This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal


Ruins of Elysium – Seeds of Chaos And Serenity
Band Members
Drake Chrisdensen – Tenor
Vincenzo Avallone – Guitars and Bass
Icaro Ravelo – Drums and Synths
Track list:
1.Kama Sutra05:22
2.Shadow of The Colossus08:49
4.Beyond The Witching Hour08:03
6.The Birth Of A Goddess07:02
7.Seeds Of Chaos And Serenity39:36

After the excellent album “Daphne” , Ruins of Elysium released their second album , “Seeds of Chaos And Serenity” . One more perfect album more mature in the sound from the prev/ious one. 11 pieces , a musical journey into the Symphonic Metal dreamland.

Powerful orchestrations with operatic vocals, male and back female with Drake’s voice to reign over the classical waves of the symphonic ocean. Tenor or soprano? Symphonic metal needs tenors like Drake , it’s a new oxygene for the genre.In this album the guitars , bass and drums supported from megaviliosus arragements. A symphonic triumph make me proud because I had the oportunity to review this album. Maybe is adifficult album as consept because all the songs are one unit. Ruins of Elysium don’t need hit songs , they are very professinal to provide one extra- extra superb album. “Serpentarius ” , “Kama Sutra”, “The birth of Goddess” are unique pieces. The five units “Seeds of Chaos And Serenity”are glorius power and heavy in any way!75 mins album with 40 mins of ttle song in the end. Perfect consept album highly recommended to all the symphonic metal fans.



Asphodelia – Welcome Apocalypse


Asphodelia - Welcome Apocalypse

Line up:

Samuela Fuiani – (vocals, keys)
Ruggero Doronzo – (guitar)
Davide Ricciardi – (bass)
Ludovico Massariello – (drums)


1.Welcome Apocalypse
6.Secret War
7.Behind a Smile
9.Mirror Mirror
10.Like Water
11.The Show
12.Flowers Of Evil

I remembered in Jan 2014 for first time I listened  one band from Foggia, Italy and they gained my attention with their debut album. Their name : “Blackdahlia” and the album “Fragments”. The sound was a mix of Gothic metal , Nu metal with alternative influences. All these are a sweet past, from Blackdahlia born Asphodelia. The heart of both bands is the same Samuela (vocals & keys) and Ruggero (guitars) and yes Ludovico is on drums.

The sound of Asphodelia is more in Symphonic Metal with many electronic elements. The band released on 2016 their first promo EP ” Vengeance” with many positive response from the fans. And now they released their first album ” Welcome Apocalypse”. An album with 12 songs. Strong guitar riffs , driven bass, pounding drums, with many sound effects with the passionate voice of Samuela. The album run in one apocalyptic based mood. “Behind a Smile” is a powerful ballad , other good pieces in the album are the songs “Heroes” and “Blackout”.But in my opinion the song “Flower of Evil” is a diamond musical piece. According the standards of Symphonic Metal we don’t have have operatic singing (better, I am boring with the clones of Tarja), the orchestral arrangements are not too much, but who cares, the album has original identity and personality . This makes the whole album one excellent metal album in this year.

So let’s follow the music rules of Asphodelia. The album highly recommended to all.

RATING 9.5/10


“Arakhne ” is a concept album based in greek mythology  according  to this Arakhne was a mortal weaver who challenged the goddess of wisdom and crafts Athena. Into the weaving contest the foolish over pride resulted in her being transformed into spider. Ok let’s talk about the music side now.In 2014 Enemy Of reality released their debut album in symphonic metal scene with a very good semi – concept album ” Rejected Gods”. Now with new keyboardist in their line up decide to release their second album.

Let’s see song by song what offer to us the album:

1. Martyr:

An orchestral – cinematic intro with some female vocals and spoken greek words leads up into the album.



2. Reflected:

The track covered with thunderous maniac drums too much for one that Iliana  sing in duet  with Fabio Lione from Rhapsody Of Fire . One minute before the end the electric guitar solo sounds very power and heavy. The song is without identity because the female voice try hard to give symphonic influence and she fight against the power metal sound and also to the male vocals.



