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Interview with Kirsten Jørgensen singer of Evig Natt and Reism

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1.Hello Kirsten and welcome to Symphonic – Gothic -Metal webzine, thanks for taking the time to answer to my questions. The first thing that I want to do is to give you congratulations for the first place in the contest of the facebook group METAL GOTHIC SYMPHONIC MUSIC for the best female voice of the summer 2016.You were the winner! How do you feel about the members who voted for you and gave you the first place leaving behind famous names as Tarja Turunen, Simon Simons, Floor Jansen, Amy Lee and so many other great voices!

Hello Geo and thank you for having me. Phew! There were some pretty awesome singers on that list. Thank you for including me! I’m very proud and grateful for all the people who voted for me. I want to send them my biggest thanks for believing in me and what I do as a singer in Evig Natt and Reism.

2.Could you please tell me who inspired you to become a singer? And how did you first get involve with music?

I have always sung. When I was a little girl I sung in a choir or with my dad. It’s something I’ve always loved and wanted to do. I’ve grown up in a house filled with music, so I guess my inspiration comes from there. My dad is a musician too and I have always and continue to look up to him. He’s the reason for me pursuing a career in music today.

3.You are the vocalist for Evig Natt and also for Reism will it be difficult fulfilling the commitments of both bands ?

It can be busy at times, but we usually take turns releasing stuff. So, when one of the bands has new material I usually focus on that release. Like now, when Evig Natt has a new album out I’ve been busy promoting and gigging with EN. Reism are currently working on a new album too which will be ready in not too long, so then I’ll give my attention to Reism. Both projects are my babies so I do my best to find time for both.

4.You played with Evig Natt at MFVF , how did the concerts go and how were you received by fans of the band ?

We did indeed, and what a festival, kudos to the organizers for such an amazing experience! The concert was so much fun to play and it went really well. I invite you to check out one of the many Youtube videos of our performance! The boys and I were truly amazed at the reception we got from friends that have followed us for a long time and new friends and listeners too. We had people coming from all over the world to see us. They cheered us on and were incredibly supportive. I can’t express enough how proud we felt and still feel. Can I just ad that we sold all our “merch” within 10 minutes after we finished the gig. We did not believe our ears when the merchandise people told us. It was a humbling experience.


5.Evig Natt released their third self titled album ‘Evig Natt’ on March 19th 2016, how did you find the whole recording process and what the fans react third new album ?


The recording process was intense. It took such a long time to write this album, but when we finally started recording it came together quite quickly. I enjoyed it immensely as I was a lot more involved in the producing process this time around. We are so privileged to have our own studio, so we are free to work whenever and for as long as we want. I feel like that gives us much more freedom to experiment and to put the necessary work into each song. With that’s said, one has to be disciplined enough to know when to stop too though and say: “It’s done, this is it and we’re happy”

The reception of the album has been incredible. We have had a lot of great feedback from webzines, magazines and our listeners. I give away a bit of myself with every song I write and sing, the same goes for the boys, so to have people respond in the way they have I feel I can breathe again. I can sit back and be extra proud of what Evig Natt has created and shared the third time around.

6.Evig Natt will go to play in Karmøygeddon METAL Festival 2017 ? Tell us few words about this great festival.

Karmøygeddon is the greatest festival I know. The organizers do it out of love for the music. They work their asses off every year to create an amazing experience, not just for the audience, but also for the bands. All bands are treated equally and the audience is met with love and respect. I can’t begin to describe the atmosphere. It has to be experienced. Come and check it out for yourselves everyone! I can guarantee you a fantastic line up along with true Viking metallers in an intimate and relaxed environment.

7.How different is it performing live with Evig Natt in comparison to performing with Reism?

First of all the style is totally different. We are both dark and heavy, but Evig Natt is a lot heavier on the melancholy while Reism is industrial and slightly more up-tempo. I have different personas I take on in each band. The Reism gal is the mischievous gothic girl and the Evig Natt gal is the dark and melancholy girl. A little more jumping involved with Reism, but I have just as much fun performing in both. When I perform my main goal is to always give the audience what I’d want to see at a gig myself.

8.Which vocalists would you say are your biggest influences ?

Tough question as I love so many different vocalists and they all give me such different experiences. If I’m to mention a few, and they have all given me chills, I’d have to say my biggest influences vocally have been Skin (Skunk Anansie), James Maynard Keenan (Tool, A perfect Circle), Peter Steele (Type O Negative), Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes), Layne Stayle (Alice In Chains), Maria Brink ( In this Moment), Kari Rueslåtten (Third and the Mortal) and Gunnhild Sundli (Gåte) I could go on and on and on but this gives you an idea 😉

9.At what age did you decide you wanted to become a vocalist and who convinced you to do so ?

I’ve known all my life that I wanted to become a musician. No convincing needed! Music has always been part of my life and I know I’m going to continue to perform and write music for as long as I live…unless something prohibits from doing so.

 10.In your first EP with Evig Natt you had a cover of Nightwish “Walking In The Air”. I like very much this cover with your voice. And of course we know even the Nightwish song is a cover of Howard Blake . Tell me something about this.

Indeed I did. Honestly I’ve never liked doing covers much because I’m not very good at singing other peoples songs. Or at least I feel I don’t do them justice. The reason why I did this one was to try and secure a place at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, which in the end I did. This cover is also part of the reason why Evig Natt saw the light of day. I needed help to create the music for the track and I knew Stein Roger was an active musician who wrote and recorded music. I contacted him to ask this favor and so it was to be that I recorded my version of  “Walking in the air”. After that was done, Stein Roger asked me if I wanted to record a couple of songs he’d written with a female voice in mind and so Evig Natt came to life.

11.Recently Evig Natt published the video clip “Wildfire” In my opinion this was a piece of diamond art. The band worked hard for this video clip?

 Thank you! I appreciate you saying that so much. I started out contacting a very talented video producer by the name of Thomas Mortveit. I’d been made aware of some of his previous work and liked very much what I saw. In our first meeting we found that we shared a lot of the same vision for the “Wildfire” video. We worked very hard because we wanted to give the audience something different and for the video to enhance the listening experience. At the same time we used “simple” methods to create the imagery we needed. We didn’t want to over complicate things with actors and story lines. Instead we set a goal to create something that would challenge the audience to create their own story and hopefully stir something in their hearts.

12.To what kind of music do you listen in your private life? And who are your favorite bands and musicians?

 Again, a very tough question Geo 😉 My favorite band of all time is Type O Negative. I never grow tired of their music and Peter Steele holds a special place in my heart. Other bands I love love love are Alice In Chains, A Perfect Circle, Swallow The Sun, Anathema, HIM, Stone Temple Pilots, Katatonia, Soundgarden, Pixies, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, In this Moment, Ane Brun, Kari Rueslåtten, Incubus…

13.Have you got an ‘all time’ favorite Metal/Rock album ?

I would have to say “October Rust” by Type O Negative. It stands out like a beacon in the night to me.

 14.I don’t know if you have got a play list but could you tell me your moment top?

I don’t have a play list but CD’s I’m spinning a lot at the moment are

Draconian –  “Sovran”

Trees of Eternity – “Hour of the nightingale”

Hieroglyph – “Ouroboros”

Garbage “Strange little birds”

The Tea Party “Interzone Mantras”

 15.Would you tell me some of the best and memorable moments of your career, some of your big hits?

 I would have to say Metal Female Voices Fest is one of our greatest moments right now. That was such and amazing experience for us. All the wonderful people we met, the organizers and the gig itself. It was just a whole lot of fun and we were met with so much love. Of course I also have to mention making the video for “Wildfire”. It was a very exciting process and I hope to be able to do that again soon.

16.Is your daily life a source of creative inspiration for you?

 Yes, it is. I let all kinds of things inspire me to write music. Certain life experiences, people I meet and sometimes my work too. Mostly I’m inspired by how I feel emotionally and that’s what I try and capture on paper and in my melodies.

 17.Is there anything the readers should know that I have not asked?

 I think you have covered most things, however, I can mention that Evig Natt have started writing new material for the fourth album and it is very likely to be a double album this time around. I’m really excited about the new songs and can’t wait for it to be finished. Reism will hopefully release a third album soon and also be gigging that.

Last, but not least I want to thank you Geo for having me and also huge thanks goes out to everyone who has supported me and both my projects. I am eternally grateful.

