This is a zine dedicated to Symphonic and gothic metal




Anthology is Slovak Power/Speed/Symphonic Metal band

Members :

Raylyn Shayde – vocals
Majo Gonda – lead guitar
Miroslav Grman – rhythm guitar
Peter Pleva – drums
Martin Solárik – keyboard
Marek Štech – bass guitar

Hello Raylyn and welcome to the blog SYMPHONIC – GOTHIC – METAL MUSIC. Thank you for your time to have this interview with you. So before I begin my questions I would like to know the band Athology a bit better.


1. For any reader of my blog who are not familiar with your band could you introduce yourselves and tell me what part you play in the band?



  • Hello! I am Raylyn, singer of the band Anthology. For the people who do not know us, we are Slovak power/speed/symphonic metal band with members besides of me, Marián Gonda – lead guitar, Miroslav Grman – rythm guitar, Martin Solárik – keyboard, Marek Štech – bass guitar and Peter Pleva – drums.




2. One common question when were Anthology formed?



  • The band was formed in 2009 by our lead guitarist Marián Gonda and ex-bass player Ján Kičin. Since then, there were changes on vocals. I am the third singer and I hope that the last one 🙂



3. Your debut album “Exitus” was in Slovakian language, you gained foreign fans with this album?



  • Debut album attracted mainly Slovak fans. It basically made things moving, brought us new concerts and created local fanbase. We are proud of it as our debut.

4. In your first album you covered a song of Apocalyptica,why you choose this song and not one cover of famous bands as Nightwish or Within Temptation?



  • In those days on the vocals was the first singer – Alexandra and it was her decision. If I had a choice I would choose song from Nightwish or Within Temptation.



5. In your music which band are the biggest influences?



  • I think that Nightwish, Helloween, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden are the biggest influences in our music.



6. What is the major difference between “Exitus” and “The Prophecy” and what are the major improvements?




  • The major different is a change of singer and with this fact the lyrics are in English. New album is heavier; it has harder riffs, much more keyboards, some orchestral sounds. It is more power and speed. And also production is on better level, sound is noticeably better.



7. What were you had in mind when you started to record “The Prophecy”,any elements you definitely wanted to have in this album?



  • The guys started to thinking about the new album last year. We had been working on album something over three months. We wanted better sound, more symphonic elements and catchy heavy riffs.



8. Who was responsible for writing the songs and the lyrics on this album and where do you get inspiration from? What was the main themes of your lyrics?




  • Every member has done big piece of work and put his part into the album. The lyrics were written by me and the guitarist Miro. They are in theme of fantasy and mystery.



9. Do all the band take an active role in the writing of new material?



  • Yes, we do.



10. How important is the concerts for your band?



  • Well, in nowadays, in the era of digital media, concerts are the most important thing for every band. You have to concert a lot, and it gets you new fans, experiences and you are getting better by every concerts.




11. Which of the band songs do you most enjoy playing live?




  • All from the new album, even some from the first album.



12. If you could collaborate with any musician in the world, who it will be?



  • We will collaborate with some musicians in autumn. So then you will see who it will be.


13. Have you got an all the time favourite Metal/Rock album?



  • Hard to decide, but I am big fan of Nightwish. My favourite album is Once.




14. Tell me about the music scene of Slovakia, there are many bands on our genre?



  • We have a lot of bands with similar genre of metal music, but we do not have many opportunities for concerts and support like in others countries. In general, Slovak commercial metal scene sucks. Metal is in Slovakia basically underground genre. We don’t even have a rock radio.



15. What are your plans to support the new album and you think that the social networking sites help the career of the band?




  • In autumn we are playing some concerts to support our new album in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Social networking sites are very helpful for the career of the band. They brought us mainly new fans from abroad, new bands which we collaborate with them.




16. How about to send a message to our subscribers then and also to the people who are going read this interview?



  • Thank you for the interview; it was a pleasure for me. I hope that we will see in some our concert.



Thanks again to answer in my questions I would like to wish to Anthology all the best with the new album .



For more info on Anthology visit their facebook page @




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