3. Weakness lies within :

In the song reign on the melodic voice of Iliana, the sound remind us something from Delain, so we have a pop symphonic song  with power guitar solo after the 2.45 until 3.15 min.



4. Time immemorial :

The track opens with some keyboard work for 15 seconds and suddenly  theatrical female vocals combine with harsh male vocals.  think the band try to brink in the album some of Cradle of Filth influences but the male growls are far from the vocals of Dani.



5. Nouthetisis :

The track starts with Iliana to perform very nice some ancient greeks  , she reminds to me the voice of the great Diamanda Galas  ( why not Iliana is excellent in every way). In this song takes pert Jeff Waters from Annihilator . Oh yes this song is a diamond piece more symphonic metal with many Epica influences .In this track all the instruments work well even the guitar 30 seconds solo (again!) .



6. Afraid no more:

The piece starts with heavy percussion and guitars which drop away into rising chorus bringing Iliana’s soulful operatic vocals into play  before join the power electric solo again in the same time as all the songs before.



7. Showdown :

So in this song we listen a super duet of sopranos.Iliana sings together with Chiara Malvestiti ( Chrysalys) . The song follows the rules of symphonic metal very well with some good keyboards  and finally the drums and guitars in the second role until the 3.55



8. Taste of defeat :

In this song the band try to play something of Xandria nowadays sound , some progressive metal with some symphonic elements but without nice combination.



9. In hiding :

A fast paced and heavy track  with some driving bass lines and riffing guitars whilst the female vocals rise above the music.



10. I spare you :

A musically lighter track that begins with good operatic vocals lacked by soft keys before the guitar cut in leading into the chorus section.



11. Gift of curse :

The last song works well only if was a bonus track of the album!



Finally  the album is not bad but I demand more from Enemy Of Reality, they have  as singer Iliana  ( one of the best soprano) and they must play  symphonic metal , not power or progressive metal !!! I hope for them to get more confident in the future and make one album alone without guests, they don’t need the help of any big name because they are all very good musicians.

RATING 6.6/10

REVIEW OF THE EP “Therion of Wawel” BY Kreigen

Therion of Wawel
1. Apollonius of Tyana journey
2. Seven stones
3. Once at Wawel hill
4. Smocza Jama
5. Therion of Wawel

Composed by Andrew Femiak

Line up
Performers of vocal parts:
Elena Volska – mezzo-soprano
Kateryna Grytsyk – alto
Miroslav Dubinetskiy – tenor
Mykola Piddubnyk – bajo, baritone

mixing – Alexi G. Richter
cover – Magdalena Korzeniewska

 Kreigen is the new promising band in Operatic/Symphonic metal genre. The EP based on Polish myths and  is the second of them. The sound is atmospheric with very good orchestration in a classic way with many metal riffs . Five songs with epic lyrics with male vocals as tenor and baritone with female soprano. Andrew is very talent composer and he made a very marvelous and difficult opus here. Kriegen want you to experience this wholesome symphonic  voyage and risk to published one elegant and full of quality EP. Highly recommended to all. RATING 9/10



І Act 

1st century C.E.

  1. Apollonius of Tyana journey
    Apollonius – tenor
    Iarchus /Delphi priest – bajo

Place : Cave at the foot of Hill

Arioso : Apollonius

Et ego hic
Alea jacta est                         
Per aspera ad astra –
Ducunt volentem fata

Aria : Iarchus

This was that he told to himself,
Approaching to the foot of hill,
Where was entrance to deep damp cave,
And shelter for the Talisman.

With knowledge gained from Shamballa,
Will you deliver seven stones,
To places marked on this map?
By your own will, not by debt.

I will…


From first steps I was encountered by breeze.

Some more walk, and last of stones will be placed,
On stalactites crown, where he never be seized.
But my thoughts, is now about cooper sheets
Which were brought by Delphi priest.
Diagrams cast me into mist.

Iarchus (as Delphi priest)
Deciphered, you’ll reach abode, of men who knows Truth.
I saw before my eyes, long way I need to pass thru

Iarchus (as Delphi priest)

sands and mountains,


up to river with elephants and fruits of hyacinth.