Well thank you for the interview and I want to wish you all the best in your career with Evig Natt, Reism and of course in your personal life.





Hello guys and welcome to Symphonic – Gothic Metal webzine

Hello and thank you for the invitation.

First of all, can you introduce to me the members of the band?


Kevin Kazek is the singer of the band, he works on the concept of each album. Nicolas Pelissier is the composer and the guitarist and he conducts the orchestration. Thomas Das Neves is the drummer. The founder member Chrostophe Billon-Laroute was the bassist but he just left the band. He’s replace by the bassist Vianney Habert that plays with Thomas in the melodic thrash metal band Deficiency.


What was the idea behind the name of the band?


Seyminhol is the name of an Indian tribute from north America. The name was chosen because the former member loved the Indian culture and the relation that Indians have with the nature. We made the choice to keep the name, and not losing our soul !! 😉



How do you describe the music of Seyminhol?

Seyminhol is a mix of different style, we can find influences from heavy and symphonic metal, progressive rock, opera and classical music. So we can define Seyminhol as a Symphonic and progressive metal band.

 In your music which are the biggest influences?

I think that each member reach his influences in the music. Kevin is a tenor lyric singer that gives and opera and classical touch. Nicolas is an adept of progressive rock music, and the rhythmic section reach a power that we can find in thrash, death or black metal bands.

 The band is active since 1992 and you have released 3 EP and 4 full-length albums .Tell me few things for each one of them.

The inspiration of the first E.P was the 80th Heavy Rock scène (and words about indian’s culture). Next, the music became harder, joined Heavy Metal scène with “Nordic Tales” (2000) and added Keyboards with Nico to propose an epic music  based on the Viking civilisation ( “Northern Recital”, 2002 and “ Septentrion’s Walk”, 2005). “Ov Asylum” (2009) was created to imagine dark human soul, to bring some new influence of the band. So, we can hear some new trash riffs and vocals.

 Let’s talk about your magnificent concept album ”The Wayward Son”.

The Wayward Son is a concept album about the masterpiece “Hamlet” of W. Shakespeare. It’s a really great piece that approach all the feelings that we can find on the life like betrayal, love, murder, manipulation, death.

We made a mix between all of our album to propose a varied retranscription, like a theatral play with interludes, acts. The album is structured to allow a larger understanding of the piece, to popularize Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

 I want to ask you about the guest singer Andrey Adornato and the two girls who appearance on the album.

We knew Audrey and her voice with her great band “Fourth Circle” and proposed to her to make the choirs of the album with Amandine Kazmierczak. The character of Ophélia was played by Sandra Galvano, a great Soprano.

How easy is one album like this to replay on one live show?

It’s not really easy to replay this album on live cause we had a lot of guest, but we use some samples for the choir, orchestration etc. We’ve played some shows with choristers, and it was good. The ideal was to play the entire album in an opera (normally in September) with all the guest of the album and a theater company.

Your previews album based in 100% different theme . How did you decide to make this step with the last album?

The idea of “Hamlet”’s adaptation raises to 2009, before the recording of “Ov Asylum”. We decided to abort because we missed time to compose and record it.

If you could collaborate with any musician in the world , who it will be?

Maybe Russel Allen from Symphony X and Ron Thal !

What should your fans expect from you in the next months?

 We’re working on a huge videoclip (a short movie) and on a new full-length album. The released is normally schedule for the end of the year.

 Thank you again for this interview , is anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

 Thank you for this interview. We want to thanks all the people that support the band since 24 years. We’re really impatient to meet you again on the road and on stage!



Hello Simon and welcome to Symphonic – Gothic -Metal webzine,thanks for taking the time to answer to my questions.The first thing that I want to do is to give you congratulations for the first place in the contest of the facebook group METAL GOTHIC SYMPHONIC MUSIC for the best female voice of the summer 2015.You were the winner! How do you feel about the members who voted for you and gave you the first place leaving behind famous names as Tarja Turunen, Simon Simons, Floor Jansen, Amy Lee and so many other great voices!

Hello Geo and Hello to all the members of the group, it’s a pleasure to have this opportunity to be interviewed after gaining such an amazing place in the competition! 🙂 How do I feel? first of all I feel really honored for having been named among such wondrous singers and bands.. of course I am well aware of the fact that most of the fans of the most famous singers couldn’t express their vote because they didn’t know of the competition.. anyway I am really happy and grateful to all MaterDea’s fans and the other members of this group who voted for me because they enjoy our music, this is the most important thing for me.

• You are singer in the band MaterDea , can you introduce to me the members of the band?

Yes, I like to call myself MaterDea’s storyteller 🙂 Marco Strega, the guitarist, is co-producer and composer with me and he is also the arranger. the other members of the band are Elisabetta Bosio, she plays fiddle and is very good at it, Morgan De Virgilis who dances on our stage with the bass and Cosimo De Nola is our powerful drummer.

• What was the idea behind the name of the band?

The first song we wrote was named Mater Dea and we thought this name could well represent the heart of our music: the name MaterDea embodies both our mystical atmosphere and the fantastic and mythological characters taken from the pagan and celtic culture from which our lyrics draw inspiration.

• How do you describe the music of MaterDea?

Our style has this unique particularity of which many reviewers has written about, a sound with a strong rock structure perfectly blended with mystical and dreaming atmospheres where the voices, fiddle and keyboards graciously draw melodic lines on the powerful rhythmic session. Marco’s guitar together with the drums and the bass lines have the task to make our music hard grooving while my voice together with the fiddle melodies and the keyboard harmonies add a softer quality. We think MaterDea’s sound is a blend between masculine and feminine energy.

• The band already have released 3 albums ,Let’s talk about them one by one.First about the album “Below the Mists, Above the Brambles”.

At first we were only me and Marco, we worked in harmony and with speed because we felt really enthusiastic with this new project and its sound, and it was completed in less than one year.. it was really an amazing journey and during it we had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the accordionist John Whelan, a Celtic Icon, since we decided to record his song “Trip to Skye” in a new rock version and he was so kind to play accordion in it! Francesca Pollano recorded the fiddle in this first album and she was part of the first formation of the band.

• About the second album “Satyricon”.

Satyricon was another exciting journey, the compositions flowed easily enough, me and Marco worked on them since the beginning of 2010 and it was released in 2011 Here the sound grew stronger, more metal and bold, full of colours and energy.. with Satyricon Elisabetta’s fiddle was beginning to characterize more our sound.

• And finally about your last album “ A Rose for Egeria”.

For this third album we started to work at the compositions in 2012, and this time I think we were more cautious, more reflexive.. we were expecting a lot from ourselves and now, one year and a half after its release I think we succeeded in doing a very good work. This is our first wholly metal album, thanks also to the powerful drums performed by Cosimo who joined the band in this period. A great contribution has also been given by Elena Crolle with her keyboards solos and by the beautiful strings performed by Elisabetta. And I think Marco’s arrangements here are at their best. With A Rose for Egeria the sound is more mature, also if MaterDea’s sound is recognizable as it always was..

• Would you tell me something for your collaboration with the band Furor Gallico in their new album” Songs From The Earth”?

Of course! it all happened in the most natural ways: during a show when we were sharing the stage with Furor Gallico, Davide Cicalese, the singer, asked me to sing a chorus with him in one of their new songs and so I created a different vocal line that adorned beautifully Davide’s vocal part. He was so happy with the result that he proposed me to participate in their new album recording that part with him, and so I did most willingly 🙂

• One symphonic Folk Metal band need to have more than the instruments found in metal as guitar,bass,drums, keyboards and vocalist. In bands line – up is one great violinist Elisabetta Bosio but maybe you need and some more instruments as whistles, flute, accordion,harp, bouzouki and etc. How difficult is for you to find those players to collaborate with you?

The difficulty is not to find such musicians but the money to pay them, we are a family production! So we decided to use samples and the sound is good all the same it seems.. 😉

• Could you tell me few words about this music genre and how is acceptable to Italy Fans?

In Italy this music genre is not very popular, but the fans who follow it are really enthusiastic and faithful to the bands they choose to follow..

• Folk Metal has been associated with Paganism,Nature,Fantasy .History and Mythology, would you tell me how all these effects you in your personal life?

