough good.
Set List:
 1.Breath (Until We Are No More )
3.Night Eternal
6.Last Of Us
8.Ruin & Misery



12.An Erotic Alchemy
14.Alma Mater

15.Everything Invaded

16.Future Is Dark
17.Full Moon Madness
Finally  maybe we saw the best Live Show for this year and at this point we should thank  ODIN’s Battlefield and EVOLUTION TV SHOW for the organization and of course KYTTARO CLUB which once again gave us the satisfaction to see a very good concert.

RATING 10/10


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