After years, spent in journey to Shamballa,
He finally climbed on the mount where the temple is,
And stood up in front of one,
who handle same copper sheets that led him.


Here you face, those who knows everything.

Esoteric things, come to show you another side of truth.


Who was that crazy priest?
Was he ever exist?
It does not matter now, ‘cause I’m between some stalactites,
brought hope inside the night.
 IІ Act 

6th century C.E.

  1. Once at Wawel hill

Agnieszka – alto (A)
Dariusz – bajo (D)
Chakram – mezzo

Agnieszka’s nightmare (no vocals)

Place : Wawel hill


  1. You can’t see all the scars, cause they inside my heart
    D. But I don’t
    A. I don’t want to hear a word.
    Because of you I’m here. See?
    D. What can I?
    I don’t want anything.
  2. I never wanted to hurt you, and I think I did not.
  3. So it’s my fault, and I’m to blame,
    What else to expect from you…
  4. At least tell me, Oh why we are here?
  5. Something that I,
    D. Say it, O finally say it, I’m begging you!
    A. had in dream,
  6. Tell me what it was? and was I’m a part of it?
    A. Took possession,
    D. What do you mean? you had a bad dream?
    A. on my feel.
    D. So this is a scandal from silliest dream?
    A. How can you blame me for this?!
    D. Why are we on Wawel hill?!
    A. I know this is a dangerous place, but in dream I (fell)
    D. Watch your step! Beneath is hole, and you can simply fall.

Chakram + Choir
Now she’s in cave and lying unconscious,
Fell thru the hole on the top of Wawel

It was me in your dream, but your nightmare is only begins


  1. Smocza Jama
    Smok – baritone
    Chakram – mezzo

Place : Smocza Jama

Arioso : Smok
What was that?
Was it in a dream? or it was she again.
I often see those times, when…

Aria : Smok
In the dark of the night,
I was called by the light.
She not asked but told,
To keep in awe, this white world.

Feeding of the beast take place once a week,
One sheep is small price for a life.
But sometimes he need more than just a sheep –
Girl, who does not know, what is to weep.
Arioso : Chakram

And tears of this one, may be the last.  

Aria : Agnieszka
That voice from dream,
the one who has steal
my conscious, and now
I’m here…
It can’t be real!
Why do I have no fear.

I know what waits me in this cave,

Here will be my final play.

Oh, why have I came,
By myself, In arms of beast?


One more victim of her will, is now stand embraced by fear.
This young girl, she has no chance.

But for me, it’s always new one, to escape.
Mighty beast in front of me show his teeth, with fire breath.
By your jaws my life will ends, hope someone avenge me.
By my jaws your life will ends, hope someone avenge me.

Girl, say goodbye to this world


  1. Therion of Wawel

    Krak – tenor (K)
    Chakram – mezzo
    Smok – baritone (S)
    Place :At the foot of Wawel Hill

    Arioso : Krak
    Tragedy news spreading the land,
    Young beauty woman have faced the end.

Aria : Krak
Beloved of her, who was on the hill,
Can swear his life, it was against her will.
It’s time to break up with this useless peace!

Aria : Chakram
Oh, young warrior,

Oh, I see, it will be you,

The One, whose glory will be so great, that only grief will exceed.

I know you can’t hear me, but your name will live for ages.


Spread wings of your fate –
Bring this land, cup she awaits.

In a heat of battlefield,

Better hide behind your shield.

Make your destiny up there

I’m a Therion of Wawel

Show me why I called you here

Make their lives full of Hell’.
Previous warriors, you have sent,
Can do nothing, but stuck in my teeth.


Awful sights you will discover inside of my stomach,

’cause I will swallow you whole, alive.

Huge beast come out by his thirst, now you will face my wrath,

and pay all your debts.


  1. Look in my eyes!
  2. I have seen more the ton of them.
  3. Face all my wrath!
  4. You’re no more then next sheep for me.
  5. I will slice you!
    S. Yes you will, Yes You will, Yes you will,

Same as previous, who come here by all the time.