I can say I have a rich spiritual life and I care much of all this things you mentioned.. I am a person who try to understand as much as I can about all aspects of life i and I also love to read a lot of fantasy books!

• Some personal questions now. What has attracted you to music?

A guitar, I was fifteen then.. and at home my mother listened to a lot of good jazz music since I was a child.

• Who are some of your influences vocally and musically and why?

As I said I have had a good training for my ears with my mother’s musical choice, then when I was a girl, me and my brother started to buy rock music, you can imagine how lucky I was to been a girl in the seventies.. Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and so on.. but then I started to listen also to folk and country music and other genres.. when I started to sing with my guitar I was singing James Taylor’s and Jony Mitchell’s songs, and then I discovered Tom Jobim and Brazilian Popular Music and I fell in love with them and during 20 years I sang almost only that kind of music, also recording and composing. Then I met Marco Strega and together with him we founded MaterDea, and here I am! 🙂

• Which bands or solo artists do you admire most? (not necessary to be rock)

Difficult to say.. I admire and love really a great number of bands and artists.. I never listen to metal music, but I really like Evanescence’s sound and especially Amy Lee’s voice.. anyway lately when i want to relax listening to some music my choice is Genesis.

• I don’t know if you have got a play list but could you tell me your moment top 5?

I will try to name 5 of my favourite song, because I don’t have a playlist:
• Selling England by the pound, Genesis
• Vedrò con mio diletto, Vivaldi, sang by Philippe Jaroussky
• Brother to brother, Gino Vannelli
• Chorado, Guiinga, performed by Sergio Mendes
• Through the fire, Chaka Khan

• Would you tell me some of the best and memorable moments of your career, some of your big hits?

I had the privilege to sing in many beautiful festivals, both when I sang brasilian music and with MaterDea.. but I can’t recall a particular moment.

• What do you do in your spare time, do you go to local shows, do you have another job? Is your family supportive what you do?

Lately I don’t usually go to local shows.. only seldom, I teach singing that is my other job that I really like and I often work till late, and then sometimes we rehearse.. I’d love to have more time to attend to live shows. My family has always been supportive, yes, I think I am very lucky in this.

• Is your daily life a source of creative inspiration for you?

Not much.. generally when I am working to new pieces, melodies and lyrics I just take my time to sit in front of my laptop and start to journey inside my mind, and when the ideas don’t flow easily I stroll through the garden of nature 🙂

• Please describe your life in 3 words.

Happy, aware and adventurous!

• Would you prefer to say something that you want to have happened or a dream that you have not achieved yet?

To perform with MaterDea in north European clubs and festivals during all year.

• What would you like to say or share with the readers and subscribers of this webzine?

I want to thank everybody for their enthusiastic passion towards music and for their support to it!

• Thank you so much for your time, it was a pleasure talking with you, I wish you all the best for you and for the band MareDea.

Many thanks to you Geo, for all your dedication to this group!


Hello Zlatko and welcome to Symphonic – Gothic – Metal webzine , thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Hi Geo, thank you for showing interest in our music.

• Can you introduce to me the members of the band?

The current line-up of Tearles is: Ivana Novak – female vocal Zlatko Kušter – guitar/vocal Siniša Godinić – guitar Miran Špičko – drums Filip Babić – bass guitar Rudolf Lovrenčić – keyboards Over the last ten years, the band changed a lot of its members, and I would like to use this opportunity to thank each of them for their contribution.

• What is the idea behind the name of the band?

Well, we came up with the name “Tearless” after one rehearsal. We had been playing for a few months, so we started to talk about the name of the band. I still have that paper somewhere, where we wrote down few potential names. After the presentation and explanation of what the name Tearless means to me – the state in which a person finds himself, the psychological condition of someone who is so burdened by bad things that happened, that there is no more tears to be shed, we agreed on the name ”Tearless”. For one short period around 2007, we performed under the name “Seed of evil”, but we changed it back to “Tearless”.

• How do you describe Tearless music?

Well, it´s always hard to describe the music or to label it as a specific genre. The fact that all band members were influenced by different bands and music genres had a reflection on the music we created. And since I wrote the music and I was influenced by metal bands which are described as gothic, black and doom metal, I would say that the music we have created is a mixture of all of those genres listed above. We have some gothic metal elements, classical instruments incorporated into our music, we use black metal riffs, and also we have three vocals. But mostly, we prefer to use the therm “dark” when we describe our music, because of the atmosphere we are trying to create with our music, with our songs. We like to believe that our music creates a darker sort of atmosphere.

• Can you please tell me about your main music influences?

I consider myself lucky, since my first real encounter with metal music was back around 1997, and I got some tapes from, at that point, at least for me, the unknown bands like Tristania, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Crematory, Graveworm, Moonspell, Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost etc. So, this was the base of bands which made such a huge influence on me and determined the style of music I wanted to create.

• Can you tell me something about the songs of the upcoming debut album “Step into Darkness” ?

Our debut album contains ten songs, that are a “collection” of songs written from the beginning of the band until now. The songs all have different atmospheres, either because of the stories they tell, or the way they are interwoven by heavy riffs and melodic parts. But they are also a mirror of emotions, beliefs and thoughts we had at the moments of their creation. The most important aspect of the songs is probably the fact that they were not changed, neither in the musical aspect nor in lyrics, from the moment they were written. They are all a reminder, a virtual monument to those certain moments. • What is your favourite song of the album?

For me it is hard to decide or to choose a song I would mark as my favorite. Every song contains something important, something special for me, so I can find a part of myself in every one of them. But if I had to chose between all those titles, i would say Dreams of You or World of Shadows. Dreams of You is a constant reminder of the love that waits and preoccupies our thoughts, and the realisation that there´s always a perfect soul waiting for everyone of us. And World of Shadows has become my personal elegy, and I believe that everyone who has experienced a loss of a dear person can find themselves in this song.

•• From 2003 you had a lot of changes in the line- up .I think this is the biggest problem for one band to move on successfully in the music scene. After those tears how you find the power and the courage to keep alive the band?

We come from a small town with a population of around 10 000 people, and even at the beginning, when we were all careless high school students, chasing our teenage dreams, it was hard to find the right kind of people for the band, especially for this kind of music. We had to part with a lot people that were a part of Tearless. Some of them thought that being in a band was cool, so they stayed in a band for a few months or so, but then, because of their personal problems or their unwillingness to get more serious about our music, they left the band. So, with every new member we were forced to start from the beginning. But that was also a sort of “natural selection”, because I am more than satisfied with the current band members. We also have a lot friends of the band who have been helping us from the beginning and I am very thankful for them. The power and courage to endure all the changes and to keep the band alive comes from my devotion to the music, my love towards the music and that feeling you get when you stand in front of the audience and you are able to present to them what you have created. It was never about the money. Every musician knows how much he needs to invest into himself, into the gear and equipment, but that feeling of personal satisfaction when you know you have created something with your hands cannot be compared to anything. • I noticed that all the lyrics of the songs are very emotional. You express by them your personal experience? Yes, lyrics are very emotional and they are indeed an expression of my personal experiences. The writing was mostly triggered by some sad event. Somebody asked me, how come you never write songs with happy themes, songs that bring hope? Well, because then, it would be fiction. Grief, sorrow, melancholy and despair are more intense and they last longer than happiness. I have found the inspiration for my lyrics and music in that dark part of me, the part which everybody seems to hide from the world or even themselves.

• Tell please about the song “ World of Shadows”.

This song was for one former member of Tearless? World of shadows is a song that was written while our former drummer, Marko Bregović was still a part of the band. He was a great person, an amazing friend and there is still this feeling that with his departure, a piece of me is also gone. Being best friends for almost 15 years, it leaves a mark that time cannot erase, nor can it fade. This song is a constant reminder of him, we dedicate this song to him every time we play it. Actually, this album is dedicated to his memory.

• What else can we expect from the band in the future?

Releasing our first studio album was a big step for our band. We believe that we will be accepted by our fans, that more and more people will like our music and support us. At the moment, we are working on the promotion of our album, we are planing to record a video clip for one of the songs from the album and we are looking forward to playing as much live gigs as we can. Also, we hope to play at some bigger festival next year, and we are working on some new songs we hope you will be able to hear, perhaps on our next album. We think that there is more to offer, and since we are now more mature and experienced, we hope that this will reflect on our music in the future, but we’ll be following the same path as we did until now.