  1. Give me your sword!
  2. He so strong, I can’t hold it.
  3. Give me your shield!
  4. Without it I’m in fire breath.
  5. Say goodbye!
  6. Yes I will, Yes I will, Yes I will,

But first I’ll show, what I have in a bag for you.                         

Then Krak throw his leather bag in throat of beast,

Whom started smoke, and ran to river.

Found his sword, he crept up to the Smok,

Who choked from sulphur, and pierced him.


Now I am free

  1.                          Seven stones

    Seven stones hidden under the canopy,
    Seven places with hidden supremacy,
    Not allowed to shine simultaneously,
    Each await for his time of the legacy.

    Related with bodies of celestial,
    Located at places perennial,
    Called to be shields from enemy,
    In time to wake up, from vanity.

    Delhi – Moon

Mecca – Mercury

Jerusalem – Sun

Delphi – Venus

Rome – Mars

Velehrad – Saturn

Wawel – Jupiter

For more info on Kriegen visit their facebook page


Lunar Prelude (2016) EP.jpg

Tracklist :

1. “Suckerpunch” 4:10
2. “Turn the Lights Out” 4:15
3. “Don’t Let Go” (New Version) 3:57
4. “Lullaby” (Live 2015) 5:15
5. “Stardust” (Live 2015) 4:13
6. “Here Come the Vultures” (Live 2015) 5:40
7. “Army of Dolls” (Live 2015) 5:27
8. “Suckerpunch Orchestra” 2:31
So what offer to us the new EP of Delain? Only 2 new songs the pop sounding song “Suckerpunch ” and the balad “Turn The Lights Out”.They added also the orchestral version of the song “Suckerpunch ” (wow and blah). This is the first album with Ruben Israel on drums and Merel Bechtold on guitar. Merel is very weak on guitars .One more time the bass is just non – existent (Rob van der Loo the ex-bassist is Epicarian now!).
The EP also contains  a new version of the song “Don`t Let Go” (taken from 2014`s The Human Contradiction)  and four incredible  cuts ( what for?).
Let us forget this release and ignore the EP ,is only for commercial reasons and they try to promote the new upcoming album .
RATING : 2/10

REVIEW FROM THE EP ” Fimbulwinter Tale” by Kreigen

 photo 1_zpsvonlm2gs.jpg

Kreigen – Fimbulwinter Tale

I. Winter of Winds
II. Winter of the Sword
III. Winter of the Wolf

Kreigen is a project of the musician Andrew Femiak .This Ep composed by Andrew and he write both the lyrics and the music. Also he invited professional musicians from local Philharmonic, Art Institute and a few rock bands.The performers of vocal parts are :

Oxana Skorohod – soprano
Myroslava Romaniuk – mezzo-soprano
Elena Volska – alto
Makar Kapitaniuk – tenor altino
Myroslav Dubynetskii – tenor
Timofy Mularchuk – baritone

The Ep has 3 songs with lyrics and the same songs with instrumental version.

Fimbulwinter Tale is a trilogy based on Scandinavian myth.
As in the myth there is three winters which forms Fimbulwinter.
In mythology, this event is a prelude to Ragnarok, and as a rule it is described by a few words, the same as life of human beings in that period. Fimbulwinter Tale shows how people faced those horrible events, and what was their life, thoughts, prays and losses.

I. Winter of Winds

Epic music with great orchestration and excellent operatic male and female vocals.Andrew is a very talent composer and the song is a masterpiece!!


RATING 10/10

II. Winter of the Sword

The sound of this song remind pretty much the sound of Xandria. The guitar riffs work very well with the keyboards. Again this song is a marvelous piece of symphonic metal. The soprano and the tenor combine in one very good way . Excellent!


RATING 10/10


III. Winter of the Wolf :

The tenor starts the track under the sound of keys, the chorus is great and the soprano sing enters with her marvelous vocal range. The guitar riffs sound very good and with the piano make the song a very special piece.


RATING 10/10

Finally this EP highly recommended to all the fans of symphonic metal. Andrew Femiak  gains my respect with his great music.

RATING 10/10


 photo Vse_bolshoe_zpsepytwuwy.jpg

 photo Ya_i_Mira_zpsup9vhvuf.jpg photo 2_zpsjp2liyud.jpg



 photo 3_zpscycjm609.jpg

 photo 4_zpsfojpue1a.jpg

 photo 5_zpsmereebfx.jpg

 photo 6_zpsl0ksdr0e.jpg

 photo 7_zpsrdrvhrs7.jpg

 photo 8_zpsvcdg1o4c.jpg


Once upon a time was in Foggia of Italy a band called Blackdahlia . Their sound was dark and gothic with alternative metal influences. They released one demo (“Blackdahlia”) in 2009 and after 4 years the band released their debut album “Fragments”. And now what? The members of the band Blackdahlia made a new project by the name Asphodelia. The name of the band remind me the ancient flower Asphodelus which according the Greek mythology was a plant connected with the dead and the underworld. Anyway the band released their debut EP ‘Vengeance’ on May 26, 2016, and they are currently recording their first full-length album ( in the fall of 2016).

Asphodelia are:

Samuela Fuiani – Vocals, Piano
Ruggero Doronzo – Guitar, mandolin guitar
Fancesco Dragone – Bass
Ludovico Massariello – Drums

Let’s see what offers to us this EP trck by track:

1.Asphodel Meadows :

This is the intro of the EP with dark haunting sound , atmospheric chorus , descending at the next song began to knock.


RATING :10/10

2.Secret War :

In the first 34 seconds we listen the ghost piano and after enters the heavy guitars to join into the beautiful voice of Samuela.This emotional voice sounding very close to Amy Lee vocals,She sing melodic ,spoken and echo voice .


RATING :9.5/10


The track combines despair vocals with crunchy guitars and alluring piano tones in the same paths of Evanescence’s songs.


RATING :9/10


The song starts out with Samuela spinning a haunting intro on piano, right before her vocals kick in and soften up the sound.The guitar riffs work very good and bend the sound with the emotional lyrics.


RATING :9.5/10

5.Flowers Of Evil :

The hit of this Ep, one very good song , excellent vocals, the guitar riffs blend very well into the song, sounding pretty much in the same tone as all the the other songs.


RATING :9.5/10

Definitely a very good EP that make us to wait for more good songs in their upcoming first full length album.

RATING :9.5/10

REVIEW OF THE ALBUM “Creeping Time” by Misteyes

Track List:

1.The Last Knell (intro)
2.Creeping Time
3.Brains in a Vat
4.Inside the Golden Cage
5.Lady Loneliness
6.The Prey
7.Destroy Your Past
8.The Demon of Fear
9.A Fragile Balance (Awake the Beast – Part 1)
10.Chaos (Awake the Beast – Part 2)
11.Decapitated Rose
12.Winter’s Judgement

Few words about Misteyes. The started in 2012 with five members line – up ,after one year they released their first single ” Brains In A Vat” a  melodic death/black metal song. In 2014 they added in their band two more members , one female singer and one keyboardist. So they released their demo ” Lady Loneliness”. And finally in 2016 they released the debut album “Creeping Time”. Their sound has many influences ,as  symphonic metal, gothic ,death, horror and epic movies and soundtracks. A mix  of dark and light music.

Misteyes are :

Edoardo “Irmin” Iacono (Scream/Growl Vocals)

Denise “Ainwen” Manzi (Clean/Opera Vocals)

Daniele “Insanus” Poveromo (Guitars)

Gabriele “Hyde” Gilodi (Keyboards and Orchestrations)

 Andrea “Hephaestus” Gammeri (Bass and Fretless Bass)

  Federico “Krieger” Tremaioni (Drums)

“Creeping Time ” is not a common album , It is unlike anything else out there. It’s dark and light , haunting and delight , dreamy and horrible , calming and upsetting , sensible and wild, it is just a mesmerizing , perfect album. All the instruments are played to their great potential and arranged and composed perfectly. Each track bring to us  a work depressive and sinister in sound that opes suddenly into sequences an assault of beast growls.