• Have you got any plans for live show?

We have some confirmed dates in our country, and we are still waiting for some confirmations. Also, we are trying to arrange a smaller tour across Europe. It´s a great opportunity to see new places, meet new people, exchange ideas and to have a good time.

• Tell me about your country Croatia and its metal scene, how does your band contribute to the growth of it?

In Croatia, metal music is, so to say, marginalised. Times are changing, and economic situation is hard, but I´m glad that there are a lot of good bands who are doing their best to keep the Croatian metal scene alive. There are also many clubs that are helping young bands to present their work to the audience and some individuals that are trying to organize bigger festivals. It´s hard work, but we need to appreciate every effort anybody makes so that metal bands and their contribution can be heard. It´s nice when you come from a small place, a small country to get recognized by a foreign label, because, in our country it is hard to release an album unless you are a pop or mainstream musician. So I would say it´s a big success for us, as well as a recognition for the Croatian metal scene.

• One personal question. What kind of music do you listen yourself?

Well, it seems that I am “stuck in time”. I still listen to all the bands I have listened at the beginning of the band, but I also keep an open mind. If I like the music, the song, I listen to it, and I don’t judge anyone before I give them a chance and listen to them. But yes, the music I listen is very diverse, from gothic rock, 80´s pop to black metal. It depends on my mood. I like discovering new bands, underrated bands. Also, in the sphere of gothic metal, I believe you are doing an amazing thing on your webzine, supporting and discovering such bands.

• Is there anything the readers should know that I have not asked?

Digital release of our “Step into darkness” album is scheduled for June 29th, so feel free to check out the complete album. Also, we are releasing a version of the album for Japanese market via Wormholdeath records and then the album itself, in physical form, will be released across the world. If you like our music, support us. You can also pre-order a bundle, t-shit and cd on our facebook page. We hope that we will play live as much as we will be able to and that we’ll have a chance to meet a lot of our current and new fans.

• Thank you very much again for this interview and I ‘ d like to wish Tearless all the best with the album and for the rest 2015. 

Thank you for your support and I hope we´ll talk again soon, with some more and exciting news. And thank you for your wishes, likewise. Best regards from me and the rest of the band. Cheers.


This interview is with Milica Jovanov singer of the Serbian band Auriym .

Hello Milica and welcome to Gothic – Symphonic Metal webzine , thanks for taking the tome to answer in my questions.
So for the beginning of this interview some common questions.
1. First could you introduce yourselves and tell me what part you play in the band?

Siniša Mladenović- keyboards, Slavoljub Pupić- guitar, Pavle Savić- drums, Milica Jovanov- vocals

2. Second how did you decide on the name of the band?

Well, it was mostly Siniša’s idea. The name was inspired by a medical term (Tinnitus Aurium) describing sounds of physiological or pathological origin, which may or may not always be perceived in consciousness.

3. And third would you describe me the Aurium sound?

I’d describe our music as a boundless space and time. I do not know with which famous band I could compare our sound .

4. Recently you released the album “ Still Life”;how have found the response to your album by the fans and the music media?

Honestly, we were really surprised by the people reactions. They really accepted us like we are playing much longer than we actually do! And the music media sees us as a new band with great potentials.

5. What themes can be found lyrically in the songs of your album?

Our lyrics are about human emotions, the world around us (how we see it) etc. But also, there’s one song about one person from Serbian history, but I will let you to research that one . There’s also one instrumental “Following the rain” which describes our beginning. We always had that situation (luck?) when we perform or when we have normal rehearsal, it was always raining! (true story). So, while we were doing “Still life” album, we decided to dedicate one song to the rain which was following us (or we were following her).

6. Are you planning on doing some concerts in support of the new album?

We already did some gigs across the Serbia, but, speaking about a concert, we have in plan few big festivals here in Serbia. Also we are planning some shows in Europe, but all in good time.

7. You make a very good cover song of Nightwish song “Elane”. You think one band is capable to play any cover song or that witch are similar to the sound of the band?

Exactly! We did that video in our style: honestly and with Aurium outfit. Also, we did few arrangement changes (back vocals including operatic vocal). When the people see the video, they can recognize Aurium’s signature.

8. Tell please me about Serbia and its metal scene , how your band does contribute to the growth of it?

Unfortunately, the metal scene in Serbia is in a very difficult position. I know and I’ve heard many other bands with great potential, but there are no people who would be interested in going to the gig. Serbia is overbooked with turbo-folk music from which no other genre can come to the fore. We can only hope, and work hard to change that. As for our contribution, we hope that the audience realizes that we are offering a new sound in music. Just need to look deeper under the surface.

9. What your fans should expect from you in the next months?

Well, now we are planning few more shows. In the moment, we are about to record some new back vocals for those shows. In the meanwhile, we are already doing on our new songs for the next album for which we hope that we’ll record next year.

10. What are the best and worst things about being in a band?

The best thing is that you’re not alone (all for one and one for all!) and you feel much stronger when you need to stand some hard times. Also, you get a lot of fun times during a tour! The only bad thing is if you are the only girl in the band surrounded by three guys! Hahahaha… I’m joking, I love my boys, and I feel safe with them and they all do have understanding for me as a female and they are always looking after me.

11. Tell me your opinion about the internet; you think facebook or YouTube is some kind of help or problem for one band to sell albums?

Every kind of marketing is a good thing. Every good band can sell its album no matter if their songs are available on YouTube or FB.

12. So now some personal questions… what album got you into metal scene?

Hmm… I remember that my older brother used to listen to metal. And the first album that I “stole” from him was from Guano Apes (some kind of compilation of their greatest hits). When I heard that album, I started to recognize myself in the metal music.

13. What is your vocal inspirations? What was is about those vocalists that just struck you?

My first vocal inspiration was Anastacia. I love her voice because it sounds so huge!!! Year after year, someone told me that with operatic voice you are able to sing anything. So, at the age of 16, my operatic classes have started .

14. At what age did you decide you wanted to become a singer and who convinced you to do so?

That’s the funny one. I started to sing at the age of 8. At the beginning, I was a child without a shred of sense for the music! I always sang off-key! Even my mother was like “Quit it!”, but I didn’t. For me, it has created a counter effect. Out of spite, I was practicing every single day in next two years. At the age of 10, I started to sound polite. And now, after 18 year of hard work, I feel proud of myself for not quitting the music.

15. How about to sent a message to the readers who are going to read this interview?

The only message that I have is to never give up on their dreams! Work, faith and perseverance are the key to success!

16. Thank you very much again for this interview and I ‘ d like to wish Aurium all the best with the album and for the rest 2015.

Thank you very much. Aurium is sending greeting and best wishes to you and to all your readers!


Hello Melody and welcome to Symphonic-Gothic – Metal webzine thanks for taking the time to answer in my questions.
1.Can you introduce to me the members of the band?
A: The current formal members: Vocal “Len”Before Len starts Frost Tears with Taku, she majored in Classical music in college
and also only listen to Classical music. Len joins Chinese Orchestra when she’s inelementary school so she’s also good at Beijing Opera performance.Len started to learn Opera when she studied in her master degree. That’s the first time she listen to rock because the musicial “Rent”and”CAT”. After that, by the inviting of Taku, she started Frost Tears with him. Keyboard & Synphesizer “Yu” .Yu was born in a musical family and influenced by Classical music. He stopped learning music when he studied in junior high school due to his rebellious personality until the first synphesizer’s appearance while he’s in college. He began to play electric music.
The personality of rebel also changed the favor of music, he listen to anything, from classical to creepy, all kinds of music. but what really influence the most to him in rock is “Lacrimosa”. Guitar “Taku”.Taku is the eldest in Frost Tears. He listen to music from 80’s to now and he learned guitar all by himself. All the rock and 80’s metal music that time, Europe, Bon Jov i, Guns’ and Roses, X Japan, Nirvana, Helloween, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Stratovarius…, gave himbig influences in the earlier 5 years. After knowing Len, he studied Classical, Jazz, Blues, Chinese traditional music and any others togain these music knowledge.Taku is now a music teacher. Improving skills for playing instruments and gaining the latest music knowledge is necessary for him. And also, that’s one of the reasons for the various elements in Frost Tears’s music. Guitar “Dio”.Dio is a younger musician compared to the other members in Frost Tears. He learned music while he’s in senior high school but that didn’t mean anything about his skills in playing guitar.
What influence him the most is Versailles, a Visual Rock band from Japan. Due tothe love for them, he’s good at Speed Metal. Bass
“Ren”. Ren is the Visual Desiger for Frost Tears and he’s good at various kind of music like Britpop, Punk, Blues, Metal, Dance Music and Funk.His technique is influences by Japanese music either because he studied there forseveral years. Drums “Ibara”.Ibara, a skiil major drummer, started Marching band’s training while he’s in Senior  high school and started playing drums in college. He ask anything about music perfect and precise. That can be the reason why he chose a drums teacher as his job.
2.What is the idea behind the name of the band?
A:Our band’s name was decided by our leader, Taku. Initially, it is a name of a sword name in a PC game.Taku think this name totally symbolize our style. Our songs composition describe emotion, and hope to touch people’s heart.There exists contradiction in our music. Tears in extreme sadness, happy, and angry, will shed, it represent the deep emotion. Frost Tears represent these strong emotions have cooled, you can calmly observe the causal relationship of these emotion.
3.How you would you describe Frost Tears music?
 A:Our genre is difficult to define, many of our friends directly name it “Frost-style” metal. Our opinioin is that genre definition is judged by audiences instead of ourselve. We only define the primary genre is Gothic/Symphony/Progressive-based.
4. Did you follow any singing lessons?
A:Due to the Music major in college, I studied many kinds of classical music such as Aria, Antologia dei Cantid Italiani and Chinese Art Song . I then studied musical in my master degree so I learned and sang : Rent, Phantom of the opera, Les Miserables… And I practiced Jazz when I had more time. There’s many things to learn and I won’t limit myself to learned.
 5.What kind of music do you listen yourself?
A: I like to listen to all the music including beautiful melody such as bel canto , gothicmetal, power metal, jazz basically. And I also like Chinese Chamber Orchestra because I joined Beijing Opera and played while I was still young.
6.Can you tell me something about the songs of the album?
A:“Nine Chapters” contains nine  chapters, that’s for sure. Each of them represents a main theme and all the themes are discussing   about living and humanity. These nine themes are “Live”, “Death”, “Happiness”, “Rage”, “Sorrow”, “Fear”, “Love”, “Evil” and “Desire”. The same thing between all these themes is they are all the necessary paths for us to been through. The reason why we choose “Nine” as the total amount of all the themes is because of the special meaning for “Nine”.“Nine” is the maximum in all the numeral, so it represents the concept “without limited” in Chinese’s tradition thought which contains both “endless time” and“endless space”. We believe that this concept makes this album more human just like the issue we wish to discuss! —————————————
“Through the Edge” for the theme “Live”.
-Bad things happened all the time. By making any hard decisions, we gain new lives. That’s the way we believe “Live” is.
“Reborn – Yang Ming“ for the theme“Death”.
-In Chinese traditional thought, men will reborn while they’re truly death.
Ps: Yang-Ming Wang, a late Chinese philosopher, fits this songs prospect due to what he been through while he still lives.
“Drinking“ for the theme “Happiness”.
– Tries to find pleasure amidst suffering. Drinking we think!
“Flames of War“ for the theme “Rage”.
-We don’t like war at all, but violence can’t happen without rage. “
The Rouge“ for the theme “Sorrow”.
-This song represents the image of sad beauty. It shows the sadness in the love between human.
“Barren Land“ for the theme “Fear”.
-The lyrics shows the struggles from men to live make us fear.
“Mother Earth“ for the theme “Love”.
– “Mother Earth” means the god who manage the land and all the species. We pray for everyone in this planet can be protected and loved by the “Mother Earth“.
Ps: Lyrics of this song was finished in 2011, when the 311 earthquake happened in Taiwan.
“Silent Trial“ for the theme “Evil”.
-Evils are everywhere. Anyone can’t escape from the invasion of evil. Once we become evil, we’ll have to face the trial from our
conscience forever.
“Rule theLand“ for the theme “Desire”.
-This song represents the necessary evil for ruling a country. Lyrics of the song shows
a same story with two different directions.
The sequence above is not the sequence in this album due to the emotion changes of songs are wished to be smoothly.We wish each theme can be represented appropriately.
 7.What are you favourite songs on the album?
A:I like each of them in this album because of their unique and the most different song will be Silent Trial. It’s a song without my usual melodical singing. And this song is also a cooperation song with our friends : Lala (Eye of violence), Raku (Minstrel).
8. The album was released on 2014.How did the media and more important the fans react to this release?
A:We began to be caught attention by critics when we released our first EP in the music platform in Taiwan. Our subsequent composition is improved, and began to be caught attention by fans, but not music critics instead. Therefore we don’t know how the audience think about our composition in Taiwan.We just hope we have better and better composition.We got relatively more positive evaluation from international instead.Hope we could have more support from everyone!
9.What else can we expect from the band in the future?
A:The first EP will be sold out soon, there will never be second-edition. Currently we have a plan, we will release the next  EP which contains our cumulative growth, when fifth anniversary of Frost Tears. We will re-arrange and re-record the songs in the first EP with our current feel and skill.Additionally some new songs are in-process. The next EP will include all of them, please New songs, and the songs in the first EP contains with existing and feel part of the renumbering re-recorded the first EP contains songs and new songs  will be included, coming soon!
10.Can you please tell me about your main music influences?

A: Frost tears starts as Gothic band, but we just take the Gothic elements of dramatic music and visual aesthetics, and our ly

rics unlike Gothic dark streak and pessimism. Religious and Ethnic are very diverse in Taiwan, our members’s
religious are diverse as well. For example, Yu was born in Catholic family, was baptized in childhood. Taku and Len’s families’ rel
igion is mix of Buddhism and Confuianism, and TAKU also often involved in Christian gatherings. In addition, there is a very complicated political factors affecting the Taiwan society. In fact, for us, the impact of the creation contains religious,our attitude of real life, and history of philosophy. Our consistent directions are dramatic,true feelings, and positive attitude.
However, as regards politically sensitive Taiwan, it’s very different due to our uses of Guqin, Chinese opera, and Chinese historical themes. We hope these are used to increase the richness only because these are elements we meets in childhood. And there are so much bands influenced us. Such like Nightwish, Within Temptation,Epica, Lacrimosa, Apocalyptica, Angra, Andre Matos,
Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Rhapsody of Fire, Dream Theater, Helloween, Stratovarius, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Symphony X, Seraphim, Amberian Dawn.
11.What about your dreams? Have you got any plan for live show?
A: We dream for live tours in Europe & USA or huge international music festivals. We wish to be famous and make more people love
our music. We now live in live houses and music festivals in Taiwan. We try to combine more elements such as unplug and music opera or join any other instruments with our songs to our next lives.
12.Tell me about your country Taiwan and its metalscene ,how does your band contribute to the growth of it?
A: Like most nations in the world, metal music is not popular in Taiwan. But recently with the great success of Chthonic and the culture connection between Taiwan and the world, audience of  metal music in Taiwan had increased widely and more musicians tried to play metal. Although there are less people listen to Gothic and Power metal in Taiwan, but we try to combine symphonic music, traditional opera,historical stories ,and we believe that let more people to listen metal music from different angles.
13.The last question ,is there anything the reader should know that I have not asked? 
 A: Your questions were very well. Thank you very much!
Well its been a pleasure talking to you m and many thanks to talking to me, I wish you all the best!



1. Hello guys and welcome to Symphonic -Gothic -Metal Music webzine .Thanks for taking the time to answer to mine questions
• (Symeon, George): It is us we must thank you, It’s a pleasure talking about our band and our plans to people who enjoy our music.
2. Could you introduce yourselves and tell me what part you play in the band?


• (Symeon): My name is Symeon Sanidas, I play the drums and I write most of the lyrics for our songs. George Larentzakis plays the guitars, has the male vocals and is the composer or our songs. Manos Nikolainas (ex-Korrigan) is the Keyboardist. Rindra Rado is our bass player and Kathrin K is our amazing soprano singer.