Let’s see track by track what offering to us this album:

1.The Last Knell (intro):

Intro with  a baby who cry  and beautiful symphonic arrangement follows with marvelous chorus.


RATING: 10/10

2.Creeping Time:

Bombardistic  guitars and thunder drums open the track to enter the male growls with the operatic female voice. Dark and hunting atmosphere fly like fog over our ears. The aggressive growls are in balance with the melodic female vocals and the soud of the keyboards reign on!


RATING: 10/10

3.Brains in a Vat:

The Track straight away by pounding drums and riffing guitars as the operatic style vocal combines with the gutteral male vocals.The keyboard work well against the power of the guitars . A piece that has a various of different passage into the five plus minutes.


RATING: 9/10

4.Inside the Golden Cage:

Lovely keys open the piece  before the female voice enters with beautiful vocals to soar as the male growls interrupt the proccedings, a black shadow over the light.


RATING: 9/10

5.Lady Loneliness:

Softly piano work start the most beautiful piece of the album. Female melodic vocals that are tinged with plenty of sadness. After 2.5 minutes the potential growls  hitting your ears but the operatic style of the female vocals brings light among the darkness.


RATING: 10/10

6.The Prey:

Breathe taking  drums starts the track with steady beat that explode with the high poer guitars. Another track  with a lot of different section like a roll – coaster. One difficult to constructed number!


RATING: 8.5/10

7.Destroy Your Past:

Another track with different blends of dark and light, with heavy guitars and powerful drums. Again  the vocals follow the rules of Epica and Tristania songs.


RATING: 8/10

8.The Demon of Fear:

The most dark piece of the album , with heavy lumber of guitars and funeral bass where the keyboard hide behind the vocals of the Beauty  and the Beast.


RATING: 8.5/10

9.A Fragile Balance (Awake the Beast – Part 1):

Beginning with haunting and melodic keyboard  and symphonic orchestration  and operatic female and  clean male vocals that are accompanied  by orchestral arrangement.


RATING: 10/10

10.Chaos (Awake the Beast – Part 2):

From the first second  we running a track  that has fast heavy tempo. The growls  control  the song under the sound of razor guitars, driving bass and crazy pounding drums. The only song that is without female vocals.


RATING: 8/10

11.Decapitated Rose:

The song starts with strong drums then the riffing guitar comes in with the heavy bass.The growls enter to join soon with the operatic vocals.This number is loud , dark and run along to a creepy dark approach.


RATING: 8/10

12.Winter’s Judgement:

The album ends with a great track  that has  as special guest  on violin Nicole Ansperger from Eluveitie . There are a lots of tones and variations  that pick you up the power and soar back. Everything melts  together as well. Great piano and excellent violin!


RATING: 10/10

Finally it is an amazing debut album that hit me from the first second  and left me hungry for more tan the 64 minutes. Misteyes is in my opinion  the biggest surprise of 2016 and their album one of the best  (maybe the best) in these first six months of the year. Highly recommended to ALL!

RATING: 9.08/10


Lacuna Coil, Delirium


1.The House of Shame
2.Broken Things
4.Blood, Tears, Dust
6.Take Me Home
7.You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You
8. Ghost in the Mist
9.My Demons
11.Ultima Ratio
12.Live to Tell
14.Bleed the Pain

I wonder why I must write a review for the new album of Lacuna Coil? To have a thousand views and visitors? No thanks! I will write few words because I miss the dark gothic band Lacuna Coil of the past times of “Karmacode”and  “Comalies “and because record label sent the promotion stuff.

Lacuna Coil now play commercial music  , a mix of Korn and Within Temptation in a bad way.They had several lineup changes , the singer Cristina Scabbia a nd Adrea Ferro remain but what remain in our ears? Bad weak scrams and growls of Andrea and  unfortunately melodic vocals of Cristina in a second role. Cristina is now the ghost in the mist ( like the 8th song of this album). The sound of “Delirium” is a a delirium mix of alternative rock  with some Nu metal elements.