3. When were Subfire formed and how did all get together as band?
• (Symeon): The band formed in 2004 in Levadia (our hometown) when I was in high school. I am the only remaining member since then. At that time we were four friends and we all were playing in different bands. We decided to create a heavy metal band together and we mostly played cover songs from Metallica. After a while and a lot of gigs we started to write our own songs, the result was our great first demo (Freedom of Heaven) in 2007. We played in several concerts to promote our demo but it was hard to stay focused to the band. We all have been studying in university to other cities away from Levadia and the outcome was to take a break. In 2008 I met Kathrin, her voice was something that I had never heard before so I asked her to join the band and she accepted. I just couldn’t leave the band on its fate. We decided to change our style to symphonic-operatic metal. Of course, I had to find other musicians to support this effort. We faced many difficulties but we managed to release our promo (Immortality) in 2009 and it was a success. After a lot of changes in the line-up George Larentzakis came into the band in 2012 and the bond between us was amazing, George fitted immediately and many gigs followed. In 2013 our EP “Vanished Hopes” was released and it is the perfect example of our unique sound. After the release of our EP we have made many appearances in festivals and the promotion went well. In 2014 we have been introduced to Manos Nikolainas and Rindra Rado, they were perfect musicians with a lot of experience and we just wanted them to join us. So, here we are.


4. How did you decide on the name Subfire?
• (Symeon): When the band was formed in 2004 we started to play in gigs with different names, we didn’t have a solid, stable name. We believed that we had to find a strong name that it would be easy to remember and that it would reflect our music style. So, one year later in high school I was sitting in the classroom during the class and I was thinking of candidate names. I wanted the name to have the word ‘fire’ so some of my friends helped me. After a few days I ended up to Subfire. Everyone liked it.
5. How would you describe the sound of
your band?

• (George): Greetings! I have to say that the sound is a big issue and it is constantly evolving because of the fact that we are in our first steps! Because the sound of our EP “Vanished Hopes” is no longer the representative sound of the band, allow me to describe how we’d like our sound.. So the sound must be rich, satisfying and multilayered, something that will come across to the next production with the full length album we currently recording and also in our upcoming live shows! Our sound is certainly heavy with many drives(rhythm guitar part), has high tension, power and volume (drums and bass part), but also we pay attention to the smallest details in orchestrating and by using unique sounds (keyboards part) and of course has melody (lead guitar and solos part). Last but not least we can’t skip our strong voice that has all the above elements! So as i mentioned before our sound is evolving for the better and we’ll eventually gather the equipment we need to achieve the best for us result !!!


6. Tell me which bands are your biggest influences?
• (Symeon, George): We think that our biggest influence is Nightwish, Dream Theater, Genesis, Metallica, Iced Earth and Deep Purple.


7. The band have in 2013 released the EP ”Vanished Hopes” tell me some words about this.


• (Symeon): Our EP was released in November 2013 and contains 5 tracks. Three of these were in our first demo (Freedom of Heaven) and we just wanted to record these tracks with operatic voice. The recording had started in 2011 and had finished in September 2013. “Freedom of Heaven” is the song in which Kathrin shows her true skills and of course there are beautiful guitar solos that travel you to another atmospheric level, it is one of the best we‘ve got. “Help me” and “Darkest Vision” are special because of the quality riffs and the melody. “Don’t Stop Hoping” and “Why Did You?” have a strong tempo and you want to hear these from the beginning to the end. These are magnificent compositions. The songs of this EP are easy to be performed live and we wanted to be very careful about that, we believe that it is important a song must be performed live exactly the way it is recorded. It is our effort to come close with the audience.


8. What are Subfire’s plans for 2015 in terms of writing new materials or one full length album?


• (George): Actually we are in the middle of the new full length double album recordings which is going to be released in the summer of 2015. Of course we have a lot of material and new ideas and we are thinking to do something more impressive for our next project, something more symphonic which will take a lot of time and efforts to complete it! However we don’t want to spoil it, it will be a surprise ! For now, we are focused on releasing and promoting the new album, which in fact is our first full length album and we wanted to make it special so we split it to 8 more strong songs and 5 ballads, that explains the term double !


9. What are your plans to support your music and if the band planning on doing some lives?


• (George): We’ve currently got some scheduled live shows on February 8th (An Club) and on March 22nd (Mike’s Irish Pub) in Athens which are more like Festivals but we also planning on doing some lives in order to promote our new album before its release and of course a mini tour in Greece after its release in summer 2015. Finally we are thinking on doing some opening acts in other internationally famous Greek bands but it’s not official yet so we’ll let you know when the things are going to be settled!



10. If Subfire were to do a cover version which song would you choose and why?


• (George): There are so many answers for that but one thought we always had is to do a tribute cover to Manowar and particularly to their song “Battle Hymns” ! We would choose Manowar because they are the forefathers of power metal and consequently of our kind of music! We like especially “Battle Hymns” because that song has powerful riffs, epic elements such as their lyrics and recitation and of course these theatrical vocals! I believe we could do a nice orchestral cover close to our music style!
11. Have you got an all the time favourite Metal/ Rock album?


• (Symeon, George): It is difficult to choose a favourite album amongst the best artists. We think that “Machine Head” from Deep Purple is the most representative album that defines us all and our music also. We love it !


12. Finally ,have you got a few words for the readers of this webzine?
• (Symeon, George): We want to thank this webzine for the opportunity because through this interview the readers are going to learn about Subfire. Of course, our first album is approaching, our promotion tour is next and there are also many things we are planning to do this year. Stay tuned, listen to our music and wait for the rest because the best is on its way.


13. Thanks again for the interview and I’d like to wish Subfire all the best in your next steps.


• (Symeon, George): On behalf of the band, thank you. The Symphonic – Gothic – Metal Music webzine will hear a taste of our new work very soon, we also wish you all the best.




1. Hello Ida Elena and welcome to the webzine Symphonic – Gothic -Metal Music. Thank you for taking the time to answer to my questions.


Hi Geo! Kalimera!Thank you for interviewing me! It’s a pleasure.


2. Has your childhood an influence on your music career?


Of course! My childhood, which has not ended yet, has been very important to me! I started singing the songs of the cartoons, like the Disney Movies (it’s still my dream singing in one of them). Plus, following my mom in the theater during her shows, backstage and in the dressing room, all of this gave is still part of me and I bring it with me, above all when I am on stage.


3. Did you always want to become a singer and did you follow any singing lessons?



My dream was being an actress like my mom! Everybody in my family is an actor (but my father who’s a songwriter also, like me!) so I started studying theater (8 year academy). I never studied singing techniques (but I studied Musical and Broadway ones) because more than 10 years ago I met a singing teacher who told me “you’re a mess, you should not sing for one year at least and make only excercises”. I thought “screw you” and after less than one year I was singing at the National Italian tv 😉


4. What do you do to keep your voice in top condition?


I always wear a scarf, you never know, I take erysimum spray when I feel down and most of all I enjoy life: voice is a matter of being happy and free, there is no other way! And of course, I know my limits and I dont push too hard: you have to live with your voice for all your life!



5. As you singer/songwriter you are involved for Cantus Lunaris a medival folk band,in the project Anhiderma music New Age,for the symphonic – power metal band Bare Infinity and as solo singer .I want to ask you to tell me about your solo career.




Writing song is the part I love the most about music: you can use your problems, everything that hurts you and make something good out of it. A lot of people can relate themselves to what you sing in your songs and maybe, you can help them somehow. I am working on an album in Italian but I am not on a hurry, I will take my time to do it: I want it to be the result of something mature and deeply thought. Plus, a lot of collaborations are coming, including my new French project “Trinakria”: all Sicilian musicians, including me (Elisa Nicotra, harp and Luca Paparatti, flute). We sing traditional Sicilian Music and some music we wrote. I love this project and last, but absolutely not the least, a new duo I formed with my dearest friend Albert Dannenmann: you will see us as “Fairydream” at Festival Fantasia, a fantasy festival based in Germany, the 25 and 26 of July… wait and see;)





6. Second I want to ask you to tell me about the Anhiderma Music New Age project.



Anhidema is a worldwide new age music project by my friend Michael Vermey, a lot of great musicians are involved in it. With Anhidema I worked on a song quite peculiar which is called “Underwater love”: I wrote my vocal part and the lyrics of the spoken part. Soon we will work on a videoclip!




7. And Finally I want to ask you about the band Bare Infinity,how you joined with them and how you feel as third singer of them?




I joined Bare Infinity after applying to a Web Audition. After tons of emails I went to Athens and I met Tomas (founder, composer and guitarist of Bare Infinity): we had a really good time since the beginning, then he told me “do you consider yourself more as a singer or a songwriter?” I said:” dont worry, you’ll be covered in songs” (lol). Then we went in studio and I fell in love with the tracks already done, I showed him mines and… the rest is history;)



8. Recently Bare Infinity published the first video clip “Race of Destiny”. I listened carefully the lyrics of the song and the passion you have in this performance. I have the impression that the lyrics have something relative with your personal life.




You are absolutely right! These lyrics absolutely talk about me: I always fought against my dark part and I always tried to let my good part shine. It’s not so easy, especially when you are a singer, it’s so easy to give up because you have to keep on fighting every time. But I am not the type of person who surrenders to the demons that whispers “you wont make it” to you. Life is a race of destiny. You have to keep on fighting: music is my battlefield, bravery is my sword and my will is my shield! Remember you guys, your fate is in your hands!





9. Would you describe your heavenly voice and what is your vocal range?




 Thanks for the “heavenly voice” < 3  I am a mezzo soprano but I dont pay too much attention to it, my fault!




10. According your musical activities is difficult to guess what is your biggest influence?



Everything is my influence because I listen to everything: I listen to world music, classical, celtic, metal, rock, everything that is pop! I guess the secret of a good song is having something particular and that can be related only to you and also something that can stick to the ear of the people from the very first minute. Did you know that the true meaning of the word “pop” is popular? I dont know why people started thinking pop is synonimous of “shit” (lol). Being popular is not bad because it means a lot of people like what you do.




11. How difficult is to you to be with bands far from your country? I think you must travel all the year, and maybe this is a problem for lives shows.




I always loved traveling so it’s not a problem for me. All you have to care about is the damn air conditioning and the cold in the plane: a good hat and scarf, better if woolen ones, is the way 😉 Anyway, thanks God we have Facebook, Skype, etc. Every time I need to talk to some of my collegues, I can contact them on the internet (and for free) and they can do the same with me. It’s a piece of cake;)





12. Until now you made a great cover of Evanescence and the Hijo de la Luna, different styles and make me wonder what is your favourite kind of music?




I dont have a favourite kind of music because I only mind about the songs: in my opinion there are only good songs and bad songs, and you can see it by the fact that if a song is really good, you can cover it a thousand times and in 4253525 different styles. It will always be a good song (unless the musician suck, but that’s a different story).



13. About your inspiration as songwriter I think the influences rather are: sky, sun, air, rain, thoughts and experiences. Correct me if I have wrong idea.




You are right! I also take the inspiration from talking with the people, you can learn a lot of interesting stuff! My father says that he takes the inspirations from the “heaven”, that a song comes already done in your mind from another time and another place… maybe he’s right too! I love this point of view!




14. From one talent singer as you really I wanted to see you to sing a song with a male growls .Are you have in your mind this possibility in the future?



You can already listen to my version of “Awakening moonlight”, a Bare Infinity’s song (it’s on youtube). In the future, who knows 😉 Maybe you’ll have a surprise soon!




15. When Bare Infinity will be ready to release the new album?




This year, probably towards the second half of it, an album will be ready. I cannot say too much: stay in touch for more news 🙂 It will  be a great year for me and my mates Tomas, Orlok, Nick and Simos.




16. To what kind of music do you listen in your private life? And who are your favourite bands and musicians?




As I already said, I listen to everything, but I have to admit that I like listening to Mozart at breakfast, in front of the woods (my house is in front of the woods, I am a sort of wicked Snow white ahahaha). My favourite band ever is “Queen”. Freddy Mercury is an absolute inspiration for me! I adore him so much I still didnt cover a song of his! I dont know if will ever feel like!



17. And the question , is there anything the readers should know that I have not asked?




You made all interesting questions! I talked too much, maybe 😉  I will only add a small sentence “live your life the best you can, take care of the weakest ones love, and go veg!!” \m/




18. Well thank you for the interview and I want to wish you all the best in your career and with the guys of Bare Infinity.



Thank you!!! Rock on, stay metal and be happy 😉



For more information about Ida Elena visit her facebook page

And about the band Bare Infinity or





Hi Andrea and welcome to METAL GOTHC SYMPHONIC WEBZINE.Thanks for your time to answer in my questions.
Hello! The pleasure is mine. Thanks for your time and attention.


1.A common question ,could you introduce the band of Rainover and what part you play?


Sure! We are Arturo Hernández on keyboards, Quini Pelegrín on drums, Anthon Lo on guitars, Antonio Perea on bass and male vocals, and me, Andrea Casanova, on lead vocals.



2.How did you decide the name of the band ?


We spent a long time trying to find a name that would be fitting to our sound and personality as a band. We finally got Rainover from one of the band’s songs, Rain Over My Tears. We thought it was a nice name for the band since it sounded good, it’s easy to remember, and it has references to rain, which is a cyclic natural element that is always in constant change and always gets to a rebirth somehow, same as our history as a band, and that also makes us feel inspired.


3. I know that the band Rainover is somehow the continue of the band Remembrances could you tell me few words about the whole story?


Exactly. Well, actually, the band members are the same except for the singer. It was actually never meant to be a different band. They simply parted ways with the old singer and then they found me, but they also found out that we might have some legal trouble if we kept the old name, so we chose to change it to the new one. Somehow it’s been a great idea cause it has also allowed us to make a bit of a new start, all with the new music and image for the band; a name that completely identifies what we are as of today.


4.Its a little difficult to describe with a label the sound of Rainover, you could define it and if your music has gothic influences?


It is indeed very difficult, at least for us, because we have different emotions, themes and influences going on with it, from the most pure gothic metal to more upbeat and lively tunes, both with old-school and newer sounds and influences, and of course a powerful and modern production. Probably the words that sum it all up are intensity, emotion, evocativeness.
We do have gothic influence as, in fact, our biggest realm of influences lay in the bands of the early gothic metal and doom metal days in middle and late 90’s, although we do listen to a lot of other stuff too.


5.The band for sure has influences from other bands .Could you tell me which are the biggest?

Some of the bands that have classically influenced all of us the most are probably Theatre of Tragedy, The Gathering, old Within Temptation, Paradise Lost, old Tristania, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Therion, and many others.


6.Rainover recently released the album”Transcending The blue and Drifting Into Rebirth” the title is some kind strange and characteristic would you tell me in what if refer some theme and how you decide to give this title?

We wanted to give the album a name that could encapsulate the feelings and concepts contained by the songs. In the album, there’s some kind of central topic underlying most of its songs, which is the cyclic nature of life, with things that get to an end but then bring new beginnings, a rebirth. As we said, this is present in the history of the band after the change of name and line-up we had, and it’s something we wanted the album title to reflect.
Initially we were thinking of a simpler title, but we were adviced by Carlo Bellotti (from Wormholedeath Records, our label), who was also our producer for this album, to go with something a bit more particular because every single detail regarding the album (cover and artwork, songs, concepts, photos…) had been treated with especial care, and so we needed an album title in accordance to that. So we took our initial idea for the title and turned it into what you can see now.It also goes hand by hand with the album cover, done by the superb artist Mario S. Nevado (Aégis), which also helps depict these concepts perfectly.



7.You are face difficulties in the recording of the whole project?


The recordings weren’t too troubling by themselves, except from a day when I had a sore throat, hehe, getting the right guitar sound, and then having a small time to record it all. But we finally got to do it all on time, so it was okay.
The most difficulties came after the recordings, for the mixing, mastering, pressing of the cds… The complete process took us almost three years from the recording sessions and at times it was despairing. But we went through all of that, and now you can all check out that it’s been worth the wait and the effort in order to get the results we’d wanted.


8.What are the next plans of the band to promote the album, some next live shows maybe?


Certainly. We’re booking some shows inside our area, and have already confirmed the first two shows in foreign ground: The Quinphonic Festival in April, and The Dames of Darkness in May, both in the UK area of Birmingham. We’re very happy to be at these two fests! For the first one, we’ll have the opportunity to play a long set, so we’ll be able to play most of the album songs and a couple of surprises, and for DOD we’ll be accompanying some really great bands in the bill such as Sirenia or Leaves’ Eyes. So we can’t be happier! And we hope these are only the first steps for us to walk.
Apart from this, we’re working on a videoclip. It’s going slower than we’d want because we do not have the means big bands have, but we’re at work.