Finally the newest and younger fans who don’t know well the old Lacuna Coil will buy the album and will be happy for the professional production. But for me the album is bad and I can’t stand it. Very pity because in the past I loved this bad and now I feel disappointed .

The album is out of any recommendation !

RATING : 4/10

REVIEW OF THE EP “Daphne” – Ruins of Elysium

Track list:

1. Daphne

2. The Greatest Jubilee

3. No You’re Not

4. Lavender (Daphne Version)

5. Largo Al Factotum

6. Crusader

7. Epilogue Meadows of Elysium

8. Prince (bonus track 2016 remix )

Three things make me to give attention to this release:

First  the name of the band, Elysium is a conception of the afterlife that developed over time and was maintained  by Ancient Greek religions and philosophical  sects and cults ( Elysium Fields or Elysion Pedion ). 

Second because this band has as singer a tenor, something very rare in Symphonic Metal.

And third because the tenor and singer Drake Chrisdensen  is one very good friend of me.

Anyway ” Daphne” is the first EP of the band Ruins of Elysium. The band belongs to Epic Symphonic Metal with many influences from classical music, progressive,power, extreme, gothic metal . The difference from the other symphonic metal  bands as i wrote before is in  the operatic voice of the classical trained tenor Drake Chrisdensen.

The band wrote in their official page  that their EP  is dedicate to all of these oppressed  around the world.Women ,LGBT, racial minorities and all those who have to fight everyday against such a cruel system.

Ruins of Elysium are:

Drake Chrisdensen – Tenor
Vincenzo Avallone – Guitars
Filipe Câmara – Bass
Tamar Van Der List – Guitars
Marcelo França – Drums

Let’s see track by track what offering to us this EP :

1.Daphne :

The first and title track opens with  a melodic piano, sound of a harp and symphonic arrangement . The tenor Drake enters with his perfect voice and joins with great choir.The piece is long in time song but is a masterpiece mixed with many elements of many kind of metal music. An epic indeed song!


RATING: 10/10

2. The Greatest Jubilee :

The track starts with slow symphonic orchestration with the tenor  voice range of the singer but soon turns in a fast tempo, with all the instruments to play in an excellent harmony. A  power symphonic metal piece.


RATING: 8/10

3. No You’ re Not :

Fast paced drums with violin and heavy guitars open the song. The male voice is in heavy metal paths and he is sing very well in this way. The song has plenty of rage and screams against all those who are against the LGBT people. Powerful lyrics.


RATING: 7,5/10

4. Lavender :

Glorious chorus opens the track under the sound of great symphonic arrangement.Excellent vocals and power guitar solo in the middle of the piece.


RATING: 8,5/10

5. Largo Al Factotum:

And what you have here? A track from Rossini’s Figaro Aria. Classic music mixed well with metal sound.Drake is a superb tenor nd we are lucky to have him in metal scene.


RATING: 10/10

6. Crusader :

One very good track of this EP, Symphonic metal with operatic elements and aggressive guitar solos , thunder drums and Fantastic synths.After four minutes the soprano Annelise Diaz leading the song!!! The piece ends with the voice of tenor Drake who sing in an epic way!


RATING: 9,5/10

7. Epilogue : Meadows of Elysium :

Melodic piano starts the track under the sound of birds voice and chorus. Catchy melody  guides us to an epilogue of this very good EP.


RATING: 9/10

8.Prince ( Bonus Track 2016 remix) :

The EP ends with this bonus track remix .Classical symphonic metal piece  with powerful vocals , thumping drums  and heavy guitas. A great choice for a glorious  end of this excellent EP.


RATING: 8,5/10

Finally the EP “Daphne” is a diamond piece gives to us  many hopes to wait  for one big step of this band with one upcoming full length album. As one specialist in Symphonic Metal I like to listen as singer a tenor who gives so much potential in our music genre. Symphonic metal is not only with female soprano voice and why not in the future I want to hear tenor voice with female growls according the rules of ” Beauty and the Beast” . I hope the guitar player Tamar Van Der List will be able in the future to get this “job”.The EP highly recommended  to all the fans of Symphonic Metal.

RATING: 8,88/10