9.You believe that the band will be stable to the gothic genre or in the furure you will change your sound for commercial reasons?


We wouldn’t change our sound because of commercial reasons. The most important thing for us is making music we like and enjoy playing. This does mean, however, that it might have an evolution in the future; in fact every new song sounds a bit different. But that’s about it –evolution.
Gothic metal is for surely one of our main influences and I don’t think that’s gonna change, at least for now, nor do I think that we’re gonna make a radical change. But yes, the sound keeps evolving and it’s already probably a bit different from what we were doing four years ago or so, when the songs for Transcending the Blue were created. Anyway, it’s really too soon to tell.


10.Could you tell me few words about the music genre and how this is acceptable to Spanish music fans?


Well, Spain is not the most productive place when it comes to gothic metal. There keep on coming more and more new metal bands, and some of them are very good, but our style is not as popular here as it is in other countries. This means we’ve got quite a lot more fans in other countries than in our own place. Yet, we’re happy to see that more people are actually getting to know this style after all and getting keen on it.


11.Could you choose one album that obviously contain you and you like this?


Choosing just an album is too hard. I could name at least some of them, by some of my favourite bands… such as The Gathering, Draconian, Tristania, Within Temptation, Anathema… because they had an impact on my life. But one album is too difficult, hehe!


12.In the direct future the band has plans for a new album?


We don’t have specific plans when it comes to dates for new recordings, but we are definitely starting to build up a group of songs that shall become a new album at some point in the near-medium future. Maybe next year we might be able to start talking about more set dates and plans.


13.What are your opinion about covers and how these make good to one band?


The band has now been active for 11 years, and never until this very same year has it got down to actually playing a cover. I know the guys were rehearsing some with the previous singer, but it never really got done or played live.
For our album release show last April, we felt like we wanted to offer something a bit different, so we prepared a cover. There are many songs we’d wanted to cover even from our own style, but we preferred to choose a song that was a bit outside our comfort zone, so that it’d be more fun as we could play a little bit with it and convert it to our style. We ended up doing The Cure’s “Lovesong”, and we still play it today as it’s something fun and nice to do.
I think it’s a good way to keep things fresh and fun, to enjoy ourselves on the stage, give the audience something new and also take music from a different perspective, as normally it’s just creating and doing our thing. The most important thing is, of course, your own music. Covers are something you do for fun and experimentation.


14.How the social media and the internet helps one band to promote her work?


I think it’s no secret that nowadays internet plays an important role in the game of getting a band to be known. Most people go to the different social platforms to discover new bands, talk about them, share their music… and so it’s important to be present there and get people to interact with you and your band to promote the feedback and attention on the band.
Not everything ends here, of course, since there are many other parts to the music business, but internet is undoubtedly a necessary tool nowadays to promote your music.


15.Well,I kind cover up all the questions that I have prepared for you.It’s been a pleasure talking to you .and many thanks to talking to me, I wish you all the best!


Thanks very much to you Geo for the work you put into promoting bands! It’s been my pleasure. I’d also like to take the opportunity to greet the readers and especially those at the Metal Gothic Symphonic Music group!






For more info on Rainover visit their facebook page @


PYRAH are a 4 piece Female Fronted band from Strasbourg in France .

Stéphany: Sweet & Sour Vocalist
Lucie: Death Drummer Girl
Jean-Loup: Mad Progressive Guitarist
Olivier: Funky Bass Player

1.Hello and welcome to the zine of Symphonic Gothic Metal,it is a great pleasure to have the chance to interview you!

It’s a pleasure for us! Thanks you for your interest in our music!


2.Could you tell about the band and how you all come together?

We started the band at the end of 2012. Lucie and Stephanie were in the same band before, and had the dream to start their own band. They met Olivier by pure chance. At the basis he was playing more funk or reggae, but when we explained what kind of music we planned to play, he accepted to join the band. Jean-Loup was also wanted to create a band where he could express his particular way of composition.


3.How did you choose the band name?

Lucie suggested Pyrah, and all the band loved it.
It’s short, ear catching and it evokes fire in a female way.


4.In your music which are the biggest influences?

We don’t think that one influence is highlighted, our music is a mix of each member’s influences. We have a lot of progressive sides, with dark atmospheres, and touches of death, heavy, symphonic and sometimes funk, post, or anything we would think sounds good at this precise moment in a track.
If we had to cite bands: Tool, The Mars Volta, Revamp, Nevermore, Nina Hagen, Level 42…


5.There is a long story in metal music of combining a female voice alongside growled male vocals. Pyrah stand out from the crowd and you introduced the female voice into the mix of lyrical singing and as well as growl. You think that is an advantage for your band?

We think it’s a huge advantage; it’s a chance to have a singer which is able to do both in the same show. For the audience it’s really impressive and break the “soft touch” associated with the lyrical female voice. In a manner our singer is like “an iron fist in a velvet glove”.


6.Let’s talk about your first EP “Where Am I ?”.The album was released recently,could you tell me something about ?

The composing part of “Where am I?” was one-year of work and a few more months to practice the last couple of songs. This is a great achievement for us that necessitated hard work, sweat and tears. Nevertheless, we can hear the changes we have made as a band by comparing the songs. Not in a good nor bad way. We can just hear the cohesion that we gained with the time and by learning to work together.


7.In your album the lyrics are about a strange little girl, could you tell me about the story which running through it?

It’s not a real concept album, but we thought giving Pyrah a concrete personality could be interesting. Pyrah is actually the strange little girl, lost in her world, and she tries to find her way just to exist. We thought of her when writing all lyrics in the album so it can somehow be seen as her adventures. We follow her doubts and thoughts. She invents an imaginary world, finds a hippo friend… Her story can be dark, oppressive and puzzling like her, but she remains a little girl. It is mostly an album on understanding.

8.Where do you get inspiration from?

The inspiration comes from life in general. The subjects covered are inspired from real life experience, human feeling, imagination, psychology, fairy tales…


9.What are you plans to support the album and you think the social networking sites help the career of the band?

At first we created a facebook page, a bandcamp and a youtube account. These are 3 essential networking sites for a band. One to keep your fans in touch, the second to sell your album and the third to upload videos of your live, studio report, clip…
After that you can launch a website, which give a professional touch.
Internet is a huge help for the band promotion, but besides that you have to play lots of shows, meet musicians, fans, work your music and try to give all you had in every moments.


10.What motivate you to make music?

Sharing the pleasure we had to play our music with people. Travel and meet people from different backgrounds, which plays different music style… it’s really fulfilling.


11.What do you enjoy most about playing live and which Pyrah song do you most enjoy?

The overexcited crowd when we ended a song…. It’s a powerful feeling, and the more the public will support us, the more we’ll give all our best. When we’re on stage, we’re in a daze and we like this. Our favorite song is maybe “Who I Am”, ethnical intro in 7/8 times, followed by fast paced parts with death growl and heavy clear voice, ended by loud rhythms…


12.How important are the concerts for your band?

It’s essential! We create music, and spend lot of hours to play our songs perfectly. It’s an achievement to play them live!
Some bands are better in studio, than on stage. For us it’s the opposite. We’re more generous, craziest, energetic, passionate… and it’s really contagious!


13.If you could collaborate which any band or musician in the world, who it will be?

Maybe for a duet on our new album of one of our song with Floor Jansen (Nightwish/ReVamp), or Warrel Dane (Nevermore/Sactuary)?


14.How you got all the time favourite Metal- Rock album?

If we really have to choose.
Stéphanie – ReVamp – “Wild Card”
Lucie – Nevermore – “The Obsidian Conspiracy”
Jean-Loup – The Mars Volta – “De-Loused in the Comatorium”
Olivier – Black Sabbath – “Never Say Die”


15.How about to sent a message to our readers or subscribers then and also to the people who are going read this interview?

Thank you for giving us this opportunity and for your support. It was a pleasure to do this interview! Listen to “Where Am I?”, spread the name if you like it, and see you next year on tour for the second album \m/


16.Thank you to answer in my questions I would like to wish to Pyrah all the best with the album!

Thank you!


For more info on Pyrah check out the following pages …